Good Vibrations’ 40th Year of Providing Self-pleasuring Products! | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on April 18, 2020

Good Vibrations’ 40th Year of Providing Self-pleasuring Products! | Facebook Walk With Reid




Reid: I think we’ve got it now. Sorry for the…the false starts. I’m having technical difficulties. Hello everyone! It’s Reid Mihalko from and I’m going to start today’s Facebook live broadcast with wishing Good Vibrations a happy 40th birthday month by….by using the melodious tones and please chime in where you’re….you’re watching from and sing with me to Good Vibrations a happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you….to you, happy birthday Good Vibrations! The [Inaudible 00:00:43] founded first founded sex toy store it was founded four years ago by Joani Blank and rest in peace Joani. Thank you so much for being the All-spark for such an amazing store to provide such amazing services. Happy birthday go to to you. Yay!

For those of you who don’t know, Good Vibrations created 22 years ago. The concept that they promoted for 20 years called Masturbation Month which starts in May. So you’ve got time to start practicing if you haven’t been practicing and I want to share in this quick video I’m in San Jose doing a work weekend with Cathy Vartuli. So rumor has it that maybe Cathy Vartuli will be on tomorrow’s Facebook live we don’t know maybe we can court her maybe we can tease her and tempt her to be on the Facebook live and come out for a walk with us but I’m down here in San Jose for the weekend geeking out on a bunch of things for sex geek summer camp which is my business retreat for sex educators and also geeking out about my three-day exciting event happening the weekend before Halloween which I haven’t really started promoting yet but block off that weekend the Friday, Saturday, Sunday before Halloween my faithful listeners and watchers because I’m going to be doing a whole weekend seminar geeking out on sex and relationship skill sets and I’ve got a fancy schmancy awesome new name for it and I’ll announce that when I actually have a webpage. I can put you all there but you can do a save the date and let’s take a moment to look at spring as it is springing, let’s look at the dogs saying hi to us. “Hi buddies!”

And I want to talk about Masturbation Month which is coming up and share for with you all a mistake that I…..not that you know we do things wrong and then we learn but something I wish I had done when I was younger that I didn’t know to do and that my mistake air quotes is very interesting because it’s now that I know to not do that I still kind of do the thing I used to do because it’s the thing that I’m….I grew up with and the mistake around masturbation in general if anyone’s making a mistake is I think the biggest thing you can do that will just increase your pleasure tremendously is using Lube and I early on never used Lube. I was not that kid that young adults who found the conditioner in the shower and thought about using conditioner because I wasn’t somebody who self-pleasured in the shower and you know to this day it still feels like when I’m taking a shower like it’s so much sensation for me that it’s hard to concentrate so maybe that’s why I never really got into it. Whereas I have other friends who were like “oh, no….no….no the shower is amazing.” And I do remember when I realized that that removable showerhead with the cord and the massage setting which to me was odd because I was like I would use it and I’m like it felt…’s not really hard enough to really massage my shoulders but then I realized that setting is not actually for massaging shoulders. Oh no….no… au contraire, mon frère and to this day when I teach certain sex ed workshops and I share with men with cisgendered men or penis owners right because you can have a penis and not identified as man when I share with them that those showerheads are actually really great for masturbation especially if you have a clit. It is like “ohhhhhh” it’s like “wow I never knew why my wife or my girlfriend or my boyfriend who has a vulva you know I never knew that that’s why they were so adamant about me getting that showerhead for them for Christmas.”

So one of the things I would also advocate for is if you do like self-pleasuring in the shower and you do have a clit that you might want to try one of those showerheads because they are pretty awesome were so I hear and they’re also pretty awesome on penises but when I was 11 and very excited about orgasm those showerheads they felt nice but they didn’t really bring me to the goal that I was looking for at the tender age of pre-puberty. That being said, I wish I’d started using Lube earlier that I’d known about it that you know you can parent however you want to parent if you have teenagers but like maybe everybody gets the bottle of Lube in their stocking for Christmas. This might feel weird but it would have been really awesome for me if my parents or some adults had encouraged me in an appropriate manner around creating more pleasure for myself by using Lube. That would’ve been awesome and what’s interesting now is I’m so used to not using Lube when I self-pleasure that you know I have a lot of fun when I’m not using Lube. It still feels good but the sensation is so much better with Lube and yet my habit is to not reach for it automatically and I think some of that might be….this might be too much information for some of you but I think also might be for me like it’s kind of a fastidious thing like if I am using a lot of Lube and I’m taking like a little pleasure break now I have to go wherever I am. I have to go to the bathroom or find handy wipe or whatever to kind of feel like I’m not fresh but not sticky like I’d be un-sticky from the Lube which you can solve by finding some really high-quality water-based Lubes that don’t leave any kind of residue. I apologize for the wind it’s a little windy right now but these are just ideas for folks to consider because we don’t really talk about this stuff and most people didn’t have parents or adults or adequate sex education to kind of encourage people to be thinking about self-pleasuring from the actual concept of what brings you more pleasure and generally speaking, using Lube with when you’re masturbating really does help a lot.

The other thing that’s really useful and this is something I did right when I was a kid not knowing it at all is the idea of using toys and using toys as a means of creating pleasure especially for clit owners but my initial explorations were using my mom’s old vibrator that it really was made for shoulders and lower backs and necks and just being a kid like you know you find the vibrator and then you plug it in and you’re like you know putting out on your voice box and being like “resistance is futile” and you know putting it on shoulders and then like most human beings were like “hmmm, what would that be like if I put it down there?” And the….that felt mighty nice and you know exploring that was what eventually would lead to my first full-blown like pre-pubescent ejaculatory orgasm where I was just like “whoa! What happened?” And then you’re like a comedian who’s talking about you know “I discovered the thing that nobody knew about and then I couldn’t stop.” So I would also advocate exploring using Lube if you like masturbating without it, you’re not a bad person. I certainly self-pleasure without using Lube but when you can find Lubes that work really well for you that you know don’t leave a sticky residue or something like that Good Clean Love makes an amazing Lube that I….Love Liquid is another great company. All these companies the really….really good ones are carried by Good Vibrations by the way so if you go to and you want to support them for their 40th birthday and wish them a happy birthday then one of the things that you can do is maybe go buy yourself some Lube in preparation for Masturbation Month this May. The last but not the least toys, Good Vibes as the name would suggest has a lot of great vibrators and other toys but using vibrators on your penis ladies and gentlemen can be really awesome and also in my I talked about using vibrators as a penis owner not just on your penis but when you’re having penetrative sex with your partner which can also be hand sex or using your penis. Vibrators that are nice and rumbly who have a lot of power, the Magic Wand especially the rechargeable Magic Wand is awesome for this kind of thing but you can put the vibrator on your penis on the shaft of your penis or even on the….the back of your hands or on the front of your hands and turn your fingers or your penis into something that has a vibration which might be great for your partner and you can play with like rocking it up against their clit and things like that. I’m a big proponent of using toys in the bedroom. I think professional tools create professional results and I think a great place to start is exploring them with yourself and next, there’s a lot of empowerment in that and especially a lot of empowerment as a penis owner in one getting over your fear of toys like if they’re going to replace you but also like including toys in your own masturbation and self-exploration you know there’s a lot of really great butt plugs out there. B-Vibe makes a really cool butt plug that has that has a lot of bells and whistles on it and the….actually that would be funny if somebody actually made a butt plug that was a whistle somebody, work on that please and the idea of using toys for masturbation and so again, for penis owners you might want to check out stuff like masturbation sleeve like Blewit or the Fleshlight, Tango makes some interesting masturbation eggs and things like that but again like these are just ways that you can explore adding more sensation or different sensations to the kinds of masturbation that you’re doing and for me you know the first time I ever tried the Fleshlight, I was I was blown away because it I just had never felt what I felt that way before because it has always been about my hand or my hands and so you know the trick with some masturbation sleeves is  I actually let them sit in not boiling water but really warm water really almost hot and get your masturbation sleeves up to like body temperature with a really nice Lube “oh my god.”

So I’m just telling you there’s lots of different ways to play with your own body and if you want to get bonus points then you know invite a loved one to play with themselves while maybe you just watch or maybe you….you know to play with yourself and you kind of have a Dueling Banjos moment. [Inaudible 00:13:50]. So that’s going to be it. My phone is telling me it’s almost out of battery power and I’ll let you guys go now. Well, thanks for coming for our little walk. Tomorrow if you’re…..if you leave some comments and say “Cathy Vartuli please be on Facebook live tomorrow with Reid.” I might be able to…..with your help convince Cathy and I just want to say again thank you so much Good Vibrations for doing all the amazingness that you’ve been doing for 40 years, ladies and gentlemen. They’ve been around almost as long as I’ve been around and that’s freaking amazing.

So give a shout out. Share this video or share the link for Good Vibrations which is with your friends and encourage people to a… to put more pleasure in their life and to share that pleasure spread it around….spread it around and I see you guys tomorrow. Leave some leave some emoticons as we leave here in San Jose where spring is springing. Bye, everyone!

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