Celebrating The Supreme Court’s Ruling On Marriage Equality

by Erin Tillman on June 28, 2015


Taking Time To Celebrate!


Are you giving yourself time to celebrate?

And I’d love to appreciate you. 

What a great morning! Waking up and hearing news of the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same-sex marriage was a fabulous start to PRIDE weekend.

I know there’s so much more to do, so many rights that need to be fought for, equality that is crucial to stand up for, and senseless violence that needs to be replaced with love and compassion… From race to gender expression to women’s rights to how we treat the planet. I don’t think anyone thinks that the ruling this morning is going to put an end to war, or change everyone’s mind and make everything on the marriage equality front all hunky dory.

I do think it’s vital that we take some time to celebrate the wins that are happening, and acknowledge our own personal victories.

Whenever there’s a sustained effort -saving a relationship, growing a business, or changing how differences (maybe YOUR differences) are treated by society- resulting in a positive shift and forward movement… Taking a moment to actively recognize and reflect by means of celebration gives us a chance to refuel, recharge, bond socially, and renew our commitments to the bigger picture.

It’s critical to remember how much there still is to do, but forgetting to celebrate deprives us of the revelry we so desperately need as a society, as individuals. Without celebration, it can begin to seem like our “battles” never end, that we’re not making any progress.

In this way, celebration is a method of self-care, a part of how we keep going. Recognize that we live in a culture that is all to quick to shame us for “having fun” when, instead, we should be working tirelessly.

Throwing a party, marching in a parade, declaring a toast… This weekend, if they feel authentic to you, let these activities be tools for your own self-care.

The Supreme Court ruling that Gay Marriage is legal is a delightful step forward. A stand for freedom of self-expression. And it’s equally important to acknowledge and celebrate the changes that are happening in your personal life, too.

What can you celebrate today that is a victory for your personal journey towards greater freedom and self-expression? 

Let’s take pride and celebrate all the victories.

I’m so proud to know people who’ve fought for Marriage Equality, some with tireless education and activism, others with small acts of courage like sharing about a relationship with a co-worker or family, or posting vulnerably on Facebook. I want to celebrate the success of the energy and care put out by those who picketed on the lawn of the Capitol, demonstrated in cities across the country, went from door to door, sat down and spoke to their children or a friend, and those who stood up for what is right and said “That’s not ok” when someone was being hateful. Also, for those who couldn’t be public about their support but quietly were the behind-the-scenes supports and cheerleaders that kept the more visible folks well hydrated, fed, and feeling loved… Thank you, everyone.

I’m tearfully proud to be part of this community of change agents. This wave of people (if you’re reading this, you’re a part of us, me thinks), who care about educating themselves and others on how to be self-expressed, empowered, healthy and conscious in their lives, who care about seeing all people as “human” whatever their race, gender, class, ability, body type, sexual expression, age, or ______________.

We are the difference that’s making a difference. You are the difference that’s making a difference. 

Believe it. Please, let that in… Let the knowledge that the love, effort, attention and courage you apply every day is making a difference fill you up and give you the fuel to continue on this journey.

It doesn’t mean we won’t ever feel sad, or make a mistake, or have regrets… And it doesn’t mean that we will get everything we’ve ever dreamt of… But it DOES mean that you are important and that, I believe, you are making the world a better, more pleasure-filled place. In my eyes, you are leaving the campsite better than you found it, and that means the world to me.

I know the journey -our journey- is far from over. There is so much to do. Change that is critical and urgent. And I am proud to be part of this powerful and determined community, and to add what voice I can to this movement forward towards less shame, more equality, and greater self-expression.

May this be the first of many win’s for self-expression, equality, and freedom, and may however you choose to celebrate today… May it nourish and empower you to go the distance for the next change and celebration we’re going to be a part of.

In appreciation and in it for the long haul,

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