Jiz Lee

Reid performs at Pleasure Chest’s Glory Hole Bday Bash, Sept 13th, Los Angeles!

Sex Geeks, Glory Holes and Happy Birthday Pleasure Chest! From The Pleasure Chest website: Last year The Pleasure Chest turned 40 and we we threw an epic party for our friends and customers. This year we’re back–bigger, better and dirtier! The Pleasure Chest has joined forces with sponsors… Masque, Fun Factory, LA Weekly,  Dominion and Pink Taco to present Gloryhole […]

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Queer, Poly, And Under 30! A Discussion Panel Moderated By Reid Mihalko

What’s it like to be queer, polyamorous and under 30 in today’s world? 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the publishing of Stranger In A Strange Land, one of the first popular, American novel containing a consensual non-monogamous subplot. Forty-one years ago the Stonewall Uprising ignited the gay liberation movement. And 29 years ago, IBM […]

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