The Power of Being a Sex-Positive Entrepreneur | Cathy and Reid Facebook Live

by Reid on March 16, 2020

The Power of Being a Sex-Positive Entrepreneur | Cathy and Reid Facebook Live







Reid: Come over here Cathy Vartuli while we bask in the amazing well we’re in La Jolla I guess?

Cathy: La Jolla

Reid: San Jose not San Jose Santa Monica La Jolla sunset.  Hi everyone! It is Reid Mihalko from I’m not wearing my green sex geek summer camp T-shirt. I apologize this is business advice for sex educators. I know I’m bad Cathy. Cathy is judging me right now.

Cathy: I am. I am.

Reid:  We…..we’re….we’re this weekend we’re in San Diego for The Traffic and Conversion Summit.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: Which is run by Digital Marketer, Ryan Deiss and all these people and we came in a day early for Susan Bratton and Tim Bratton from Personal Life Media

Cathy: And that we got all these really [Inaudible 00:00:48] people

Reid: Yeah, ‘coz they were running a….you know let me just…..there we got. They were running a mastermind for sex-positive educators and….and marketer’s business people in the sex and relationship realm. So we’ve just been nerding out all day. It is beautiful

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: you can see and….and now we’re going to go home we’re not home but back to San Diego and I wanted to talk real quickly Cathy Vartuli of the about what did you like or what do you think the power of sex-positive entrepreneur is getting together to….to talk into work? Like what…what did you learn today? Or

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: like what did you get community wise?

Cathy: Yeah. I think one other things our brains do really well is compartmentalize

Reid: Talk to the camera because they can’t hear you.

Cathy: It’s really we….we compartmentalize so if we just learned marketing and we don’t have sex geek stuff in there we don’t talk about sex it’s really hard sometimes to weave it in together. So being in a room where everyone’s talking about sex and relationships and marketing at the same time and talking about what didn’t work and what work it’s kind of like being in a camp where you have a second summer camp where you have people that are talking about the positive sex-positive business and marketing at the same time. It makes it easy for our brain to integrate. It reduces the resistance when we go to actually do it and we do some resistance is huge. A little bit of resistance in our nervous system we make it to some never action take action so having it woven in role model for our brains that “hey, this is all cool, this goes together” it just its really powerful and hearing more works for other people like didn’t getting inspired things we do to pretty well anyway you too having people talk about things like building tribe a little bit more “oh, we can totally do that so it’s very exciting it’s…it’s….inspiring.

Reid: That was really….I mean not…not like I’m surprised that it was good but that was articulated much better than I could have done. So we’re just going to move here so we get a little bit better sunset happening over our shoulders. Yeah, I mean basically did or everything Cathy said it’s one of the things that I love about sex geek summer camp and some of the weekend workshops that I do that are specifically for sex educators or sex-positive entrepreneurs because that can include bloggers and Jacka’s and bikinis and tantrikas

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: It can cam girls and sex workers and also people that do toy reviews, educators who teach workshops, midwives and….and you know people like what however you identify in helping people with sex and relationships and intimacy, I consider us all a part of the tribe even if that means you do human resources at a company that creates sex toys.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: like I think there’s so many facets to our industry and for a lot of us you know learning how to understand marketing, how to you know understand revenue streams and…..and how to plot out even designing your company so that one day you could sell it if you want to

Cathy: Yeah

Reid: where it’s like Reid About Sex when I die is probably going to go away because it is a company about me versus designing like the Intimacy Dojo doesn’t have to be Cathy Vartuli only. So, yeah being able to look and think about and figure out how you want to have your brand you know how to promote and….and you know promote a podcast if you’re a podcaster and ways that you can make a living off of all of this. I just want to say thank you for Susan and Tim for putting all the work into it that they did to organize it and wrangle it and use their team and their company to put this together. I want to thank all the speakers who spoke today.

Cathy: They’re amazing.

Reid: There are too many names to….to list but if you’re watching this I just want to say thank you it means a lot to me because we also have marketers and business people here who don’t work necessarily in the relationship field who felt safe enough

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: to hang out with the weirdo’s and share with us their expertise and then we get to be more hopefully palatable but when they’re helping us they start to see all the different faces and people in the room and realize that you know for those of us who for whom it’s hard to buy a Facebook ad or run one because we have adult content. These business coaches and mentors are seeing us and starting to realize why not so scary?

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: And so that was another big thing that I think Susan and Tim I just want to acknowledge you guys for….for helping create that and role model that we don’t have to be the scary weirdos, we can be the fun weirdos. And that’s so… there was a lot going on today I’m super excited and pumped up as you might be able to see and my phone is now telling me it’s about to run out of batteries so we’ll leave you with the sunset if you’re curious about camp or anything else like that go to and….and sign up for the free training or you can go if you want to go right to what are the things about camp and register go to and that will bring you right to…..answer most of your questions and you can register if you want to the free training at where do they find you, Cathy?


Reid: There we go, enjoy the sunset. Bye!

Cathy: Bye!


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