Courtney King Asked Reid Mihalko: Why Are You Doing Facebook Live?

by Reid on October 16, 2020

Courtney King Asked Reid Mihalko: Why Are You Doing Facebook Live?





Reid: Hello Facebook! It’s Reid Mihalko from Creator of and I’m here with Courtney King.

Courtney: Hi!

Reid: And….and Courtney was asking me questions about why I’m doing Facebook live and I was like “Courtney, we can do a Facebook live talking about why I do Facebook live.” And that will fulfill my need for being meda.

Courtney: Alright.

Reid: Which is teaching what you’re teaching while you’re teaching it.

Courtney: I appreciate meda.

Reid: Yeah. And I also I forgot my glasses. So if

Courtney: Oh.

Reid: if you feel like “why is Reid look weird?” I look weird and I don’t have my glasses but you have your glasses.

Courtney: Yeah

Reid: And you’re way cooler than me and it’s going to be noisy so we’re going to speak up.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: What…who are you and what and….and tell them tell

Courtney: Oh, well

Reid: these listeners.

Courtney: Hi everybody! My name is Courtney King and I run  I do organizing and productivity consulting and life coaching.

Reid: And….and you helped me with organizing

Courtney: And I helped organize Reid.

Reid: The…the Sex 10x Deep Dive retreat that we did. You were

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: instrumental and making sure that that one runs smoothly.

Courtney: That’s what I do. I make things go smoothly.

Reid: So technically, you’re not a sex educator but you…you walk in our realms and you help us. You…you help Dixie from

Courtney: Yes. I’m the timekeeper for Bawdy storytelling too. I’m the one with the applause sign and I’ll tell you when to get off stage.

Reid: Yeah. So

Courtney: Again, organizing.

Reid: so you have questions for me about Facebook live.

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: and then let’s talk about it. Ask me questions. Interview me.

Courtney: Alright. Interview you. So yeah, yeah.

Reid: And then, and then as people are watching, let us know where you’re watching from.

Courtney: Oh, that…that would also be good.

Reid: Yeah. Now….now you also pay attention to what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

Courtney: Oh.

Reid: While I’m doing it.

Courtney: Is it like going to be a quiz?

Reid: Well, no but….but I’m asking folks as they chime in, as they sign on to like say hi and where they’re coming where they’re saying hi from.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: Mostly because I’m curious but I’m also trying to get people to engage and….and comment which is interesting for folks but then when you train your audience or invite them to comment and they…..and that’s kind of a habit

Courtney: U-huh.

Reid: then you’re also kind of training your audience how you want to engage with them and then hopefully thinking about doing it in ways where they feel safe, they feel like they’re in community

Courtney: Okay

Reid: they’re more apt to ask questions and engage further because you really want to have these conversations be conversations with people.

Courtney: Absolutely.

Reid: So, alright. So now, back to your interview

Courtney: The interview? Well, do you do a video every day? I see you posting a lot of them.

Reid: Yeah. I…. I made a commitment in January

Courtney: U-huh.

Reid: to go forward to….or trying…trying on

Courtney: Right.

Reid: a video every day

Courtney: U-huh.

Reid: but mostly because I wanted a way to engage with my audience because I’m horrible about scheduling emails and you know most people these days, they’re like they don’t want more emails in their inbox.

Courtney: Right.

Reid: And so for me it was, how can I be in everybody’s lives and in in front of them and share my….my advice in a way that wasn’t occurring to folks as super

Courtney: Email in their inbox?

Reid: super invasive.

Courtney: Okay

Reid: Right?

Courtney: Alright.

Reid: And so for me

Courtney: That’s a good point.

Reid: when I thought about that I was like well Facebook, just started doing Facebook live.

Courtney: U-huh

Reid: So that was getting a lot of attention and Facebook itself was making sure that those videos got shared a lot because they were testing out a bunch of stuff.

Courtney: Right.

Reid: I like video like one of the things we talked about at sex geek summer camp is like “what’s your….what’s your preferred teaching style?”

Courtney: U-huh

Reid: And so for me, my preferred teaching style is in front of people or in front of the camera.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid:  So it’s easy for me to turn on my camera and …..

Courtney: Hi!

Reid: It’s easy for me to turn on my camera and just and just prattle on.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: So that’s easy for me. Whereas somebody else, it might be easier to do like a podcast or to write a blog post.

Courtney: And that’s…..that’s where I was noticing the difference what I make. But the first couple of videos, it was like this is amazing because I can just spit everything out without having a sit-down and edit or write anything

Reid: Yeah.

Courtney: It was much more in free form. Way more relaxed.

Reid: And there’s no and again like there’s no right or wrong. I’m not better than somebody else because I can do video and somebody else does blog posts

Courtney: Yeah

Reid: What’s involved is for you to figure out what’s your preferred teaching style and what’s easiest for you so that you can get your advice out into the public in ways that are actually helping people.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: So I built my entire business around blog posts. I would struggle all the time

Courtney: U-huh

Reid: I would kick my own ass and just tell myself I’m a bad person because I can’t post the blog post

Courtney: Yeah

Reid: And then my….if my entire business was…was balanced on my getting blog posts out on a regular basis or my getting emails out on a regular basis, I would not have a thriving business.

Courtney: Okay

Reid: Now, I still need to send emails like that doesn’t stop but I think the advice for educators or other business owners, right?

Courtney: Yeah

Reid: ‘Coz you own a different business

Courtney: Yeah

Reid: but you’re still helping people solve problems in their organizational life

Courtney: That’s true

Reid: which is the same kind of principles like a small business approach to how do you help people and then invite them to pay you money for helping them further.

Courtney: Yes

Reid: Right? So what we talked about at camp is what we say is ABE which stands for Always Be Educating. We have a little picture of Abraham Lincoln but like you’re I’m always educating people for free. These Facebook live videos are those.

Courtney: Yeah

Reid: and then I have structures to invite people to either you know download a handout or you know sign up for a free video course or you know pay me you know pay me money to come to camp.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: Pay me money for a six-week online course and so when people get to know me through these videos and I actually do help them for free, then if there is a product that is a good fit for them, then they might

Courtney: Then they’re

Reid: they might buy it because it helps…I’ve already helped them.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: Does it make sense?

Courtney: Yes. I had a question about the time sensitivity on this.

Reid: Okay.

Courtney: So, you do these videos, people comment on them…. Hello everybody! But

Reid: Hit some emoticons for Courtney. Make it rain make it rain hearts and thumbs and…and smiley faces.

Courtney: but when you….you upload them to YouTube, yes?

Reid: I will download these from my phone

Courtney: Right

Reid: see …look there goes the emoticons. See how much they love you?

Courtney: Yay!

Reid: So I’ll download this from my phone and then I will upload it onto YouTube.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: So but again like I also…I’m doing YouTube videos all the time

Courtney: That’s where I’m like to be to….not necessarily clash but because you’re talking to people directly on Facebook, does that mean that when those videos get put on YouTube they kind of have an expiration date almost like they don’t like

Reid: Well, there….there might be ones there that are evergreen like I can be talking about like this video is just good advice

Courtney: On

Reid: for business owners about using video.

Courtney: Right.

Reid: So this is kind of evergreen but if I had a video course or a video retreat weekend or even camp like…like sex geek summer camp.

Courtney: So it’s coming

Reid: It’s coming up in in 22 days, 21 days. So at a certain point, somebody’s watching this video for the information but the offer or the invite has expired.

Courtney: Okay

Reid: So the business piece there is, if you go to, that link that’s an evergreen link

Courtney: Because it’s always going to have information

Reid: It’s always going to point to the next camp. So…so when camp

Courtney: Okay

Reid: actually happens, I will change the link. I won’t change the link but I’ll point the link at…at camp 2018

Courtney: The next year. Okay.

Reid: Is that make sense?

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: Or it’ll be a page that says you know information for camp 2018 coming soon.

Courtney: Yeah

Reid: And then my job is to stay on top of it enough to make sure that my links in my pages are current. Is that…is that helped?

Courtney: Yes. That does helped. [Inaudible 00:08:44]

Reid: So….so you can have offers that aren’t evergreen but you can design links and strategies to keep things current.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: Is that make sense?

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: So you might have

Courtney: It does.

Reid: like a three day or a weekend or a two hour or four hour you know Fung Shui or whatever life and that’s happening you know next month

Courtney: Next time. Yea

Reid: but then the link that you say on your video is always going to be the link

Courtney: The next

Reid:  for whatever that content is and when the next….next time

Courtney: Next thing is…

Reid: you’ll going to run it.

Courtney: Okay, so that’s….that is where I was stumped.

Reid: Yeah

Courtney: because I’m totally doing, I…like a little class, let’s bring a box, we’re going to go through it together as a group, people…..a lot of people always have that one box of crap but

Reid: Just one. I have a whole room.

Courtney: We’re going to look at this positively.

Reid: Okay.

Courtney: There’s just one that really annoys me. There might be five

Reid: Okay.

Courtney: or fifty but just the one

Reid: Okay

Courtney: and I mentioned it in the last video I did but then I was like “wait, how do I keep this so that it’s not so that it doesn’t get stale?”

Reid: Yeah. So the way that I would do it is….let’s see we’re going to cross the street

Courtney: cross the street.

Reid: Yeah, just don’t get hit. Look both ways, everyone. So the way that I would do it is, so like so here I just I just was on a podcast

Courtney: U-huh

Reid: talking about my casual sex protocols. So that the…the email where to go to sign up, to download the….the checklist

Courtney: U-huh.

Reid: is just you know  It’s always going to be

Courtney: be that

Reid: that. So what you could do for your….whatever you call that course the bring it all

Courtney: What I call it? It’s just the….bring a box.

Reid: Okay. So and then what’s your website?


Reid: Okay, so….so like and for those of you who are watching like this is that I would apply the same thinking right? So

Courtney: And it’s just that

Reid: And it’s just that URL and then if your websites on WordPress

Courtney: It

Reid: there’s there’s a plugin called Redirection and thank you Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli for that plugin because they recommended it to me. You install that plug-in into your WordPress and then that will allow you to create redirect links that point at whatever you want that to point at.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: So you could have you know  and it points to the event rate ticket page

Courtney: Right.

Reid: and then when that event is over, you just make it point to your WordPress post

Courtney: About it

Reid: on why people struggle with that one box they always had stuff.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: Is that make sense?

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: So

Courtney: That helps a lot.

Reid: So then when you have an event coming up, you can use the same link that point it to….to event rate while event rate

Courtney: It’s….yeah.

Reid: is needed or you can have it always point to that post and then

Courtney: It’s noisy

Reid: and then, you know,  whatever.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: Is that make sense?

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: Okay.

Courtney: That….that’s huge.

Reid: Sorry it’s so loud but there’s a

Courtney: There’s trucks.

Reid: There’s trucks. That’s where it’s coming from. So, any other questions while we wrap it up ‘coz we’ll keep this video really short.

Courtney: Alright. Are there any questions? Do you script your videos?

Reid: No!

Courtney: Then you can speak no.

Reid: No!

Courtney: This is not scripted at all.

Reid: Mostly for me and this is just me, I’ll sit down for five minutes before I do my video and I’ll just figure out what I want to talk about today.

Courtney:  Okay

Reid: ‘Coz for me, I’m…I don’t really have a game plan other than like camp is happening. So, it’s…it’s good to talk about camp.

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: But either I’ve gotten an email the day before or somebody asks me a question or  I’m just thinking about something or I had a conversation with a friend about a thing and then I’m like “oh, well that’s what I’m going to talk about today.”

Courtney: [Inaudible 00:12:21] Okay.

Reid: Now, if I was like in the next couple of months, I’ve got a three-day event happening in Southern California on relationship skillsets

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: So I will start loading that and feel a little bit more thoughtful about the topics because I’m aiming

Courtney: On the lead up to that

Reid: I’m…I’m aiming to lead up to that thing. Okay?

Courtney: Okay.

Reid: So you could be scripting it out a little bit more but that’s just to make things make more sense

Courtney: Make more sense

Reid: and…and to educate people on why they might want to come to the event.

Courtney:  Okay

Reid: So…so for you around the boxes, you know bring a box

Courtney:  Yes like

Reid: you might have a couple of videos about that topic and helping people with it and then you invite them that if they can come to actually show up in person

Courtney: They don’t have to

Reid: and actually bring a box

Courtney:  Bring the box. We will go through it. That’s the whole point.

Reid: Is that make sense?

Courtney: Yeah. It does.

Reid: And then if you videoed that workshop, then you could sell the….the workshop for people who could never get to Oakland or San Francisco.

Courtney: That…..okay.

Reid: Does it making sense?

Courtney: It does.

Reid: Yeah.

Courtney: It is making sense.

Reid: Yeah. So that’s how you start to kind of map it out and again like this is all stuff that we talked about at summer camp for sex educators but this is all like good

Courtney: It’s all relevant.

Reid: It’s all business advice for people who help people solve problems.

Courtney: Yes.

Reid: Alright?

Courtney: Alright.

Reid: Alright. So where can they find you again?

Courtney: The letter C

Reid: So, the letter C and then King

Courtney: King that’s my name. Courtney King

Reid: Solutions


Reid: .com

Courtney: One word.

Reid: Alright.

Courtney: Alright.

Reid: Bye everyone!

Courtney: Thanks….Thank you, Reid.

Reid: You’re welcome Courtney. Hit some emoticons on the way out. Make Courtney feel loved. Leave some comments and we’ll check comments when we get back inside or later today.

Courtney: Later

Reid: Or after we worked through whatever our boxes are filled with. Bye!

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