Portland Protest 2020 Resources

by Reid on July 22, 2020

In lieu of all that has been going on in Portland and in other parts of the U.S. in regards to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, here are a collection of links and resources that I have found personally helpful as I inform myself on ways I can contribute. I hope these links and ideas/resources contained in them are helpful, not just for supporting protesters in PDX, but in giving you ideas on how to support protesters where you live.

Please take a second to research what’s happening locally around you and how you can show up for your community. What’s happening in PDX isn’t only happening here.

NOTE: This page was created July 22, 2020, and while these links will eventually become “outdated,” many of the people responsible for these links/threads/resources are on the front lines and broadcasting up-to-date information, so please check out their latest stuff and follow them, donate to them, etc. Also, feel free to email me links and resources you find useful. I’ll do my best to update this page as I have time and bandwidth.

Catch Up On The Situation…

Wikipedia has a Portland Protest page that gets updated on the regular HERE.

Resources I posted in July that point at amazing people on the ground I think you still might want to follow…

Click on the embedded Tweet to jump to the thread.

Jump directly to the OPB.org article HERE>

Ways You Can Support…

Click on the embedded Tweet to jump to the thread.

Additional Links & People To Follow I Found Useful…

Check out Sergio Olmos’ Twitter feed… https://twitter.com/MrOlmos

Alexa Soares created an informative thread on supportive things folks can do… https://twitter.com/AlexaRSoares/status/1284121827263090691

Twitter thread by New York Times’ Mike Baker… https://twitter.com/ByMikeBaker/status/1285431298136276992

The Sparrow Projects’ video that went viral – https://twitter.com/sparrowmedia/status/1283605418883899397The

Oregonian’s Twitter thread about federal officers’ actions here during Portland’s protests…https://twitter.com/Oregonian/status/1285284334040051712

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