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by Reid on August 15, 2012

Download and Publicity photo of BravoTV's Miss Advised cast: Amy Laurent, Emily Morse, and Julia AllisonWatch Episode #4 to see if Reid is Emily’s “species!”

  • Want to find out if dating coaches walk their talk in the bedroom?
  • Have a guilty pleasure for reality TV…
  • Curious if Reid’s a good kisser?
  • Is Emily ready to date her species?

Find out the answers to all of these questions by watching episode #4 of Bravo’s Miss Advised! Watch Reid get interviewed, teach, and finally date one of the three love & relationship experts trying to find the love of their life!

Bravo’s Miss Advised follows the adventures of Julia AllisonAmy Laurent, and Emily Morse. In episode 4, Emily comes to sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko’s kissing workshop at Good Vibrations Polk St. store to get some tips, and ends up learning about Dating Your Species, polyamory, and Reid’s “Tantric Twitchies!”  Tune in to see how it goes…

Download Bravo's Miss Advised reality show on iTunes Download Episode #4 HERE!

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