How Do You Get Away With Nervousness In Launching A New Project? | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on November 4, 2019

How Do You Get Away With Nervousness In Launching A New Project? | Facebook Walk With Reid




Reid: Hello sex geek! It is Reid Mihalko of and and when I’m wearing my green shirt it means I’m talking about business for sex educators and today is a nervous making day. I’m going for a walk because I need it I need a .. I need to relax a little bit and get my mind off things and for those of you who are used to my work, you know that I liked to or advocate advice that you share what you’re nervous about when you realized it. As a large truck drives fast making lots of noise. And so today is a nervous making day for me because I launched a new free training online. And one, I haven’t done that in a while. Two, I’m using a new technology to launch it so I’m afraid that the… the.. the technology is going to go wrong or that I missed you know I’ve checked upped the wrong box and the system or you know I forgot to put the link or something. All the way down to sending out the email and scheduling it, I was worried that I you know didn’t spell checked it or missed something.


So, hello everyone! And good afternoon! Good morning! Good evening wherever you are in the world. Leave a comment where are you watching from today? I like to hear from you all and see where people are in the world. So yeah, so talking about Am I bad at business if I’m nervous all the time or nervous whenever you do something new and I’m going to say no. You’re not! You’re not broken. You’re not bad at business, you’re a living breathing human being who probably if we’re friends probably has a high value in getting things right and delivering value and wanting to do a good job you know me that’s a big thing for me is that when I do good job all the time. It is really noisy in my neighbourhood today. All these trucks are driving by. So I’m gonna shift down on the side street and maybe it’ll be quieter there. Let’s see who’s joining us, hi Lynn! Lynn! Hi Leanne! Oh it’s snowing in Massachusetts today. It is not snowing here and we’re very excited that we have sunshine and not rain happening in in our world because it’s been super rainy in California right now and then other parts of the country and we definitely need it but it was raining for a while.


So back to being nervous and that I think nervous is normal and that it’s okay whenever you do something new or try to  launch something in a big way that it’s.. I mean it’s okay like it’s okay to be to be anxious or nervous or vulnerable about it because you’re putting something out into the world and you haven’t done it yet and for some of you know some of my fellow sex educators you know if you choose to do a free training and put it out into the world that might be your first time ever doing it and the first time I did a big what an marketing would be called the launch. Where you launch or you.. you  introduce a free training or free program into the world to help educate people and then you know hopefully establish your credibility,  help them because you know ninety whatever percent of people will never buy from you or or sign up for your paid programs anyways so you might as well create something that’s going to help people and improve  their lives but that that “always be educating” what we call at sex geek summer camp. ABE, a little picture of Abe Lincoln although I also wonder should be Abe would got a would got to fish? Does anyone remember fish from Barney Miller? Who would your favourite Abe be?  But that idea of, you know you educate people for free which I think is really useful and important because for people who can’t afford to come to your program or buy a plane ticket and fly cross-country to your thing. You know you can help a lot of people for free and then for people who need more depth for more support, more structure who want to work with you one-on-one, you help them and now they may be feel connected to you and understand why you might be the person for them. And then it helps people who do have the resources to be able to reach out and sign up for your summer camp or your retreat or buy your online program because you’ve established with them who you are that your information is credible.


I just think that’s really useful and super important if you want to get your work out there into the world and help people and then it sets up a structure for people to be able to pay you for your services in ways that are congruent for them and I just think that that’s super useful and for those of you who have a lot of friends or colleagues not like colleagues but like just people who come out come to you for lots of advice and you’re always giving your advice away for free. If you’re really clever you create your online programs to answer those questions and then when people ask you for advice you just send them the link, they sign up for free, you train them for free so you can give more of that advice to people in a structure that helps you not feel so depleted so again like you could use the ABE approach to help with that.


If you’re interested in what what the free training is that I launched or released today you can go to and that will bring you to the opt-in page where you can sign up for the free training and then my .. the email system and the technology system that I’m using will email you the links to the other videos in a way that you know I don’t have to try to remember every day to email you and it allows the tension to build but also gives people time to ingest the information because when people sign up you don’t maybe you don’t have 10 or 20 minutes to watch the video right away.


So the email system will emails you the link as a reminder and then you know two days later I send the next video and then two days later I send in the next video. So that sequence gets to be automated so that you could have dozens or hundreds or thousands of people sign up and you basically sit back and just worry if it’s if it’s going right or not and then what I think you should do is invite people to leave comments in the system I’m using which is called kajabi and that’s you have to pay for that system but they.. there’s a way to set up Facebook comments so people can leave a comment after watching the video that then also post on their they can check a box to see if they want to post on their Facebook feed that comment which helps spread the word. So there’s a lot of neat little technology things that you can do using these certain systems but the over the overarching or the foundational principle is teach people for free, help them and then you can invite them to you know hire you for coaching or come to a workshop or buy your book or whatever that is for you.


That’s the basic principle, I’m just a little bit nervous today and I appreciate you listening so I can share with you that I’m nervous if people gonna like my free training which is all about you know workshop designing mistakes that I make or have made and that a lot of other people a lot of other people have made that could maybe be costing them you know the ability to make a living just being good teachers.


So if you’re interested in those workshops design mistakes to avoid then go to and the geeky piece for you as business owners and teachers is watch the process like how I’m doing that thing while you’re experiencing it because it’s an example of what I would advocate you consider. Create a free training for people it doesn’t have to be video. I like video it could be a teleclass or just you an audio training where you upload and do these and things like that but how could you help people for free in a way that gets them to know you better as a teacher and as an expert? That would be a big question today and there… let’s see what we got Vare just said Hi! I saw your comment it disappeared for a second. Jimmy, Nika. Hi! Thanks and thank you everybody who are watching the videos. I’m super excited how it goes. I had a lot of fun putting it together. Edited in some some fun graphics and things like that your free training or whatever you end up creating doesn’t have to be as you know you don’t have to edit anything or get dorky that’s me. Mostly I’m wanting to exercise my graphic design and art muscles for those who don’t know, lifetimes ago I was a comical artist and went to art school and so the only art I do these days tends to be when I’m either drawing a clitoral structure or a penis on a video for a workshop or something like that. It’s not interesting. I used to draw penises when I was in sixth grade and now I do it as an adult. What does that mean what I’m a trying to tell myself but but some of that graphic stuff was just me exercising flexing my muscles.


Yeah, I guess that’s about it! So, you know it’s okay to be nervous especially when you’re launching new stuff putting your your genius and your vulnerability and creative yet to the world. And do you have a community of peers that you can ask for support that you can say, “hey I’m kind of nervous today can you just tell me I’m doing a good job.” “Can you let me know I’m a good human being” and you know it’s one of the reasons that I’m so appreciative on sex geek community that I have around me. The sex geek summer camp alumni, my fellow peers all of you that I see at conferences and that I you know reach out to connect with online. You helped me get through days like this and I advocate when you can when it’s appropriate. Share your vulnerability with people who get you, people who ideally won’t attack you and be dicks or you know just mean people but share vulnerably when you can just to get stuff out of your head because those evil hamsters running on those hamster wheels of death never made anything any better. Hey everybody!


Neighbor: Hey, how was going?


Reid: We’re good we’re Facebook living you wanna say hi?



Neighbor: Oh that’s hilarious




Reid: You saw my neighbours what do you guys building today?



Neighbor: We’re building parts for benches, parts for benches.


Reid:  Alright. Awesome!


Neighbor: Where are you up to?



Reid: I’m just walking around just talking to my Facebook friends



Neighbor: Cool!



Reid:  and just being nerd generally speaking


Neighbor: Great!



Reid: Bye guys!


[We saw the people in your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood]



That’s it! I’m going to end it there. Thanks for being a part all of this.


Leave some comments let me know what you think about today’s walk and you know go to and opt-in for the training if  you’re yes and while you’re hopefully geeking out on the stuff that I’m  sharing also watch how the process is happening you know the behind the scenes of you know what I’m doing so that you can kind of you know get an idea that something you want to create for yourself for free training to help people and then invite them to go further with you, go deeper as we say sex geek deeper. Alright sex geeks, I’ll take a look at the comments when I get back inside. I appreciate you all so so much and a happy almost valentines!

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