Your Success Or Your Passion? with Bryan Franklin: Part of Reid’s Series for Sex-Positive Professionals

by Reid on August 4, 2009

bryanfranklinreidIn my continuing commitment to create products for sex educators, sex positive teachers and “healers” across the country, here’s the next thing I’m up to… And this one is FREE and DOWNLOADABLE! (In case you miss the call or want to review it again, everyone who registers will receive the download link for the recording, so make sure your friends register, too.)


As I’ve watched myself grow as an educator and a business owner over the past 5-years since Cuddle Party exploded onto the media -and continues to explode (Here’s a recent media appearance of CP’s, btw, on NBC, no less!)- I have to admit that I can’t always remember when and where I grew, what shifted for me, or how I “all of a sudden” dropped feeling shameful about “selling myself.”

The confidence and un-abashedness that I’ve stepped into has definitely been responsible for much of my success as well as the Synergy that I’m experiencing in my professional (and personal life). However, a huge amount of the business savvy I’ve picked up was by making lots of mistakes. The rest came from very smart and successful friends of mine who gave me tons of advice and support. Again, similar to my growth as an educator, so many things have shifted for me in my practice of business since 2004 that it’s hard to keep track of it all.

So, here’s my dilemma: If I can’t keep track of my own growth or retrace how it unfolded (or, at least, not retrace it well), and I’m passionate about sharing it with other healers, sex educators, teachers and practitioners, what am I to do?

Here’s what I’ve come up with: I’ve decided to begin tapping some of my business savvy peers and friends and mentors and giving them the intellectual shakedown.

Okay, maybe not a shakedown, but how about a strong invitation to share with me again what they’ve learned? Yep, I’m going to chat them up, pick their brains, and grill ’em for their best business practices, tips, perspectives and know-how. And I’ll be filtering their expertise through my lens of “How does this apply to sex-positive and pleasure positive professionals?” which should help make things more accessible to you and me. And since I’m also going to be grilling these amazing people to increase my own business mojo as well, you’ll get lots of insider info on how I’m applying what they have to teach us to my own business and career.

These experts are “business geeks” like I’m a “sex geek!”

Some of these talks will be free, some will be paid for, but know this: the men and women with whom I’ll be collaborating are business geeks in the way that I’m a sex geek! Whether or not a teleclass/podclass is paid or for free, my job is to make this worth you time. Why? Because I want to increase the success of my peers and raise the caliber of sex education and relationship education in America. A grandiose statement perhaps, but a game well worth playing, I think!

That said, please join me for what promises to be a kick-butt call with my friend and uber successful executive coach Bryan Franklin on how he coaches his own business clients and his unique (and not cheap!) coaching program that teaches committed individuals how to add coaching to their existing businesses. And you can get a ton of info on Bryan’s perspectives and approach for free. Why? ‘Cause one of the key (and radical) principles in Bryan’s work is Give it away, give it away, give it away!

What can an executive coach who’s worked with Google and Linkedin have to share in 90-minutes that will increase my sex-positive practice? Reid says, “Get on the call and find out!

Call Recorded on Wed, August 12th, 2009 Register Now and Be Listening In Minutes!


For those of you thinking, “Executive coach? But I work in the sex education industry?” I want you to trust me. There’s a reason Bryan and I decided to do this teleclass! And it’s not just his coaching mojo that I’m after Bryan for in this free call… If I can manage it in the 90-minutes to two hours I’ve alloted us, I’ll twist Bryan’s arm till he shares a little bit about his particular take on sales and the art of selling yourself! (Something I used to be completely horrible at.)

Here’s a little of what Bryan and I will be talking about….

  • How to increase your practice in a “down economy” by expanding what you are passionate about and charging for the experience rather than by the hour.
  • Working with people according to what matters most to them rather than by what it is you “do.”
  • Training your clients to work with you for years rather than for just a few sessions.
  • How to add thousands to your income from your self-expression, your heart, and what you care about rather than from a service you offer or by crunching out numbers for a business plan (FYI, it’s still a great idea to have a business plan, and we’ll talk about that, too!).
  • Shifting from clients paying by the hour to charging them for the experiences they create when they’re not on the table! (Yep, you read that right: getting paid by your clients for what they do after they work with you!)
  • Bryan’s own Recipe for Longevity: Buisness advice I found so profound and resonating with where I am in my business journey that I am going to be instituting into my own coaching and mentoring practice asap!

In the service of modeling transparency: This is the first time I’ve promoted anyone’s service who was outside of the sex educator industry before. And even though I adore Bryan, I hesitated doing this call at first. But after doing my due diligence and listening to several of his recorded presentations and seminars, and after talking with Bryan about what I’d like to cover on the call, I’ve gotten over whatever fear and contraction I was experiencing and I’m telling you to get your ear to the phone for this teleclass ’cause it is going to rock!

In our face-to-face brainstorming meeting, Bryan told me his intention for our call. Basically, Bryan is shooting that this call makes an important difference for me in my buisness.

As Bryan shared with me, “If it’s quality for Reid, it’s quality for me. And it will be quality for Reid’s callers.” And, really, I believe him. I’ve already gotten more than I bargained for just from listening to some of his MP3 materials. Now I’m armed and ready to grill the man behind the coaching business that has generated ten million dollars in ten years. To end, here’s one of my favorite and radically challenging statements of Bryan’s (one that I’m implementing into my mentoring practice, btw)…

Never charge for your time. Your time is worth nothing. Don’t charge for it. Give it away. Charge your clients handsomely for their experience and for their ability to reproduce it themselves.” ~Bryan Franklin

Spread the word about this call and get your friends and peers to register, too, so they each can receive the call information and/or get the download links. Can’t wait to have you on the call!


Cost: FREE!

bryanfranklinABOUT BRYAN FRANKLIN: Bryan Franklin is a leading executive coach, a compelling speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. He has founded and sold over a dozen companies including his own private equity fund and has now generated over $10 million in executive coaching over the last decade making him one of the most financially successful coaches in the country.

He has become the trusted advisor of some of the most exciting executives in the silicon valley, coached top level executives at many fortune 1000 companies and helped many entrepreneurs build their organizations into success stories taking them from start up to billions in sales. His success is based on an extensive understanding of human relationships and collaboration that creates extraordinary results.

He has an amazing insight into people and is highly results focused.He is often called upon to ’coach the coaches’ and has developed cutting edge intensive programs to teach other change agents in leadership, collaborative systems, change patterns, and human transformation.

Bryan is senior partner in the California Leadership Center where he works with senior executives on leadership, strategy and execution. CLC’s clients range from high-visibility start-ups such as and, to Fortune 500 companies, including Google, Bayer and PG&E.

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