R10x 2012: Welcome Video!

by Reid on July 12, 2018

R10x 2012: Welcome Video!







Reid Mihalko from http://www.Relationship10x.com and http://www.ReidAboutSex.com Relationship10x Welcome.

Reid: Hello everybody, it’s Reid Mihalko. Thank you so much and welcome to Relationship 10x. I just want to congratulate you for taking such a powerful step and for trusting me in midwifing you through learning all the skills and the tools and all the relationship geekery so that you can start applying it and upgrading your relationships and what we like to say in 10 minutes a day increasing your relationships 10 folds. Thank you so much for joining us and I just want to quickly go over what you going to expect.

Like we talked about in the bonuses and whatnot, this course is for you and a friend. Don’t be shy and don’t feel bad about bringing somebody else in like I want you to have a wingman or a wingwoman or wingbuddy for this course. You should already be getting your romance quick start guide in audio, you should already have that. If you don’t, if you haven’t already gotten it, it’s down here. You can download your links and whatnot and then the course itself is going to be starting in January 1st.

If you have any questions, if you have any concerns just shoot as an email at info@Relationship10x.com and will get right on it. I know it’s going to be the holidays so some of you are going to be crazy and we’re going to be a little bit crazy too but we’re going to endeavor to get back to you ASAP if you have any questions or concerns.

For right now jump right on your romance quick start guide in audio and start diving in to that. After the first 3 days of the program you’ll be getting your other bonuses, your energetic sex video and exclusive oral sex training video and that’s going to be super exciting as well.

Starting January 1st and you’ll get a couple of emails before then just get you all prepped. Starting January 1st we’re going to kick off and launch the entire program and you’re going to be getting your 5 videos, one a day during the week. You’ll have your 2 audio programs every week. Then your PDFs and homework assignments for that week all accumulating towards creating your experiential bonus activity where you get to feel test the things on the weekend that you’ve been learning.

Once again I just want to keep it quick. I just want to say welcome, thank you so much, I’m so excited. Send us an email. Leave comments below. Let’s get start getting the conversation started in here. I’m so excited. Happy holidays and wherever you are in the world, I look forward to seeing you here behind the wall of Relationship 10x, behind the curtain… whatever you want to call it. Happy holidays and I’ll see you soon.

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