What Does ABE Stands For? | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on November 22, 2019

What Does ABE Stands For? | Facebook Walk With Reid




Reid: Hello sex geeks! It’s Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/ also creator of http://www.sexgeeksummercamp.com/ and a bunch of other things and I am coming to you today from my walk because it’s raining and I’ve got my green sweater on and I just spent some time visiting a peer of my sex educator friend and talking a little bit of business, hanging out, getting caught up and I figured I would take you on a walk from where I am because I’m in place with really nice hills and it’s raining it’s super raining! And Hi Leanne! And I just wanted to talk a little bit I haven’t done a business video in a little bit. So this is for sex educators and workshop leaders and facilitators who want to get better business and I’m walking down, I’m walking up a hill somewhere I’ll go panty “ha aha” as well. But it’s nice to take a walk in the rain and I’ve got my red umbrella which is also in the sex worker community that’s the one of our signals, red umbrella of the red umbrella diaries. Let me check those things out.


Interesting thing is coming up! Today, February ninth is the last day for early bird tickets for Soul Play which is a festival music and dance thing I’ll be at the summer. It’ll be a working vacation while I’ll get to teach and hangout in a.. at a beautiful campground; the University of California has this campground. There’s water everywhere and I am not wearing the right kind of shoes to try to walk across the water so we’ll go around here. I’m also gonna be.. I’ve been working on releasing a free training for everybody on workshop design stuff and that’s almost ready to go. So if you’re interested keep an eye out. I will be announcing it first on my email list and then eventually I’ll post it on Facebook. The reason that I’m doing that is when I launched it, I’m also switch.. switching some of my automated email systems so I’m going to use my email list to get all the glitches out because people can just hit reply and let me know when something is not working. I think it’s all working really well so it’s a really simple system called Kajabi. There’s a new version of it that does all kinds of great things and it’s, it’s actually a shopping cart and an email system and it can host your workshops and do your landing pages or your digital workshops and stuff programs. So I’m getting ready to do that hopefully maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday but if you want to be on my email list, then go, go to https://reidaboutsex.com/sexgeekpro and, and then that’ll have you,you can sign up for the sex educator list and then that brings me to today’s topic which is what does ABE stand for? ABE and that’s something that we came up for came up with at sex geek summer camp couple of years ago and what it stands for is Always Be Educating. And the ideas just like with these videos if you haven’t notice I’m just teaching.


I’m going for a walk using you all as an excuse to get some exercise and walking back up this hill is gonna suck. But using you all to get some exercise and I’m just teaching so I’m always educating and then for you know, for people who are finding a lot of value, getting a lot of help and support from what I’d just have to share then at some point you know they might want to buy something from me. They may want to go deeper and learn something a little bit more in depth with a little bit more structure or you know find value in the things that I’m teaching around for you all like business and then realize, “Oh my goodness” like if I go to sex geek summer camp not only can I learn the business stuff but I actually get to hang out with all my peers and meet a bunch of sex educators and different parts of sex educator community and see what their businesses are like. And figure out how they make a living, doing what they do as a toy reviewer or a blogger or a workshop leader or a coach or mentor. And so because of these videos, it’s already starting to happen people are registering for camp which is going to be at the end of July this year on the West Coast or on the East Coast in West Virginia.


So if you want to find out more about camp and you want to register sooner than later so that you have a first dibs on room accommodation upgrades and things like that and get tickets on the sex geek summer camp bus that takes you from the airport to the campground, then you can go to https://reidaboutsex.com/sex.com/campFAQ. And last but not the least; you know just being able to set up your business so that you can do a situation like I just did. Like I’ve got the FAQ all set up on my website. I can send you the link. I’m teaching you a bunch of neat things and hopefully check out the link. And then maybe you want to come to something or maybe it’s a link for something free. And because it was free you got a lot of value and then you realize that you need more help in a certain situation or your clients or fans need more help and so then they click on your store or your services to see how they can hire you.


The best thing about the ABE approach, whooh I’m winded. The best thing about the ABE approach is if you’re always educating especially if you’re an educator, you never have to stop doing the thing that you love and then you know sales just become invitations. You know like “Hey we’ve got camp. Camps gonna happen no matter what.” If you wanna come to camp, hang out with seventy or eighty maybe ninety this year. Other sex educators eat some great food; roast some s’mores by the camp fire and learn better business practices then come to camp. And if not, I hope these free videos were useful for you and may your life be amazing.


And so the ABE principle can also be really helpful because you don’t have to really be salesy. It’s more like you just invite people to things and then they get to choose whether they want to be a part of that or not and your job when you’re inviting people to, to do an event is educate them on if the event is the right event for them or not. And educate them on how to know when it’s not the right event. And that’s really helpful for couple of different reasons. The main reason is the people who shouldn’t be there, don’t come! How many of you have ever had a workshop for an event happened and you had the wrong air quotes the wrong kind of, of person there? It makes your event and your workshop so much harder when the wrong people show up. Meaning that they’re not at the, the level you need them to be at if it’s an intermediate event or they’re there for completely different reasons. They, they’re not even there for the, for the actual topic like they’re struggling with something else. So you know your clarity and being able to educate people on how to know when the event is the right event for them, that helps you attract your ideal clients so things are just easier and you help more people.


The other thing that’s very useful when you teach people how to tell if it’s not the right event for them is it makes you in my opinion; it makes you weightless salesy and weird. Because you really are in empowering people and as sex educators, you’re kind of doing it in a really in a really good ethical integrous sex educator way. And that you’re informing people what they’re saying yes to if they want to say yes. So you’re creating a situation where it’s not just about savvy marketing and, and you know you’re just such a good marketer that they, they have to hit by. What you’re doing is you’re teaching them how to say yes to something and in an informed way and informed consent makes for better clients. You know, if you’re somebody who just wants to make the sale, I think you’re gonna make more of a headache for you in the long run.


And there’s been some studies that talk about just making the sale isn’t the point. It’s how, how many lives you transform? How do you actually change people? And a lot of people say that they have these great conversion rates but then they have really high return rates. So, you make the sale only you know two or four weeks later, people ask for their money back. So you really didn’t make the sale. Great you have a..whatever percentage conversion rate but you have you know a seventy percent return rate, you didn’t do any good. And you know in the end people are basically you know probably saying that your courses don’t work and that you know whatever. So it’s negative publicity in the end. So I believe in informing people and you know informing people and teaching people how to know when they should be a yes to your offerings. And this is all kind of you know, Always Be Educating. You never stop. So if you want to picture Abraham Lincoln or Abe Vigota or you know some, some other Abe in your life to anchor that situation that learning tip completes it.


I am going to look at these comments in a minute but now I’m gonna, I need to go in into my vehicle and drive home. So thanks for going on to this walk this lovely walk up, up this huge hill in the rain and I’ll even give you a look at the little how much water is going down here. It is a lot of rain and California definitely needs it. Alright everybody, hope this was useful. Check out https://reidaboutsex.com/sexgeekpro all one word.

Check out Soul Play there should be an announcement in my Facebook feed about that early tickets and today and what else would I say? Oh, sex geek summer camp, which you can also go to http://www.sexgeeksummercamp.com/ get a free training Always Be Educating or just go right away to https://reidaboutsex.com/sex.com/campFAQ . Alright guys, I will a.. I’ll see you later.

Give me some emoticons and I’m signing off from this hill in the rain. Bye!

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