Reid’s Sex Educator Sponsorship 411 Day

by Reid on September 12, 2015

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An Entire Day Devoted To Unlocking The Sponsorship Machine For Your Sex Ed Business!

If you are a sex educator or sex-positive business owner who’s looking for sponsors… Have we got a day for you!

Sex Educator Sponsorship 411 Day is a special event devoted to geeking out on how to inspire sponsors, how best to work with them, what not to do, and how you can give your sponsors amazing returns on their investments while they help YOU make a bigger difference with yours and their audiences!

Let’s face it. There are times when having the support of a high integrity sponsor can be a life-saver! Knowing that you have some extra income to give your audience a better experience, or high quality product to share with them can give you confidence, and take your event and business over the top.

And having a well known sponsor can give you credibility, even as you help them spread the word about their products and services and reach new people who might be craving what they have to offer.

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I LOVE win-wins like that. And I’m lucky. I’ve learned some powerful business relationship techniques early on and then practiced, tested, and tweaked them for the Sex Geek market.

Getting sponsors may seem like something only big names, or super charismatic leaders can get. But the truth is, there are some simple ways to share your passion and energy to let sponsors understand how working with you can be a huge win for them. And there are some ways you can leave those sponsors feeling compensated and delighted, without selling out or losing your integrity.

I’ll show you these steps and straight forward techniques, and I’ll share the ideas and approaches that allowed me to once raise $8k in 3 days (to run the Sex Geek Boiler Room inside the historic Queen Mary cruise ship for the amazing BIL Conference), as well as get THOUSANDS of dollars of amazing sex toys into Campers hands (and hearts -giggle) at Camp.

The adult campers of Reid Mihalko's Sex Geek Summer Camp proudly displaying their TRUST Intimacy massage oil from camp's official sponsor

The happy campers of 2016’s Sex Geek Summer Camp proudly holding all the TRUST massage oil they get to take home!

We’ll have sponsors there to give you insight from the horse’s mouth. They’ll share what they look for and how you can wow them and have them delighted to support your passion and efforts.


Cathy interviews Reid About Sex Geek Sponsorship 411 Day… Learn more!

You can attend this event Live and In-Person (San Jose, Ca) or attend Virtually on November 21st, 2015. The event will be recorded and all ticket holders will get a copy of the material to watch over and over again so they can integrate the tools and strategies and wow sponsors and their audiences while supporting their events, creating a win-win for everyone involved.

I’ll also include some “hot seats” for attendees where I’ll help you -should you get a chance in the hot seat- develop a plan and approach for your specific business and events!

This program is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you attend in person or virtually and don’t think you got more than your money’s work, I’ll refund the cost of your tuition, no questions asked.

Using these techniques just once could more than pay the cost of admission… In terms of support and credibility.*

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We’re going to have a blast, learning powerful and exciting techniques that will work with potential sponsors and business partners.

I hope to see you there!


P.S. Don’t spend more time wishing you knew how to get sponsorships or feeling like you have to be “bigger” or more successful to start. The right sponsor can help your business grow, even as you help them reach people who need their expertise!

P.P.S. I’ve never offered this course before, and I may not offer it again. I want to honor the support of my sponsors for Sex Geek Summer Camp who helped me afford to keep ticket prices low and reach Sex Educators who are making AMAZING differences in the world. And I want to honor the hard work and courage of those Campers who cut videos doing toy and product reviews. The quiet steps we take when we think no one is looking? Those are the ones that define who we are and where we stand. Those Campers who quietly decided to shoot videos and share their voices… Well, I am honored to be in your ranks. And the sponsors who had the courage to create businesses out of nothing, who are sharing products that help people feel pleasure and delight in their bodies… May your spark burn bright.

*I can make no guarantees about what you may or may not make in terms of sponsorships. Each business is different and the relationships you form are a big part of this process. It takes work and you have to show up. I can promise to share what I do and the philosophy and intention I have around this, and I do commit to being transparent, sharing the best information I have for you, and to bring the very top people in to share with you.

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