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Sex Geek Summer Camp’s 2014 Sex Toy Review Video Contest!

The 1st Annual Sex Geek Summer Camp Sex Toy Review Video Contest is Underway! Which lucky camper will win?! We have all the videos submitted, and I’m eagerly watching every moment I get to choose a winner! (I’m traveling and teaching almost non-stop right now, so I have to watch in between lectures!) Contest Is […]

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Confidence and Instinct In The Bedroom [Article]

Am I Good In Bed… Yes, I am! Or Am I? It’s an ironic truth that being confident often makes people appear much sexier… And yet, in most people’s minds there is the question, “Am I good in bed?” Confidence in bed can be very attractive… it can spark interest, ignite passion, and explode into […]

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Dating Your Species Workshop [Video and Transcript]

Most people’s relationship problems stem from being in love with good people who are HORRIBLE fits…  Are you confused about dating, mating, and relating in the 21st Century? Unsure how to make a relationship last past a season of Project Runway or Monday Night Football? Can’t tell Mr/Ms. Right from Mr/Ms. Trainwreck? Dating, marriage and […]

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Sex Educator Newsletter Signup!

Attn: All current and future Sex Educators! Sign up below to get cutting edge tips, advice and strategies to reach more people and make a better living as a sex educator! Enter your Name and Email and Click “I’m a Pro Sex Geek!” so I can send you updates and business/facilitation/media savvy tips, videos, and resources!   Enter Your […]

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Making Breakups & Relationships Easier In 3 Simple Steps

Breaking up can be hard and messy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re taught growing up that a relationship is more successful the longer it lasts. And breakups can be so painful, complicated and destructive that staying in a bad relationship can seem more sensible than having to face a catastrophic ending. […]

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Are You Dating Your Species?

The Old Dating Vs The New Dating Most of us were taught that we should be happy if we find a nice mate, one that is usually kind and considerate, who brushes their teeth regularly, brings home a paycheck, and pays the electric bill on time… What is this “species” stuff? The old dating mentality […]

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