Sex With Emily

Reid on CBS’ The Doctors Talking About The Tantric-Twitchies!

My quick moment of fame on CBS’ The Doctors talking about Kundalini, Kriyas, and what I call my Tantric-Twitchies! Big thanks to Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Lisa Masterson, and sexpert Emily Morse for having me on the “Embarrassing Sex Questions” segment to talk about Kundalini, Tantra, Kriyas and my “Tantric-Twitchies!” Although our interview got edited […]

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Watch Reid on Bravo TV’s Miss Advised via iTunes!

Download and Watch Episode #4 to see if Reid is Emily’s “species!” Want to find out if dating coaches walk their talk in the bedroom? Have a guilty pleasure for reality TV… Curious if Reid’s a good kisser? Is Emily ready to date her species? Find out the answers to all of these questions by watching […]

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