How Do I Clearly Communicate With My Audience About My Niche, Offerings, Pricing etc?

by Reid on May 24, 2020

How Do I Clearly Communicate With My Audience About My Niche, Offerings, Pricing etc?




Cathy: Another loyal viewer wrote in and said, “I’m really interested in how….how do I clarify my niche? How do I language and target my audience and how do I create and price my offerings in a way that doesn’t shoot me in the foot?”


Reid: This looks like a job for a sex geek summer camp! This is Cathy Vartuli or I’m Reid Mihalko from I’ll say it in my voice so because we’ve had people who….who are blind who are like “who is who?” And who might you be oh, person sitting next to me?


Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from


Reid: Perfect. So finally we’re trying to practice introducing ourselves in our own voices because for so long we’ve been doing it. I’m like “this is Cathy Vartuli” and I we actually had somebody who’s so kind.


Cathy: Yeah, thank you for writing in.


Reid: Thank you so much. Writing in and being like “Reid, when you say this is Cathy Vartuli of the intimacy dojo in your voice, it’s really disconcerting.” And it takes me a minute


Cathy: They can’t see us pointing at each other


Reid: to figure out figure out who’s who and I’m just going to offer that since this is business advice because I’m wearing my….my sex geek summer camp t-shirt which is a business retreat for sex educators and workshop facilitators. I thought that was brilliant that somebody shared that because it just never occurred to me. Cathy and I are having fun introducing each other and then somebody who you know not knowing that we’re being ableist and somebody who is like “hey, you know it would work better for me if you actually introduced yourself.” And I was like actually that’s really…..that’s really clever.


Cathy: Right.


Reid: That’s really smart.


Cathy: And then we’ve been trying to say if we do decide to introduce each other I’m like “I’m here with Reid Mihalko” like so there’s


Reid: Yeah. So you can do it like that. So that’s why we just did that and that’s not why we’re talking about in this video


Cathy: Yeah.


Reid:  but you got that anyway and they’re not suppose.


Cathy: Yes.


Reid: What’s the question?


Cathy: They want to clarify their niche, language target audience and find creating price offerings in ways that don’t shoot them in the foot.


Reid: Yeah, so the quick answer is go to and sign up for the free videos that will talk about you know some business advice around positioning your career. That might be helpful for you and then I would say the…..the big answer is come to sex geek summer camp which is a five-day retreat where we go through all that stuff or because we have people who can’t fly to America in the summer to come to a…..actual summer camp for sex educators where we have s’mores and talk about business you could also sign up for sex geek school for gifted sex geeks which is an online six week online course that goes through all of this stuff just rather than me in wearing a whistle in the middle of the woods it’s me in front of our whiteboard geeking out with you. So the format’s a little different but SG3 as we call it at sex geek school for we got the sex geeks would also be the…the actual six-week answer that would help you figure it all out. We’d would walk you through it.


Cathy: Yeah and Reid actually teaches niching and all of that and….and target audience in a way that is really empowering. It’s the best I’ve seen it taught. A lot of people will teach it in a ways that leave people not lined up and with what their passion is and the way you do it is really powerful and it’s kind of a little sneaky because you’re not like people aren’t confronted. A lot of people like “right down your niche” and they’re like


Reid: Yeah.


Cathy: You’ve kind of


Reid: And


Cathy: work….work people into it.


Reid: And the…..the old version of it….which is now kind of a mistake for most…..I’ll say sex educators. I won’t speak for just business owners but it applies is that it used to be that you picked a niche that was hungry and willing to spend money on…on having a problem


Cathy: Whether you’re interested or you are not. It was just a big money.


Reid: Yeah. So people had a problem with laundry. They needed a Laundromat so you bought a Laundromat but that and maybe that Laundromat was profitable but did you ever ask yourself if you wanted to own a Laundromat ever and make your life’s calling about you know the people in the neighborhoods dirty underwear? I don’t know. There is somebody out there who’s living to clean underwear.


Cathy: Some people will love it.


Reid: And that is their mission.


Cathy: Yeah.


Reid: So, I would ask you to think about for all the questions you just asked in your in your email answer those questions looking for the answer that makes you happiest. So for the niche, for the demographic you want to work with what is the demographic that the way we teach it at a camp and in SG3 that you’ll stay up till five in the morning to help or go to bed to get up at five in the morning to help like six days a week for three to eighteen month which is the amount of time that might take you to start getting traction in your business. So, if you’re going to be like this thing could be energize and thrill to help you know disenfranchised teenage youth who grew up in Uber Catholic households if that is you’re like “no, that demographic needs accurate sexual health information” I will be grumpy staying up for the next year and a half, six days a week till 5:00 in the morning but I will feel nourished in my soul and I will still have the spark. Then if that…..the answer is that then you’re probably that’s maybe your niche.


Cathy: Yeah. I know that’s and I wish that I’d had it all together. I started in the internet business about ten and a half years ago and I just kind of fumbled my way around for a lot of time and honestly the first five years I could have done so much more if I’d had all of this together like it was a really good investment in myself once I started getting this together and feeling like I was driving in the direction that felt good to me. So it’s worth digging into this down and figuring it out so that you can put your energy and a powerful way and help a lot of people.


Reid: So go to sign up for the free videos. It’ll eventually invite you to check out a registration page with all kinds of information about camp and also about SG3 so you can take your pick and I hope this video was useful. What did you find useful in it? Leave it in the comment or shoot us an email.



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