Creating Connection with Women

by Reid on July 30, 2008

Interview with Reid Mihalko on how to Connect with Today's WomenFree advice that could change your life!

Join Reid Mihalko as he gives up his techniques and shares his philosophy on how to meet and connect with the women of today in this candid interview with self-esteem coach Andrew Schwartz.

Men, learn why it’s so important to tell a woman the absolute truth when you first meet her and why today’s women are so suspicious of most men. Find out Reid’s ideas on how to approach women and break the ice, and even what to say to her if all you want to do is take her to bed.

Ladies, this extremely female-positive interview is a welcomed departure from today’s ‘pick-up artist’ scene. You and your girlfriends will definitely want to purchase this interview and upload it onto the iPods of the men in your life!

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Just finished the interview you did. Thank you for putting that together! I find your voice insightful and useful.

I was wondering if you planned on doing more conversations like this. I would like to help as much as I could. I kind of discovered the ‘pick-up’ community and learned a lot from doing so. But I never completely gelled with them. But discovering David Deida really helped ground my work in some meaningful way.

I have to say that more and more the “PUA” community is shifting to a more authentic, genuine philosophy. In the past, it was about what little things can I do to display my personality, which is great at first, but never really gets to that vulnerable core of light a person has. And now its starting to shift into that direction. I’ve seen a couple of people doing this.

The other great realization I had was to finally say “I am worthy of sex”. Which is still a work in progress. For a set of reasons a mile long, I started to believe this a long time ago, but that’s not who I am today and the ‘women’ I was imagining just aren’t true at all either (some mix of 7th grade and pop culture).

Heck, I’ve definitely made all those mistakes you mention: ulterior motives and being kind of sleazy. And I’ve even used some of the techniques you’ve talked about like stating the unstated (how fun is this!).

~M.M., New York City

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