How Do You Deal With Hydraulic Issues On Sex? | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on November 19, 2019

How Do You Deal With Hydraulic Issues On Sex? | Facebook Walk With Reid




Reid: Oh my goodness! It’s so windy right now. It was not windy when I hit the light button but we’re gonna we’re gonna fix this stuff out here. We’ll find a non-windy area.

Reid: Hello everyone! Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Whenever you’re watching is, it is Reid Mihalko from I have my grey sex geek t-shirt on today and I have my little.. my little furry button down on because it is chilly today but I’ve got a lot of work to do. So I am… I figured out to come outside for a quick walk with you even though it’s cold and overcast because I need some fresh air to take a breath. Ohhhh! Let me know if you can hear if you can hear me even though it’s windy and my phone just told me that battery is low. And I’ve forgot my little battery charger again. So hopefully this will all work.


The quick the quick advice for today because last night at at my tender age, I, I was running into hydraulic issues at at in a situation that required. It would have been better served with with the hydraulic non-issues. However, I happened to be hanging out with some very very savvy sex geek nerds who were also having some hydraulic issues and the and the solution which I want to talk to you about today is how you think for those of us who are penis owners who have hydraulics for those kind of for these kinds of things and even and for those who who enjoy playing with with penis owners.


The concept of thinking outside of the box when it comes to erections and how you can lessen some of the pressure and some of the worry by using some simple haxe which will sound obvious to some but completely insane to others and that idea is basically you know can you make sex not about erection and can you get out of your head fast enough or do you have good coping mechanisms to to you know erect no pun intended a ladder to climb out of the emotional and psychological hole that you’ve fallen into, so that you can.. not kind of spiral out in your head about what’s going on and and you know that kind of being distracted takes you out of the moment, now you’re being yourself up, your insecurities rush in and that’s a kind of thing that you know I’m very prone to as being somebody who is you know who is insecure but very secure with how insecure I am. And the other thing that I have to mention that’s happening right now, as I’m walking through the neighbourhood.. on the weekend and even though it’s cold outside there are lots of people around and we’re having a conversation about erections and people are around.


So there is that going on and I’m mentioning that as a means of getting out of my head         about it. So one of the coping strategies or one of the tools is for you to be able to for you to be able to tell the people that you’re hanging out with or casually mention the thing that’s going on for you      . Oh, you know I would love to be fucking you right now with my talk but I can’t because it’s not getting hard enough to do that. So, let me do something else. Let me try something else which means you could you know you could try a completely different activity may I go down on you? Or you know would you like to give me hand job or blowjob or play with my penis? ‘cause maybe it’ll get hard but if it doesn’t, it still feels good.


I think another solution that’s really useful is to have the room and the opportunity and the equipment because remember professional tools create professional results ladies and gentlemen. That when you don’t have your hydraulics working the way that you would like to.


Last night hanging out with people that I was hanging out with, it’ll like no one hesitated to grab a strap on harness and             a dildo and strap it on which if you are culturated or raised you know air quotes you know as a traditional air quotes maybe it’s double air quotes. But if you’re raised you know with the idea of like what being a man means? Most people wouldn’t think of         “oh, well if my penis isn’t getting hard like let me give me a strap on honey.” That wouldn’t have occurred to me when I was growing up in New Hampshire, in high school or when I was in Rode Island in college that wouldn’t have occurred to me as an option. It’s totally an option and it’s a good option and it’s also an option where or the right kind of harness you can then have when your hydraulics are working fine, you can create it a DP situation depending on who you’re playing with because you can have a harness that has a dildo and your hydraulics or for those of you without  without penises, there’s there are harnesses where you can set up two dildos in the same harness.  And so like that’s just the thing that I wouldn’t have thought of growing up and I think it’s a valid a valid resource and technique   and I was very blessed to be hanging out with sex geeks who without a moment’s hesitation just reach for the strap on. That of course means you have to have a strap on handy or have friends who brought these strap ons. And then there’s also the beautiful delightful situation where you can strap it on and then you have a choice of different kinds of dildos, different textures and different sizes. So if you have a partner who wants to be penetrated or you know give a blowjob to a huge humongous cock, you can get a dildo like that or if you have a partner who maybe wants to be penetrated you know in however but I mean for anal penetration, you can strap on a tinier dildo for that you know for whomever for whatever the whole             the whole needs are in that moment.


What else? Last but not the least is an idea for you know hydraulic issues and again this is like I’m not not a medical doctor need one play on television and this isn’t really a conversation about you know how to delve into and and figure out solutions to the erection issue but what I do know is for me being able to not get caught in an in an emotional and psychological spiral, puts me in a better head space that is in in the general neighbourhood of being able to get my erection back. If that’s the case, certainly there you know I have friends who are on certain kinds of medication or you know going to chemotherapy and things like that or for other really high-stress situations or just high-stress situations for their bodies where you know erections just aren’t going to be happening than in their so you know that’s that’s his own situation but even in that situation, the other thing that can help along with these strap ons and harnesses is getting really good and comfortable and confident using your hands and your mouth if you’re into oral as alternative means for pleasuring people. I love hand sex. I teach a workshop on it. I talked about hand sex in the couple of my courses online courses. And so you know I’d.. getting to understand people’s bodies and how to pleasure them and be able to use your hands that’s super useful because for me at this point in my life if my hands aren’t going to lose their erection so to speak and so you know that’s a whole other thing to think about and you know get comfy with. So you just have more choices and more options in how you play with people which for those of us with penises means that you know we have other things we can do rather than having to rely solely on our erections. So that’s that’s kind of a talk today and I’m oh I’m just seeing comments uhh Rodney this is not directed at you. So I didn’t I didn’t pick this topic because I was thinking about you this morning but I hope you’re getting some value out of it.


Everybody else like leave some comments. I’ll check the comments when I get back inside and then try to like everybody’s comments. Let me know what what your thoughts are on this talk today and if you’re looking for resources to geek out on and get better hand sex, understand people’s bodies, just sex in general then I’ve got an online course with some free training videos. You can sign up for at and that’s sex the number 10 one zero X That would be the thing that I would I would recommend because you can get some free videos there, geek out with me and then for girl, if you wanna do a six week online course, that will cover the whole spectrum of sexual self-confidence and skill sets. And and if you if you join that course you’ll also get a.. a bonus second membership so you can do it with a buddy and you can have Sex10X buddy to do with your partner or with your loved one.


Yeah! That’s the main stuff. So, thanks for getting me out of the house, for being my daily excuse to get a little bit more exercise and to spend some time with everybody. Share this video you know hit a couple of of emoticons and then make it rain some emoticons today and thanks for being a part of all this. I’ll see you guys tomorrow and hopefully it’ll be a it’ll be sunny. Bye guys! Have a good weekend!

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