Sacred Sexuality Round-Up Presenter Schedule Announced

by Reid on September 23, 2009

dd-east-presenters-09The Great N.E. Sacred Sexuality Round-Up Presenter Schedule…

Subject to change, of course, but here’s the who’s who and when’s when for the weekend! Hope to see you there…

Friday , Sept 25th

8:10-11:00 pm   The Sacred Sexuality Symposium

Saturday, Sept 26th

10:00-10:40am Patrick Russel
10:50-11:30am Tracy Elise
11:40a-12:20pm Kyle Applegate
12:30-1:10pm Valerie Green
1:20-2:00pm Diana Ferrante
2:10-2:50pm Eric Amaranth
3:00-3:40pm Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson
3:50-4:30pm Brynn Bishop
4:40-5:20pm Wayne Clayton
5:30-6:10pm Carla Tara
6:10-8:00pm Dinner Break
8pm-12am  Triple Goddess Tantric Puja!

Sunday, Sept 27th

10:00-10:40am Scott Vighi
10:50-11:30am Reid Mihalko
11:40a-12:20pm Richard Anton Diaz
12:30-1:10pm Teenie Dakini
1:20-2:00pm Baba Dez Nichols
2:10-2:50pm Kiana Love
3:00-3:40pm Laurie Handlers
3:50-4:30pm Sheri Winston
4:40-5:20pm Amy Jo Goddard
5:30-6pm Closing

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