2015’s Sex Geek Summer Camp Video Contest Winners!

by Reid on August 9, 2015

Logo for sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko's Sex Geek Summer Camp: a canoe with Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators for paddles and the words "Sex Geek Summer Camp" in wooden log letter font and SexGeekSummercamp.com all in white on a forest green background and "EST. 2014" across the canoeAnd The Winner Is…

We held a contest at Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 to help Campers anchor new ideas, network, and get better at teaching and building a brand/reputation via video. (Contest Rules listed here, in case your the curious type: ReidAboutSex.com/video2win)

Below are all the camper videos submitted.


We’ve listed the winning videos first. The rest of the submitted contest videos appear after in random order.

Enjoy the geekery! And congrats to everyone!

And The Winners Are…

First Prize:
Patrick Spahr

2nd Prize (The Newbie Award): It’s a Tie…
Mike Guichet

Vega Dandelion

3rd Prize:
Elizabeth Wood, Jane Breneman, Mike SkyWalker, and Dan Powers

Honorable Mentions:

Lisa Kahn, Dan Powers, and Elizabeth Wood

Brynn and Wolfgang

Congratulations the both of you!


We will also allow all sponsors videos to also be submitted in the sponsor video contest… (Hint, there may just be a sponsor video contest coming up shortly… If you want to start planning).

Brynn and QueenBe

You two really rocked it!

Brynn and Mark Ray

You both were really present and did a great job!


Love your vulnerability!

Dan and Elizabeth with Todd

You three did a GREAT job.

Njoy Pure Wand Product Review with Lisa Kahn, Elizabeth Wood- Njoy

Great job, Lisa and Elizabeth!

Fleshlight Product Review with Dan Powers- Fleshlight

Great tips and way to “Always Be Educating” and making the Fleshlight non-intimidating.

NJoy Product Review with Elizabeth Wood- NJoy

Great topic and beautiful expression and personal story!

Tantric Puja – Monique Darling Interview with Dan Powers

You both are really relaxed and natural!

Using Hypnosis for Better Sex – Todd Stevens Interview with Dan Powers and Elizabeth Wood

Easy flow between you all!

Njoy Pure Want tour of camp – Michelle and Ran -new to video- SGSC

Laughing!! You are So inventive!

Zhana interviewing Reid on Healthy Relationships

Great job!

Crushes, part 2: Zhana and Reid

Great flow!

Why Every Penis Needs A Fleshlight – Falk with Matie- Fleshlight

Nice job guys!

Trauma And The G-Spot – with Falk, Matie and Maya

Great peak into Camp! And interesting perspective

This Is What I Got Out Of Camp – Falk with Kelsey Obsession- SGSC

Love the Camp appreciation! So simple and so powerful with the “just running into Kelsey” and interviewing her.

Musings Of A Tired SexGeek Falk- SGSC

Nice frame and share!

This Is What I Got Out Of It – with Falk, Adam and Klazien- SGSC

Fun! Great energy and interaction with each other.

Pleasure Loop (The Short Short Version) – with Falk and Kenneth

Nice job, you two!


Sex Geek Summer Camp was an amazing experience. Teaching us how to create and incorporate what we wanted to teach into our websites and business models. My first foray into videos! Enjoy.

Posted by Southwest Tantra on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Way to go, Mark!

Fish – Thinking about SGSC

Love the message, Fish!!!

Sarah Welcome to Sex Camp

Fun! Love that you showed different aspects and talked about the different reasons people come to Camp!

Sarah and Lola Consent Interview

Way to go!

Queen Bee’s #1 Tip to Last Longer in Bed

Great job!!!


Love your passion and your energy!

Congratulations to all the Campers, And
Thank YOU For Taking Action!

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