How Do You Create Publicity When You Can’t Purchase Ads? | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on July 9, 2020

How Do You Create Publicity When You Can’t Purchase Ads? | Facebook Walk With Reid 




bHello everybody. It is Reid Mihalko from and I’m at the Oakland Airport today. Let’s see if I can give you the background. I’ll be backlit for a minute while we look at the beautiful, beautiful Oakland marshes.

So I am traveling today. I’m heading to Denver, so let me know where you’re chiming in from. Where are you today? I’m at Oakland Airport. I’m flying to Denver for a speaking gig and be teaching there for a couple of days for the company talking to their customers and just doing some Sex Ed geekery and talking actually about leveraging social media when you are an adult store owner or some of you as an online business. And so I’m going to be geeking out with people about you know what’s basically going to end up being organic traffic you know if you’re in a sex education business if you haven’t noticed sex educators and workshop facilitators and whatnot. Sometimes Facebook is not super friendly with ad purchases and buying. And that can be kind of problematic because if your business model requires advertising then Terms of Service in certain situations won’t let you advertise for you know whatever like dildos or vibrators or maybe even like Sex Ed workshop or something like that. So these are things where it can be really challenging.

I’m going to go back on the escalator and I’m just going to ride this until…until we’re done the video. Just think of it as a slow pan shot and, and so the…the interesting situation being when you can’t purchase ads you know how do you create traffic for your website? How do you create publicity? And that’s where I’m you know I’m not a huge proponent using social media and creating what is called organic traffic. So that’s when you create content or media situations where people find out about you for free basically. Like I mean you have to put in the sweat equity and the hard work. But what you’re doing is you’re creating what I think you should know what I would advocate, is creating educational content rather than just click bait so that people get to know you or know your store or trust your floor staff at your store because what you’re doing is you’re helping them for free which is something we talk about at sex geek summer camp. You’re helping them for free and just solving problems if there’s and then you know it’s not guaranteed that they’re going to come and buy your stuff as a thank you. But what ends up happening is when they have troubles and challenges hopefully, again they’ll remember that you help them and they feel safer with you because they have a relationship with you. And then what you’re doing is you’re helping people for free which for me helps solve some of the classes and challenges of you know how do you help folks who can’t afford your help. And you build those relationships so that people already have an understanding or an experience of you adding value to their life. And hopefully, if your content is savvy in certain ways then they’re more apt to share it so one thing that I would recommend that all educators think about regardless of what you specialize in is what are some communication and intimacy and kind of like Facebook friendly services or content like a free download or something like that that you maybe could purchase ads for and that’s going to be tricky again because the Facebook thinks like you know my Facebook page Reid about sex has the word sex in it so they’re going to be more apt to deny my ads but on the off chance that they…they approve something then I can boost the signal on a particular thing that’s one of the reasons I’ve been doing the Facebook live videos is Facebook has been and this isn’t a request Facebook to be more strict with me but there are certain videos I’ve been able to boost the signal and advertise a little bit that I was like wow like I excited that that got approved.

The…the challenge is, you should just assume that it’s not going to get approved. I think that’s a better game plan and trying to think, “Oh my god I finally traded the hand out that Facebook will allow me to add ad buy for so I should just you know spend $10,000 on this ad because that’s how my business is going to make profit this year.” I just think from a sex and relationship field, you should plan on never getting to be able to buy ads in you know mainstream places like Facebook and whatnot and then build your business model around that and…and just go from there so. I don’t know. I’m completely off topic because I’m going to Colorado to speak about this and then I’ll be in Albuquerque to teach a workshop as well. And for those who don’t know, I just got done with teaching a two-day deep dive retreat for people that did my sex 10x course. And, and so I just wanted to mention the dangers of booking back-to-back gigs and you know how do you do self-care when you know your job is to go from gig to gig. If you have any musicians who tour a lot or actors who do like national tours or even comedian friends like these are or even like healthy executives who fly a lot pick their brains and geek out with them about how do you handle jet lag, what do they do to make sure that they can get to sleep and get enough rest, what are their you know how do they exercise or do they meditate what kind of geeky things do they do to stay hydrated and to stay moisturized when they’re on the road. It’s really useful and I’ve had some really useful conversations with people who travel a lot about how do we take care of ourselves so that you ultimately don’t get sick when you arrive at that next gig.

And you know my challenge is for this last retreat I know and again you can go to and read ups about some more tips. But you know my biggest challenges are even if I try to sleep in I wake up early. And so you know what can I do to actually plan taking naps after or in between gigs? Can I schedule like a half a day or a day to just do nothing? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, drink more coffee more water than coffee is my, is my constant challenge. And you know do you have little snacks that you can eat whenever you’re not getting enough sleep? There’s been some interesting studies around sleep deprivation and you know one of the things that you can do when you wake up in the morning is you know make sure you get some protein. And, and you know again keep hydrating like little things that you can do. I haven’t I don’t really have a problem falling asleep, so it’s never been a challenge for me. I’ve never really needed to take any sleeping you know aids or anything like that my biggest thing just seems to be trying to pay attention to my nervous system and how that actually feels and what’s the difference between me being exhausted and stressed and, and needing to rest a little bit more and then understanding or feeling the difference for my with my body when it’s trying to tell me I’m about to get a cold.

Other things? Do you do lots of supplements and things like that? I’m not…I’m not super…super crazy on that end but you know like vitamin C those kinds of things making sure that you’re yeah like I take some vitamin B and things like that. And then when I’m feeling really, really rundown, I actually have vitamin C and vitamin B12 shots that I’ll take and I don’t do those regularly but I try to pay attention to when I am feeling like a cold might be coming. So those are some of the things that I do. And, and just making peace with the fact that I’m going to be behind on my emails in the next couple of days because I’m going to be working every day and schmoozing and networking at night and helping people. And so not to freak out about how behind I am because I’m you know I’m working and I’m getting paid. It just feels like I’m not being a good business person because there’s all these unanswered emails. And then you know at some point maybe we actually get an assistant and have people helping us behind the scenes. So for…for….for from that perspective for the couple of people who work behind the scenes and help me get more shit done I just want to say thanks. Thanks Cathy, thanks Aron for all the stuffs that you all do. And then you know can you plan when you’re on the road to try to you know schedule as much as you can in advance so that stuff is you know being posted and promoted on on social media and stuff so that you can get things done in other ways and speaking gigs and whatnot and still be promoting the next gig that you’re going to be showing up to.

So, I hope this was useful you know everyone’s going to be a little bit different so take care of your body and your brain and your heart. And you know it’s okay to not have all the answers and to not be good at this yet and you know the things that work for me today aren’t going to work for me in two years. So just keep paying attention and listening to your body too and then try not to book every hour of every day when you’re on the road or think that you’re going to be able to complete that project, when you’re going to be away from your, your desk and your bed and your peace of mind, which is for me is my bathtub. When you’re on the road, I can I always overestimate the amount of work I think I can get done when I’m on the road. And I think you just need to like be honest with yourself around that.

Alright. I can’t tell if I’m, I think I’m on a direct flight so that isn’t my flight but now I’ve been riding this….this escalator or not escalator, this is a whatever these things are called…walkways for a while. So hit some emoticons on our way out. I hope this stuff was useful. More condrop tips that can be really useful for in between gigs at  And thanks everybody for for…for watching and I hope you really well. And please, please, please take care yourselves. Bye!

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