New Years Equals Newsletter Jumpstart and Wrap-Party in Oakland!

by Reid on December 9, 2009

newsletterjumpstartEver notice that Reid sucks at getting his own newsletters and announcements out in any coherent or timely way?

Well, Reid has certainly noticed, and he’s resolved in true New Years fashion is to make 2010 his year for timely newsletters!

Wanna join him on Saturday, January 9th, 2010?

Well, not only can you join him, you can join him in person at his Oakland, California event space for FREE coffee and Bailey’s while he gets his Newsletter-Butt in gear for the New Year!

“Free coffee and Bailey’s?!? What’s the catch?” you say. Shame on you! This is about writing newsletters, not about free coffee and Bailey’s while it lasts as some Skinnerian, positive reinforcement tool to get you to show up on time…

Really, no catch. Reid needs support holding himself accountable for structuring his 2010 newsletter campaign and he’s figured out  a way for us all to support one another and win, win, win!

Just RSVP and show up with your laptop or pad and pen for a write-your-asses-off, focused and facilitated, writing group workshop devoted to getting the jump on your newsletter!

In this 12-hour day, ending with a party, we will:

  • Brainstorm ideas for a year’s worth of newsletters
  • Create bite-sized, focused chunks for your future articles and submissions
  • Map out your editorial calendar for 2010
  • Create deadlines and implement reminders and Newsletter To-Dos
  • Draft up much of your newsletter content for the year
  • Discuss some useful tools for dealing with writer’s block
  • Kick ourselves in the pants to be even more successful
  • Have a blast doing it!
  • And crack open a beer and/or non-alcoholic beverage to celebrate as a community when we’re done…

If you’ve got a newsletter, or would like to, come spend an entire day brainstorming, mapping out, and first-drafting an entire 2010’s worth of newsletters!

12-hours of time for twelve months of ease (and a sip of coffee and Bailey’s while it lasts, if that’s your poison)… How does that sound?


WHEN: Jan 9th, 2010 from 10am till 10pm
WHERE: Fruitopia event space, Oakland, CA

And it’s all FREE in exchange for you showing up to support Reid and the rest of us in getting our Newsletter-tardy Asses in gear for the New Year!

Doors open at 10am. We start promply at 10:30am. Please pack a meals/snacks for lunch and dinner since we’ll be working straight through!

At 10pm, we will crack open the wine and beer and non-alcoholic beverages and celebrate our jump on the New Year. Please BYOB and BYOFood for the wrap-party!

Yep, this day devoted to newsletters is FREE in exchange for you showing up and supporting Reid and the rest of us in getting our newsletter calendars planned and mostly written. (That’s how devoted Reid is to 2010 being his year of newsletters that actually go out on time!)

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