What’s included in Sex Geek Conservatory… From SGSC16

by Reid on August 14, 2018

What’s included in Sex Geek Conservatory… From SGSC16 







Reid: Hey, everybody! It’s Reid Mihalko from.. well, you know me. You were in camp. I’m here shooting, I’m about to shoot a video for conservatory and Cathy was chiming in on the stuff the she got, just working with me. And I’m just like, well, this is crazy. Let’s just hear it from Cathy’s mouth rather than me recreating it. So, could you just share with them what you’re talking about conservatory?

Cathy: Most of you probably heard me mention that I’m really shy. I used to be the person that when I get up, I would have not slept the night before the presentation at work and I would get up and I barely can speak. My voice is so tight and my hand would shake so bad the laser point I point at everyone to see. I dreaded it. Working with Reid, I’ve taken a lot of classes, I’ve worked a lot with different people and Reid is truly the person that helped me find the courage to share my vulnerability, to share my heart and trust at the right people to hear me. If you saw me speak during the week, I try to let me passion though. Number of you said that you’re touched by what I said and it really impacted you. I know that there are so many people with passion in their heart and really important messages but if they can’t get it out there, they can’t stand up and own who they are and where they are and share their vulnerability and share their stuff that they don’t want to share with anyone that will change the world, Reid is the first person that I would first recommend to someone’s [inaudible 00:01:25]

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