If the Condom Stuck Inside, What Should You Do?

by Reid on May 21, 2020


If the Condom Stuck Inside, What Should You Do?



Cathy: Someone wrote in and said, if the condom falls off inside of a woman or man can you feel it? And will it come out on its own? What do we do?


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Reid: Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com/  well I have never had a condom fall off in me. I’ve had condoms fall off from me, off me and I can feel it almost always because I’m like.” its suspiciously better feeling than it was a second ago” But I also have the habit of kind of doing my condom check while I’m fucking. So you know I’ll notice it kind of creeping away and then kind of push it back down while I keep playing. We just take my penis out you know pull it back on kind of like a sock that just keeps sliding off and then keep fucking or if it’s really bad meaning usually I have a lot of lube on my penis, so the condom is just slippery on me. I’ll just get it just swap out condoms.


Cathy: I usually can tell if it falls of inside of me. I can feel it, the nice thing they’re kind of self-contained areas and we when you have a bottle of it should come out. If in you guys It’s a needling and the vagina and naturally…


Reid: I’d love that were talking about this I love my job just pull it out well I’ll talk about safe safer sex in a second. But keep going


Cathy: Naturally it should kind of come down or someone can reach up with some fingers and throw it out. If it’s full of cum you probably want to try to get it out without…


Reid: as quickly as possible.


Cathy: Yeah.


Reid: So here’s the safe respect situation so basically having latex or non-latex condom inside you anally. Could be problematic in that it could work its way up to the third sphincter. there’s so .. You want to get it out as quick as you can.


Cathy: Don’t wait for tomorrow.


Reid: Odds are condom probably isn’t going to work its way up through the third sphincter into your intestines. Somebody who’s an expert in these it like more expert on third sphincter activity you could tell me. I do know that if you have a toy or an object lodged in your butt. It can’t the danger is that it will work its way through the third sphincter. Because there’s two at your butthole your anus and then there’s a third one at the top of your rectum and I always like to say.” Rectum Gairdner kill them “and what you don’t want like where why they take you to the emergency room is that they know. They don’t want things to tear but they don’t want it to work through that teared sphincter because menacing your intestines and now they have to surgically go in to remove it and no one needs that right. So I don’t know if a condom will do that. its I think it might not but get things out of your body as soon as you can but you don’t have to panic right now. From a safer sex perspective if you’re using condoms because you don’t want to get pregnant, you don’t want to risk fluid exchange and STD, STI situations having a condom inside you that has semen in it. That is basically exposing your body longer to body fluids which the longer you’re expose the more opportunity there is for you to catch something. Again you know if that’s a concern try not to freak out. Right? And do what you can to get to remove the condom because the less exposure the better. the way that you would do this having lost condoms and people before is, you know use your fingers and try to find it.


Cathy: Bearing down a little bit can help push it…


Reid: Yeah, Wadding, you know finding positions. But the, what I invite you to know is not to make it in an emergency but to have fun like be geek giggly as you can about it. Its super awkward its super embarrassing and its super human and what can you do to help other people not to freak out.


And be like” Oh! Okay…  Well let’s take care of this it’s kind of like when you drop your phone …


Cathy: In the toilet?


Reid: Maybe not in the toilet… Um but like I don’t know like you drop it behind the desk or the entertainment system…


Cathy: Down in the couch…


Reid: Yeah, It’s like Ohh why? But you might as well enjoy the journey now. Right?

Like you got to go and get it. What you don’t want to do. I recommend using fingers. And if you’re, you know you’re like “Ahh… I don’t want to stick my fingers.”

Cathy: Use gloves.


Reid: Oh Yeah, and you use gloves and you know try to make it as fun and pleasant as you can and be have more fun with it than worried. Then from a safer sex perspective, like you know if you’re worried about pregnancy Right? you’re not on birth control the condom was your Birth control then there’s Plan B. if you’re worried about STI and things like and you haven’t both then tested in a while if you like this person enough. Then maybe both go get tested at the same time like be like, Okay let’s go get tested and then go grab lunch like turn it into a word being adults. It’s like you know when something unfortunate happens and adult. You just kind of adult up and then go take care of it.


Cathy: Yeah, and you know what I live a long-term just like a tampon. It can cause infection overtime you do want to get it out. So if you haven’t gotten out in a couple hours you may want to go to the doctor.


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