Connect with Reid and other sex geeks at Ecstatic Festival Jun 12-14

by Erin Tillman on May 13, 2015


Are You Ready For a Weekend of Radical Connecting?

I’m honored that Ecstatic founder Romi Elan has invited me to bring my personal style of sex and relationship geekery along with several other sex-positive superstars to his very special weekend event… Will you consider joining us for a 3-day immersion into new paradigms of love, connection and self-expression through workshops and activities, including heart-opening connection, invigorating yoga, deep inner reflection and healing, blissful dance, and much more?!


  • Ecstatic is a 3-day conscious gathering focused on heart-opening communication, embodied spirituality and blissful connection. As a community, we come together to connect, explore new things, and grow. We will get grounded in our bodies and feel the immense love that is all around us. The love that IS us.

  • Over the course of 3 days, we will have the opportunity to explore different modalities of embodied connection. Over 50 workshops will be offered in various themes such as Dance, Healing, Communication, Yoga, Touch, and Play.

  • We invite you leave your inhibitions, patterns and conditioning at home, so you experience a new way of being. A way of truth and purity of nature. Whether through movement, speaking, touch, breathing or deep reflection, you will find your truth within, and it will be beautiful.


  • Ecstatic Ballroom –  Elevate your spirit with music and dance, build intimacy through genuine communication, heal past wounds and deeply connect with one another.
  • Spirit Cove – Dive deep into the inner realms of yourself. Meditation, self reflection, breathwork and healing are found here.
  • Touch Temple – Explore the magic of human touch. Experience the ebb and flow of energy as it moves through us and between us.
  • Move Grove – Shake your body in delight and awaken your soul. Experience different modalities of movement and share your happiness with the world.
  • Sacred Fire Theater – Let the divine sounds and words nourish your being as you recieve beautiful love offerings from our sacred performers.


Not feeling like being in workshops for the entire weekend? No sweat!

The venue’s fresh air, sunshine, and surrounding natural beauty provide attendees with an amazing mountain playground. You can relax or meditate in nature, read by the creek, or strap on your running shoes for a trail run or hike.

Also, in addition to the workshop areas, you will have access to an open pool, hot tub, hiking trails, a nearby lake with canoeing (extra cost), spa with massage therapists (extra cost), basketball court, tennis court, and an art workshop.

There is something for everyone at Ecstatic!

When: Jun 12th-Jun 14th, 2015
Where: Camp Blue – Lair of the Golden Bear, 188 Dodge Ridge Road, Pinecrest, CA
Tickets: Find additional information and purchase tickets HERE and Tell them Reid sent ya! 



About Founder Romi Elan:

Romi Elan is the visionary and founder behind Ecstatic. He is a dancer, a yogi, and a passionate lover of life. He appreciates good food, long hugs, being in nature, and heartfelt connection.

Romi is a global citizen who was born in Los Angeles, California, and has lived and traveled extensively on five continents. For years, Romi helped global businesses grow as a Consultant and Business Manager. Now he is committed to the growth and fulfillment of human beings.

“Ecstatic offers people the opportunity to explore and experience different practices of embodied connection in an accessible, non threatening way. Ecstatic is about expanding the realm of possible for our lives, whatever that means for each of us.”


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