Earning Your BLACKBELT In Relationships DVD Launch Party blasts off in Oakland, CA!

Wanna kick ass in your relationships? Already kicking some serious butt and wanna kick some more? Join world renowned sex educators and relationship “black belts” Kamala Devi and Reid Mihalko in Oakland, California, this March as they celebrate the East Bay launch of their newest and most powerful educational DVD yet: Earning Your Black Belt […]

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Purchase your copy of Earning Your BLACKBELT in Relationships TODAY!

Get the 10 relationship lessons hidden within the acronym B.L.A.C.K.B.E.L.T.S delivered to your front door! Never before has upgrading your relationship skills and intimacy mojo been this fun and enlightening! Whether you are a white belt in love or a bedroom ninja with amazing, heartfelt skills, this educational, humorous, sometimes irreverent (but always insightful) educational DVD […]

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ReidAboutSex Year in Review – 2009

Many thanks for what we accomplished together this year… Hey, gang! Impending New Year’s greetings from Northern California where I’m holed up in a cabin with some close friends gearing up to ring in the New Year… Today we close ’09 and open up ’10… ‘010? 2010! You get the picture… Even though this is […]

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Get your Black Belt in Love, and a DVD to boot! – Reid’s San Diego DVD Launch Party

Discover the ten relationship lessons hidden within the acronym B.L.A.C.K.B.E.L.T. while meeting the masters, Reid and Kamala in person! Kick-off 2010 by joining world renowned sex educators and relationship “black belts” Kamala Devi and Reid Mihalko in San Diego as they celebrate the launch of their newest and most powerful educational DVD yet: Earning Your […]

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Win a scholarship to Reid’s 4-week Jealousy Course!

Battling the 8-Armed Octopus of Jealousy Scholarship Winners Announced! Many thanks to each and every one of you who shared so deeply about your experiences with jealousy! Hope to have each of you join us on thequickly approaching teleintensive! Remember that the Early-Bird Registration Discounts don’t end till the 25th. Congratulations to Christine L. and […]

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What People Are Saying About Reid’s Day of Jealousy!

Thank you for the extraordinary “Jealousy Day” you created. I appreciated the diverse perspectives of your guests and I came away from the day with valuable insights, new perspectives and the feeling that I am in great company. I have a clearer understanding of ways jealousy comes up in my life and some great tools […]

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A New Foundation of Ethical Sluttery with Dossie Easton

The entire 10-part interview series… Dossie Easton in a Candid Chat with Reid Mihalko Recorded Live at San Francisco’s Center For Sex and Culture June 6th, 2009 Order your copy of the Ethical Slut 2nd edition HERE.

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Reid’s Day of Jealousy with Guest Jealousy Experts

Jealousy isn’t just about romantic relationships, you know! You can experience jealousy over your children taking up too much of your partner’s time, or become jealous over a co-worker’s promotion, or even a lover’s favorite hobby could trigger jealous twinges…

So what’s a person to do?

Join Reid Mihalko, Nina Hartley, Dr. Carol Queen, and other quest jealousy experts as we make sense of what jealousy is, how it impacts our lives, and how we can gain the upper hand. Whether you’re experiencing jealousy on a regular basis, in love with someone who does, or just afraid that jealousy might rear it’s ugly head, these two calls promise to give you a wealth of information!

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