Indie Author Road Trip (Day 8 Pt 5): Allie Eats Crickets

by Reid on May 7, 2018

Indie Author Road Trip (Day 8 Pt 5): Allie Eats Crickets

According to Allison Moon, author of the award winning sex ed book Girl Sex 101, crickets don’t taste like chicken.

Reid: We’re bad filmmakers because we’re missing an opportunity here. We’re still in Dateland, Arizona.

Allison: It reminds me when I used to have lizards.

Reid: So Allie is about to eat her first cricket. It’s onion and cream sour.

Allison: It’s sour cream onion and they’re half a gram protein per serving.

Reid: Wow.

Allison: Well actually this is a half gram protein right here.

Reid: That’s a serving. So just understand. Allie, just show the bag again. That’s a serving of crickets. In case you want it. That’s one serving.

Allison: One serving of crickets. 9 crickets are [inaudible 00:00:28] So I feel like my lizards. I’m excited.

Reid: How much fat is in that cricket?

Allison: No fat. Carbohydrates 0.2 gram, sugar is .07

Reid: Who knew?

Allison: It tastes like a shell of a sunflower. Sunflower seed, you know?

Reid: I thought you’re going to say it taste like chicken.

Allison: Doesn’t taste like chicken. It actually taste like they’re really grilled a bit roasted chicken. Okay. Well there you have it. Crickets. Tastes like sunflower seeds.

Reid: I must stick to my shake.

Allison: Yeah. Do that.

Reid: Alright. Bye.

Allison: Bye.

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