The Winners of 2015’s Sex Geek Summer Camp’s Sponsorship Toy Reviews Are…

by Reid on September 8, 2015

To help the Sex Geek Summer Campers anchor their skills on video and build relationships, I held a special, Sponsor Video Toy Review Contest.

I’m so excited. These videos ROCKED!! Its been so much fun to see people grow and flourish as they get their messages out!

The winners are listed below.

But before we get there…

I had a really hard time choosing, because each person who submitted is a winner! In fact, I decided to structure the prizes so everyone who entered gets a prize!

I was so inspired by the Camper’s energy and enthusiasm, not to mention the hard work and passion they put into this (and that they all helped me help our sponsors, which makes Camp look even more amazing to them!), that I’m creating a Sex Educator Sponsorship 411 VIP Day. This is a day devoted to geeking out on how to inspire sponsors, work with them, and give them amazing returns on investments while they help you make a bigger difference with their audiences! We’ll have sponsors there to give you insight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and I’ll share the ideas and approaches that allowed me to once raise $8k in 3 days (to run the Sex Geek Boiler Room inside the historic Queen Mary cruise ship during the amazing BIL Conference), as well as get THOUSANDS of dollars of amazing sex toys into Campers hands (and hearts -giggle) at Camp.

EVERYONE who submitted a video for the Camp Sponsors Video Contest gets to come to this… They can attend virtually or live if they’re in the Bay Area (it will be held in San Jose and broadcast to those who are too far away to geek out in person). The event will be recorded and all ticket holders will get a copy of the material to watch over and over again so they can integrate the tools and strategies and wow sponsors and their audiences while supporting their events, creating a win-win for everyone involved.

Those who WON the contest will get, in addition to the Sponsorship 411 Day ticket:

  • A Hot Seat during the Sponsorship 411 day where they’ll will be the focus and I’ll give laser coaching (hence, the Hot Seat), giving feedback and guidance on specific issues and questions on sponsorship, tailored to they’re specific business and goals.
  • A followup call with me where I’ll answer questions and concerns and coach on getting sponsors that are fans and who help their followers rave about them.
  • A video interview with me, posted on my Youtube and my site, sharing about their mission and passion.

(If you didn’t submit a video to this contest, you can still purchase a virtual or live ticket to this 1 day event. Normally $297, we’re offering Campers a special discount of $100 off if purchased before Oct 15th, making your ticket $197. Use Coupon code: SPONSOR411SPECIAL ).

And the Winners for each Sponsor Are…

Winner: Fleshlight Review – Heather Elizabeth of


  • You nailed this!
  • Great display of toy and wonderful energy!
  • Nice coverage of safe sex/toy needs
  • Looks like you really enjoyed making the video and playing with the toy!
  • Great solo and partner sex tips.

Winner Trust Review –
Vera Casey of


  • Fantastic discussion of asking for what you want- love that you included your daughter and showed such gentle loving touch and communication skills with her.
  • Love the role modeling of gentleness.
  • Really beautiful!

Winner Njoy Review – Sarah and Brian of


  • Great reveal! And nice display of product!
  • Love your playfulness here!
  • Great description of anal and vaginal play
  • GREAT job!

Winner: Revel Body Review – Dan Powers and Elizabeth Wood of


  • OMG- You guys are getting SO good at these!
  • I love the play back and forth between you two in the shower- great changing perspective to keep the audiences attention!
  • Solid description of the toy! 
  • Wonderful thank you’s to the sponsor
  • Love the cards and the flash screen at the end!
  • My favorite line: “Strong Enough for a Man, Yet Made for a Woman”

Newbie Video Review Winners – It’s a Tie! – Klazien of, and Lisa of

Klazien or


  • Lovely vulnerability and sharing about being new to toys in the bedroom
  • Good display of the toy
  • Your sharing about how you thought he wouldn’t like it/he thought you wouldn’t like it… Brilliant! Well done!

Lisa of


  • Love that you showed the oil and the bottle and cutting back and forth
  • Great background – would have been nice if the jeep wasn’t there, but even with that, this rocked!
  • Great sound, too.
  • Nice that you talked about leaving it on and feeling good
  • Great playfulness

Other amazing video entries, in random order…

Heather Elizabeth
Njoy Pure Plug:

  • Great call out to Njoy and Camp!
  • Wonderful display of the toy. It might be an upgrade to show the box, since they package so nicely.
  • Love your discussion of the bonuses- weight, sterilization, lack of leaching
  • Great tips on choosing anal toys
  • hilarious description!

Brian Frost and Sarah Elke
Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 – Trust Massage Oil Review

  • Great display of the product and solid description of the ingredients and of the product.
  • Pouring the oil on your hand and showing the oil is the only thing else I could comment on.
  • Thanks for making it difficult for me to come up with notes!

Heather Elizabeth
Njoy Fun Wand:

  • Love the Sex Toy Spotlight name!!!!
  • Love how relaxed and easy you are in front of the camera- great job letting your personality out!
  • Cleaning tips rock
  • fun seeing the other Njoy in the background

Todd Stevens

  • Great flash screen!
  • Love the box showing the whole video and you having the toy on screen
  • Laughing- love the Njoy use as an eye-fascination device!
  • good description of cleaning
  • temperature play- yeah!
  • GREAT job, Todd!

Brian Frost and Sarah Elke
Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 – Fleshlight Classic Review

  • Good job showing the toy! Love how accessible and pleasant you both are on camera.
  • Love that you were wearing your sex geek tees (see note below about altering the frame so the shirts are more visible).
  • You may want to hold the dark toy up higher since the dark tees made it harder to see, but great job!
  • Liked the idea you can hide this in a suitcase or for partner play

Elizabeth Wood
Can You Use a Sex Toy for Therapy? – Sex Geek Summer Camp

  • Love the opening question, the background and the hummingbird
  • You did did a great job showing the toy!
  • Great benefits and clear description!
  • Wonderful call to action!
  • Great job!

Brian Frost and Sarah Elke
Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 – Njoy Pure Plug (medium) Review

  • Nice toy display in the video!
  • Good description of the toy and its use

Dan Powers
Bring a Fleshlight to Sex Geek Summer Camp, You’ll Need it! – Sex Geek Summer Camp –

  • Love that you open it with us!
  • Love that you show all the features
  • Really good job!

Elizabeth Wood and friends
Fun Njoy Product Review For Couples – Sex Geek Summer Camp –

  • Love this one!
  • Fast, impactful, playful and fun!
  • You did a great job showing an empowering tip to use it solo – way to establish it’s use in a playful, non-shaming way in just a few minutes!

Mike Bank

  • Great Sex Geek Summer Camp/Sex Geek logo display – A+ for product placement, sir!
  • You being behind a desk with a bulletin board behind gives credibility and professional appearance
  • Men can have sex toys too!!
  • Great job!

Elizabeth Wood and Lisa Kan
Njoy Pure Wand Product Review at Sex Geek Summer Camp –

  • Yeah! Love that you’re wearing Sex Geek Summer Camp shirts
  • Way to give several shout outs to Njoy, too, and making it seem natural and genuine and not weird.
  • Showing different likes for different bodies and preferences
  • Nice bringing in the intimidation factor
  • Love the energy and presence and interaction back and forth – great flow!

Brian Frost and Sarah Elke
Sex Geek Summer Camp 2015 – Njoy Fun Wand Review

  • Love how you showed the box and the toy
  • Enjoyed your vulnerability sharing that toys can be intimidating- lots of people are, but most don’t want to be the first to admit it. 🙂
  • Love the temperature play tips.
  • Liked your invitation to try out the heft of the toys.

Again- you ALL rock! Thanks for being awesome!

If you entered the contest by submitting a video/appearing in a video, you have a complimentary winning ticket to Sponsorship 411 Day! If not, you can get more information and your ticket here:



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