Can You Practice Social Skills On Low Status People In Your Community?

Can You Practice Social Skills On Low Status People In Your Community?         Reid: So there’s this thing about when you want to practice something socially, skill-wise in some communities they talk about picking somebody who’s of low importance in a community to practice on because if you fuck it up there’s […]

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Fell Out Of Love and Trying To Be Friends?

What if she still likes you more than you like her? And you just aren’t in love with her anymore? How can you be friends? With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from Cathy: One of our viewers wrote in and said, “I just broke up with my girlfriend. She said I think […]

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Feeling Underappreciated In Your Relationship

Do you sometimes feel under appreciated, but other people just see you as being quiet? Join relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they share what you can do when you feel under appreciated in your relationship. Cathy: Another person wrote in saying, “What can I do when I feel under appreciated in […]

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Why Is There A Struggle Around Who Says “I Love You” First?

Do you ever wonder why is it so hard to say “I love you” and how can you get better at it? And, why do people make a war out of who says it first? Join relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they share how to say “I love you” easier. […]

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The Inevitable Death Of Your Charisma And What Makes People Unattractive

These Bad Habits May Be Sucking The Attractiveness Out of YOU…  Do you wish your life was more exciting? More fulfilling? That you felt more attractive, more charismatic, and were surrounded by people and activities that nourished you? You can have/be all of those things, and they’re more achievable than you think, but to pull it […]

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Arielle Ford and Reid Team Up To Tackle: 3 Ways We Block Love And How To Fix It! [Webinar]

Learn how to let love back in to YOUR life! I’m honored and delighted to be joining the lovely and inspirational Arielle Ford (sister to the late Debbie Ford) for a webinar where we focus on… The Top 3 Ways People Consciously and Unconsciously Block Love From Coming Into Their Life… And What You Can […]

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The Top 3 Ways To Create Love and Feel Loved in Your Relationship… Even if Your Feel Lonely and Miserable Now! Webinar

What Mistakes Are YOU Making That Are Keeping You from Feeling Loved? Let me give you 3 POWERFUL TOOLS and some easy-to-implement tips that will help YOU (and your loved ones if you got ’em) open the floodgates to the warmth of love and connection that’s often juuuuust out of reach! If you’re currently single, this call […]

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Reid’s Day of Jealousy with Guest Jealousy Experts

Jealousy isn’t just about romantic relationships, you know! You can experience jealousy over your children taking up too much of your partner’s time, or become jealous over a co-worker’s promotion, or even a lover’s favorite hobby could trigger jealous twinges…

So what’s a person to do?

Join Reid Mihalko, Nina Hartley, Dr. Carol Queen, and other quest jealousy experts as we make sense of what jealousy is, how it impacts our lives, and how we can gain the upper hand. Whether you’re experiencing jealousy on a regular basis, in love with someone who does, or just afraid that jealousy might rear it’s ugly head, these two calls promise to give you a wealth of information!

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Five Secrets to Attracting a Perfect Partner

Let’s Talk About It w/ Sameon with guest Reid Mihalko Listen Here Online! (or telephone in from the comfort of your home, car or office…) Show Host: Sameon Date: Tuesday, Feb 24, 2009 Time: 5-6:30pm EST/2-3:30pm Pacific for more info… Show topic: Five Secrets to Attracting a Perfect Partner Are you someone who continuously […]

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Staying Connected Through Romance workshop

The Hallmark Cards idea of a romantic Valentine’s being flowers, chocolate, diamonds, stuffed teddy bears is great every once in a while, but how do you stay connected on a day to day basis and have it be romantic?

Join sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko for a playful (and connected) two hours of discussion, exercises, and romance just in time for Valentine’s!

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