Creating Connection – Six Teleclasses to Enrich Your Life with Reid Mihalko and Friends!

by Reid on January 14, 2012

Most of us spend more time choosing our latest cell phone than learning how to develop and deepen relationships…

The general view is you either instinctively know how to create relationships, or you don’t. There are the charismatic, attractive people… and the rest of us. Love either hits you over the head, or it doesn’t.

Humans need to love and be loved in order to thrive. Yet, most of us spend more time choosing our latest cell phone than learning how to develop and deepen relationships. And that’s not your fault!

Most of us feel disempowered and lost when it comes to creating meaningful, loving relationships that make life juicy and delicious. After all, fates had to align for Snow White and her Prince—right?

Are you tired of waiting for your glass slipper to arrive, or your white horse to trot up and lead you to your dream partner? Or does your current relationship lack the spark and delight you believe in your heart is possible?

The truth is there are specific actions you can take,
and specific skills you can develop,
that will enable you to feel POWERFUL in relationships.

We’re not talking about following a set of rules or sleazy approaches. We’re not talking about trying harder… We’re talking about a new pragmatic approach that is authentic and unique to you… that will let your inner self shine and attract the types of people who are naturally an amazing fit for you.

Couple in a green shirt and brown shirt kissing while laying on a green lawn

“That which you seek is seeking you.”


Why not make it easy for your connections to find you?

The average person is still functioning with the same skills that got them (awkwardly) through their fifth grade dance. Most of us go through our lives hoping to stumble on the person who will “make us” feel fulfilled. We go shoe shopping at a trout farm… and wonder why we can’t find a single pair of shoes to fit our feet! We start thinking there is something wrong with us, that love has passed us by, or perhaps we’re not worthy.

We want YOU to find fulfillment and possibilities in this New Year.

Creating Connection: 6-Calls, Plus BONUSES… Only $47

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Call Recorded: January 23, 24, 25; 30, 31 and February 1st, 2012

Download NOW and be listening in minutes!

In this intensive course, we will:

  • Guide you through the steps to creating pathways and a state of being that allows you to find people who authentically match with you, and
  • Show you simple techniques that allow you to efficiently identify the people who are able to function well in loving relationships. (If you’re already in a relationship, these steps can help reawaken the reasons you were attracted in the first place).
  • Then we’ll guide you to deepen and strengthen the relationships in unexpected and heart opening ways.

This isn’t about shallow cosmetic fixes. You get to create the depth, warmth, and passion you’ve always wanted!

Great Kissing

In these six recorded calls, ready NOW for download, we’ll cover:

Unleashing Your Authentic Self: From Shy to Self-Expressed! Techniques and suggestions for sharing yourself in ways that will open the door to deep, authentic connections.

Breaking the Ice and Initiating Connection: From Dorky to Daring, Shy to Suave How to confidently and naturally engage with people and start forming the connections that will make your life warmer and more playful.

Maintaining Connection: Tips For Remaining Present And Open Moment By Moment Tips and skills to help you stay out of your head and your old stories and be truly engaged with the connections you are forming.

Deepening Connection: Nourishing and Expanding Relationships (Even When You’re Afraid) Unlike the traditional approaches of roses and candlelight, these cut to the core of what you want to build… and they may result in roses and candlelight!

Transitioning Connection: Authentically Shifting Relationships With Grace and Ease Whether you want to take your relationship to the next level or exit with style, these communications skills can help you transform cleanly.

Blocks to Creating Connection: Understanding The Dynamics and Patterns That Set Us Back and Transforming Them Getting close can bring up all kinds of fears and intimacy issues. Knowing what they are up front (and clearing them up) can make the process more fun and enjoyable.

Creating Connection Bonus Features

Polite vs. Honest: Audio Recording ready for download when you enroll. This audio helps you understand some of the old “rules” that may be holding you back from meaningful connection.

Checklist of Practical Steps to Take Now!

“Get a Sense of Sexual Self-Esteem” Audio Recording by Reid Mihalko

Setting Up Your On-line Dating Profile Guidelines (this is helpful for people who are already in a relationship as well… if you know what you want, it’s easier to get it!)

Join Reid Mihalko, Cathy Vartuli and Rick Wilkes as we share unexpected and life changing approaches and do some Tapping (EFT) to get you started.

Because we believe the world is a better place when people feel
empowered to find and create meaningful relationships,
we’re offering the Creating Connection course for…

Only $47

We want YOU to find fulfillment and possibilities NOW!Add to Cart

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Mark Sasson January 21, 2012 at 11:20 am


I was drawn to you via a Poly site, yes, I believe in true polyamory, but I am just learning about it. I’ve been a socialite “swinger” for years, however I was more of a counselor to the woman of my group, orgy, 3-some, 4-some, etc. than a participant. It’s not that I wasn’t an participant part of the free love, it’s that there came a time where I found myself caressing and cuddling instead of active sex…in a group setting! I have to say, I started an amazing transformation of the session as couples and groups saw the intimacy I was having, sans sex, and they joined in! It ended up being a “Cuddle Party!”

That said, I read a review of one that was organized and gave credit and trademark rights to you, I just had to check you out. Amazing!

My marketing mind is spinning so I will digress. I would like to speak to you about the “cuddle Parties” and see if we can work together on one in the near future. I am a sponsorship professional, besides a cuddler, and I be grateful for the opportunity to have a conversation on your vision of this wonderful concept.

I believe and respect ownership of concepts as well as abide by the laws of copy right and trademark. This is my reasoning for reaching out. I am that open minded individual, I have a personal passion for the messages I have read in the 15 minutes prior to writing this e-mail. If I can assist, passionately, in the increased marketing of cuddle parties across the nation, or if I can assisting in the successful marketing of any messages that you feel socially relevant and timely, I would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and/or your staff.

Reid Rocks! I love what you do…I know what I do…it can only increase your reach.

Thanks in advance for your time in reading this e-mail.

Passionate regards,

Mark Sasson
“Live Your Life Without Judgements”


Reid February 13, 2012 at 10:27 pm

Thank you, Mark, for such a lovely email and acknowledgements! After helping turn Cuddle Party into a non-profit, I stepped away to do other types of sex and relationship education. If you’re interested in promoting Cuddle Parties, please contact the Cuddle Party organization through the website.

Yours in sex geekery,


amadea February 13, 2012 at 9:53 pm

hi there
i am wondering if you recorded these calls and if it is still possible to buy access to them
i would LOVE to listen to the recordings. Just found out about you…

thankssssssss so much
have loved listening to some of your youtube videos…



Reid February 13, 2012 at 10:30 pm

You’re in luck, Amadea!

All 6-calls have been recorded and they, plus the Bonuses, are available for download and listening as if you were taking the teleclass when it ran.

We’ve gotten SO much wonderfully positive feedback from the calls. Excited to hear yours! Thanks for reaching out.

Just register on the buttons above and enjoy!



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