Thank you to everyone who made SGSC16 successful!

by Reid on August 11, 2018

Thank you to everyone who made SGSC16 successful!







Reid: Hello campers! It is Reid, I just wanna share a little thank you to you all. Taken break the boxes and then packed up and the UPS will gonna pick them up today and Cathy is taking a nap on a picnic bench down by the swimming hall and I just figured it out were takeout amazing selfie stick next we put it to use so I’m recording with a little lag mic that I think that was probably like 12 bucks or 18 dollars or something like that on Amazon. So I’m doing that so you just get a really good sound and I’m recording this in my IPhone. So I’ve got my selfie stick and my iPhone and a lag mic here so part of the reason I wanna do this, is one just to say thank you, I’m missing all of you. This is the most powerful camp experience yet and because of Cathy and our amazing staff, support staff, the faculty and you know staff at Adam’s Creek this one is really, really smooth. Oh well, I just saw a wild turkey yesterday morning right in this very spot so there are turkeys here. Would that be like transform of justice turkey, who knows? I just wanna role model that you could just do a little walking talk video and just share with people your thoughts. And I just wanna say thanks, I just really appreciate how much people work courageous and put their trust in coming to this cookie event. I wanna thank the people, camper who came from like Detroit who never ever have camp before. I just wanna thank everybody I’m not gonna try use everybody’s names coz they’re already in my head getting all the names wrong. So just in the future when we see each other in Woodhull I apologize in advance for being horrible with names but you all each of you really touched and moved me that’s because of you all that I’m getting better at what I do. And I’m gonna shoot another video to talk about some of my thoughts on things that went well and things that went not too well or things that I could be doing better in next year’s camp. And this is before I’ve got to have all of my post camp conversations coz I wanna check in with Aida and check in with couple of other people about things that I could be things that they’re saying that I could be doing better and geeking out a little bit more about the design and what not. So I’m gonna leave this video as a thank you and make it short and then I’ll invite you to check out the other video I wanna shoot right. I wanna talk about like next year I wanna switch some of things we talked about the order of them and one mistake I really made that I could have probably saved the bunch of people a lot of bandwidth if I had caught it in the moment I could do it so come back in the next video. And that’s me meta using creating some excitement about what would gonna talk about next? So please please, please, to the best of your ability I invite you to shoot some video this week while it’s fresh before you lose your selfie stick and I just wanna give you a little reminder, a little shot some nostalgia from camp and I as end this video over my shoulder to some of you that little dome in the woods that apparently made a lot of people happy. Next video coming right up.

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