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by Reid on July 30, 2018

Oral Sex Expertise Teaser















Reid: Hello everybody. It is Reid Mihalko from http://ReidAboutSex.com and I’m just going to talk about oral sex for a couple of minutes. Why? Because I teach oral sex workshops all over the country whether it’s Blowjobs and Beyond or I’ll Have What She’s Having or Hand Sex, which also has an oral component. There is also a video series that I’ve done called Oral Sex Expertise Made Simple. If for whatever reason you can never get to workshop of mine. If you’re living in some other country or I just never seem to be coming to your town or never available in your town when you’re available, I invite you to check out the Oral Sex Expertise Made Simple video series. If you don’t like it, if you don’t find it valuable, if it’s already stuff you know you can just ask for your money back on the video series. We’ll give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

That being said, my little two or three minute educational mini workshop right now is for those of you are Star Trek fans.  I am a big geek.  I want you to make the Vulcan greeting, the Vulcan hand sign.  I want you to remember that this, whenever you see Spock, whenever you see Star Trek it’s basically a show about sex geeks.  The idea in the new sex geek gang sign I want you to burn into your brain is this idea of your using your hand the next time you play with somebody’s vulva.  Vulva is the term for the outside of a vagina.  The vagina is the inside of the vulva.

I want you to remember this Vulcan hand sign because what I’m trying to anchor for you is that there is the clit and coming off the clitoris, if this was a side view, are two what are called the clitoral legs and they come off of the clitoral shaft, which goes back under the pubic bone.  These two legs, what are called clitoral legs, are erectile tissue with lots of feel-good nerve endings in them and they’re just underneath the labia and a really common mistake that a lot of men and women make when they’re playing with vaginas and vulvas, and this is something I talk about when I lecture at colleges a lot and I’m talking to men’s groups, is too many of us go for the hole too soon.  We go and try to play with … Maybe we’re so excited we just want to penetrate and maybe we’ve gotten bad modeling from watching too much mainstream porn where it has to look very active and penetration is very erotic in porn.

Basically, rather than going for the hole when you play with somebody’s vulva, do the Spock move and basically leave your hand right on the outside of the labia and just massage.  Use your palm to bear down on the pubic mound as you drape your fingers on either side of the opening.  Then, what you’re doing is you’re using your palm to press down on somebody’s pubic mound, which also can feel really good and using your fingers to create this massage feeling or maybe just using kind of a gentle push pressure, release, pressure, release on somebody’s pubic mound and clitoral legs.  This does a lot of really interesting things.  Because you’re then massaging all this erectile tissue while not going for the hole too soon and giving everything time to come online.  As erectile tissue comes online and it’s more oxygenated because there is blood flow in there and then the nerves are feeling more because they are oxygenated and what I like to say, they come online.

Then what you notice is that people start to kind of hump, men and women alike because that erectile tissue is also going through our pelvic floor muscles and as we hump those floor muscles are pulling and pushing and rubbing up against that erectile tissue.  Now, you’re saying, “Reid this is a hand technique.  What does this have to do with oral sex?”  Well, the next time you go down on a vulva and you’re using your tongue to stimulate the clit to explore the labia and you know get all those nerve endings all juicy and yummy because all that skin has nerve endings as well, use your face, the next time you’re performing cunnilingus, to hump the outside of the vulva and you’re using your cheeks to push in against the labia.  That humping and using your face to kind of gently grind and push and maneuver against somebody’s labia and those clitoral legs underneath, let’s just say you should go try it the next time you have the opportunity.

It’s something that we don’t think a lot about and rather than putting just a lot of stimulation on the clit using your face to create that gentle pressure while using your tongue to explore and create sensation on the entirety of the vulva and not going for the hole too soon.  I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about that.  It seems, when I teach this stuff, to really help people take their oral sex game to the next level.  If this was interesting for you and you’re like, “Oh my God!  I need more.”  Please subscribe to my newsletter.  Check out my calendar.  Come see a workshop if we’re ever in the same town and you can do this right now, check out Oral Sex Expertise Made Simple which is in my store.  Thank you so much.  I hope this was useful.  Orgasm long and prosper my friends.  Yeah.

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