Healing Sexual Shame By Asking For What You Want AND Flirting 201, San Diego, July 26th!

by Reid on July 26, 2012

A smiling, blonde haired, blue-eyed woman embraces her handsome, smiling partner from behind as she looks to the camera.Have you ever been too ashamed to ask for something you wanted?

Have you ever…

Liked someone and wanted to flirt, but didn’t know how to break the ice? Can you remember a time in your life when you felt embarrassed or shameful for something that felt good? Ever had someone start flirting with you but couldn’t flirt back and all you could do was be overcome by shyness or fear?

You’d be surprised how easily shame strangles our ability to flirt.

For many of us, feelings of shame (or trying to avoid them) keep us from asking for and experiencing things that we want. From flirting to romance to sex, many of us feel paralyzed by shame and powerless to change it. The results over a lifetime can be catastrophic. The great news is you don’t have to let shame stop you anymore and you don’t need to be “shameless” to get what you want in your relationships. Both flirting and asking for what you want are excellent skills to transform your social world and life.

In this special 3-hour, interactive workshop you will learn:

  • The emotional tools and approaches Reid uses to deal with his own sexual shame
  • Reid’s unique perspective on flirting that you can implement immediately
  • How to “track” your shame and have it lead you to breakthroughs in your relationships
  • How 7th Grade and cultural shame are keeping us from flirting our way to more love and freedom in life
  • Communication tools and strategies to have you asking for what you want in your love life, the bedroom and beyond!

This is a clothes-on, participation-optional workshop. Group exercises are not mandatory. Voyeurism is participation! And you are free to change your mind at any time. Exercises will include silly (yet powerful) flirting exercises as well as practicing asking for what we want sexually, both activities will be used as catalysts for accessing our shame and working through it by revealing it and witnessing it.

Date: Thurs July 26, 21012
Time: 6:30-9:30pm
Location: Six Gateways Center, 4215 Spring Street, Suite 120, La Mesa, California 91941
Cost: $25
Tickets and info: healingshameandflirting.eventbrite.com

What people said from the last time Reid taught this class…

“I was able to clearly see the cause of my shame about my body and bring it into the light of healing. AND the workshop was hilarious fun! Thank you Monique and Reid for being awesome space holders and beautiful light messengers.” ~Linda

“What an awesome night! What amazing people! ” ~Cathleene

“A subject many of us keep hidden within, Reid was able to bring it into the light with humor and a feeling that we were all on the same page. I am grateful for what I will take away from the night.” ~JS

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