Reid’s Teleclass of Teleclasses! – Learn How to Run Teleclasses Now…

by Reid on June 24, 2009

5-Weeks to Designing and Running Your Own Teleclass, Made Easy… Or Your Money Back!

“I loved the part you got to on tonight’s call about getting your mentor/peer(s) on a one-on-one interview, and that I don’t have to have others call-in to record it. That sounds perfect! The one area I am never stuck on is appreciating the awesome minds, hearts and energies of those around me, so interviews may be how it all begins for me. I think I will prefer webinars over the phone, just because face-to-face always works soooo much for me, but maybe I just have to give a teleclass a chance.”

🙂 ~Monique, Utah


The Five Week Teleclass Series Where Reid Shows You How To… Run You’re your Own Teleclasses!

What this teleclass includes:

  • Five 75-minute Calls,
  • Weekly, Downloadable Homework Assignments for you to set up your first teleclass
  • Downloads from two existing Reid Teleclasses for you to listen to for FREE!

Teach workshops? Want a fun and effective way to extend your reach? Looking to grab new clients, and test new material in fast, easy, and economical ways? Finding that you need a low ticket price item to get people who are worried about the economy to work with you? Itching to offer Teleclasses but feel stuck because you don’t know where to start? Been on one of Reid’s successful Teleclasses and want to know his secrets to doing so many so fast?

Join world renowned and prolific sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko as he invites you to learn his secrets to cheap, effective promotion and collaboration: the Teleclass!

Expand the reach of your existing offerings by offering teleclasses where potential and existing clients can participate in your teachings from the comfort of their own homes.

In this 5-Week Series of Calls you will learn…

  • Why and how offering Teleclasses can increase your business
  • How to run and promote a teleclass for FREE
  • How to record your teleclass and sell it to future customers at a later date as a downloadable MP3
  • What systems and programs Reid uses and why
  • How to design a teleclass in less than two hours!
  • How to invite collaborators to donate their time and expertise to your teleclass for FREE!

Anyone can run a professional sounding teleclasses for next to nothing and have their results improve their business and expert standing!

Particiapants in this “Teleclass on Teleclasses” will receive, for free, TWO OF REID’S OTHER COURSE RECORDINGS to listen to as examples (a $30 to $197 value in and of itself).

Attention Life Coaches, Sex Educators, Tantra Practitioners and Workshop Leaders: Auditing the teleclasses alone are worth it and will benefit your practice and business. Register now and be running your own Teleclasses in no time, just like Reid!

What you get:

  • Six 75-minute Calls
  • Weekly Homework Assignments to set up your first teleclass!
  • Two teleclass downloads from two of Reid’s other courses: Reid’s Day of Jealousy and Battling the 8-Armed Octopus of Jealousy telecourses.

COST: $197 for everything!


Loved call 3.  Thank you. The class and the homework is shooting my creativity and inspiration to crazy heights. Thank you so much.”

~ T.M.

As with all of his products, Reid’s got a 100% Money Back Gaurantee! If, upon completing the course, you’re not fully satisfied, just ask and get your money back! What have you got to lose?

Picture of sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko wearing a telephone headset and smiling with a cup of coffee and the text, "Reid's teleclass of teleclasses," "designing and running your own teleclasses made easy," "all in five week or less, the 'Reid way!'"

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