Self-Care Weekend! How Can You Recover From Big Events?

by Reid on August 20, 2020

Self-Care Weekend! How Can You Recover From Big Events?






Reid: Uhm…

Cathy: Are we live?

Reid: Hello. I think we are. Hello Facebook. Reid Mihalko at

Cathy: Cathy Virtuli from

Reid: So we have the ultimate microphone test got my microphone on my little wind suck on. Can it handle the ocean surf right next to us

Cathy: In the wind.

Reid: In the wind so

Cathy: I think you should show them your toes. Self-care

Reid: I can’t. Let’s walk first before I have to show them my toes.

Cathy: Okay.

Reid: So first off is great as hell out here. Can you hear us let us know if if the sound is okay or if this whole thing is a bad idea. People are coming on they’re gonna tell us…

Cathy: Can they hear us?

Reid: Well we’re gonna go with what we can we can think hang on

Cathy: Sorry.

Reid: Yep they can hear us. Great.

Cathy: Good.

Reid: Okay.

Cathy: It was a good test.

Reid: So Cathy and I are doing we’re doing our… make them sure the pictures okay… Self-care weekend’s post camp. Oh there we go, I can see it clearly now. So we got a mani-pedi… oh we didn’t get mani. We got pedicures yesterday facial massage and we’re hanging out at the beach and we’re doing all the wrap-up paperwork for a and then you had just played did a game with the internet on self-love.

Cathy: Yeah self-love game,

Reid: Talk to the mic.

Cathy: So and it was a six week program where every day he tried to get points for doing… aaahhh this is really cold…

Reid: There’s water. There’s water.

Cathy: That you got to design for yourself. It was really fun it was great to see so many people participate. And one of the things that really stood out was that if hard things came up self-care was the first thing people ditched

Reid: Yep.

Cathy: And I noticed that myself too. It’s a…if I’m. It’s if I’m its very cold again sorry guys.

Reid: More water more water.

Cathy: It’s cold water. They say there’s a mile deep trench out there and the cold water comes up from it. But you know it’s like if someone’s father’s sick or the job is not going well people ditch self-care and then it’s really when they need the most but they I think there’s a belief that people don’t even maybe don’t deserve it or you don’t have time when things are not going well.

Reid: Yeah. I mean I’ll cope to it. When things are tough I just had a muscle through it.

Cathy: Yeah. So something like the love game or having friends that will say, “Hey, I know you like going on but let’s go to the beach for a day or let’s go get a mani-pedi together that could be really useful” and everybody does self-care differently and that’s okay. In the supplement game, it will guide your walk and bringing down things don’t matter to you and having a list because we don’t always think of it when the hard things come up.

Reid: Yeah and then if you’re gonna do something…  here let’s walk backward we’re gonna go this way. Nah. It’s not good, sunlight, too cold. So when you know like when… when camp was happening we knew that like after camp we would be tired.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: I had my brother’s wedding and then

Cathy: There wasn’t time right

Reid: Yeah. Allison and I bought a house. So it was like how you can plan things in advance to take care of yourselves when it’s already gonna be tough.

Cathy: Knowing it’s coming can be a really big thing.

Reid: Yeah.

Cathy: Like okay have a hard weekend but next weekend I get to do something fun it mean a big difference for me.

Reid: And then the other situation is because sometimes you don’t know when that stuff’s gonna happen.

Cathy: No we don’t.

Reid: Or you know it’s like unexpected stuff.

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: Can you what can you know about yourself that when the unexpected happens you can be like oh crap you know somebody..

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: just got sick in my life I need to plan you know this ASAP because I know in a week of handling medical insurancy things I’m gonna need to have a break and if I don’t plan it now I’m not gonna plan it later especially when I’m exhausted

Cathy: Yeah. And you might even have self-care buddies redevelop and say hey Code Red Code Red next weekend I’m gonna need some support are you around? And you may even have a plan where you have discussed it where there’s things you both like to do but you did it together.

Reid: So the question for you to leave in the comments or email us is, what kinds of things could you have on a list somewhere to plan in advance for self-care? We know for Cathy it’s the beach.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: Can you see the beach?

Cathy: Like seafood, water, sands.

Reid: So what are the things like what are two or three or five things you know about yourself that would work really well in a pinch around self-care. And leave a couple of them so that we can all brainstorm together…

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: In different ways to a…

Cathy: If you’re struggling go to it’s a free program you can go in with Ralfy brainstorm and figure out what’s a good fit for you.

Reid & Cathy: Or with

Reid: Alright and now we’re gonna end this video I’m gonna hold my hand carry the selfie stick and then I’m gonna well don’t grab it yet.

Cathy: Okay okay. I didn’t know

Reid: I’m gonna hand carry the selfie stick then I’m gonna go jump in the ocean

Cathy: Are you going to show them your feet?

Reid: Like it’s very hard to show them my feet I have very purple purple toenails.

Cathy: For bring you back.

Reid: Keep me in the shot.

Cathy: Well when you come back? Just a minute he’s taking off all of his glasses and his stuff.

Reid: Water’s freaking cold.

Cathy: It’s very cold. Hopefully, he’ll come back I’m just getting out of my feet it’s really cold. Now, I think he’s coming back. He’s almost losing his shorts.

Reid: [inaudible 00:7:00] That’s not cold at all. Oh my god it’s like the Bahamas. All right anybody

Cathy: Everyone else is on red suit. Bye, everyone.

Reid: Go to the Bye.

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