Sexual Ecstasy Practicum and Playground with Reid and Monique Darling, Nov 19

by Reid on November 5, 2011

artwork of a couple sitting in Yab-Yum with a colorful mandala floating above their headsGive yourself the gift of six hours to deepening your energetic sex skills!

Join sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of and Divine Interludes’ Monique Darling in San Diego, California, for 6-hours of deep, playful, powerful exploration, self-discovery and energetic sex “geekery!”

Only $69 for a full day (including a pot-luck styled meal break) designed to give you plenty of powerful personal attention, lots of group practice, and the opportunity for you discover how much sexual energy you can run! Tap into your own sense of ecstatic, sensual energy while expanding your understanding of how energy can be generated and released. Bring your energetic abilities to the next level.

Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM (PT)

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In this 6-hour intensive “dojo” where we will play, learn, and practice, you will:

  • Learn Reid’s underlying principles and approaches to playing with energy from the sexual to the sublime
  • Be shown Monique’s tools, tips and tricks for unlocking your stuck sexual energy and turning life into an orgasmic playground that doesn’t have to look anything like “sex”…
  • Learn to get in touch with your own energetic field, manipulate it, and turn it into a powerful source of connection and bliss.
  • Discover how and where to touch another to tune into, access, tease and play with their erotic energy, the energy of two people, or the energy of a entire group!
  • Tap into the energy of all 7 major chakra’s by yourself, with a partner, or in a group
  • Discover the differences in “taste” between energetic orgasms from chakra to chakra
  • Enjoy a simultaneous energetic orgasm in you and/or your partner from head to toe. Multiple times.
  • Be given techniques to keep your energy “clean” and ways not to be “clingy” or “creepy” with your energy.
  • Understand how to take care of your physical body when your orgasmic body doesn’t want to stop and keeps moving more and more ecstatic energy!

Monique and Reid will guide you through playful activities (fully clothed) to further awaken your energetic capacity and range of ecstatic experience and then open the container to practice with each other or by yourself in whatever manner supports you best.

Expand the range of your sexual experience AND your ability to articulate it to “muggles” who’ve never felt their kundalini twitch or tapped into their own ecstatic potential!

This event is intended to be sensual, and energetically sexual, but not physically sexual. As such it will be done fully clothed. The last 1 hr and a half will be more explicit as we dive into Merging Body and Soul in Bed: Sex Ed Tips for the Spiritually and Yogic-ally Minded

With all the focus on holistic practices to weave the body, mind and soul, it’s rare anyone actually talks about the nuts and bolts of sex and how they apply to our various practices.

In training our bodies, disciplining our minds, and expanding our hearts, you’ve probably had teachers adjust our hip angle, make note of your breathing, or give you an illuminating tip on how to navigate your mind. With all the emphasis on holistic approaches and integration in our spiritual pursuits all too often no one talks pragmatically about the nuts and bolts of sex and lovemaking!

We’ve all experienced how a slight change of a few degrees in one area of the body can open up other areas tremendously. Don’t you think it’s about time someone showed you what adjustments you should be making in the bedroom?

Areas that will be covered:

  • The top five things your yoga or tantra teacher probably never told you about sex and love
  • The ergonomics of dynamic sex and what the Kama Sutra isn’t showing you…
  • Three ways to increase orgasmic energy that have nothing to do with breathing
  • How to give oral sex that would calm Kali or have Govinda consider settling down! 🙂
  • Dating, sex and relationships as a spiritual practice

This part of the workshop is Rated-R/NC-17 and will feature frank language and explicit demonstrations when appropriate. Please bring all your questions and a notebook!

Bring a partner, find a partner there, switch partners, or experience the course on your own. Many options will be offered to support each individual experience.

Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM (PT)

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Healer and teacher Monique Darling with a huge, happy, laughing smile and flowing brown hair in a flowery bushABOUT MONIQUE: Monique Darling of is dedicated to empowering people who are questioning the assumptions of how their life should be; and to offer tools for self expression that create trust, inner knowing and wisdom to make the life they want. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s the kind of work that makes life easier.

Since 1990, Monique has felt the calling to learn from some amazing teachers including Wayne Dyer, Matt Kahn, Reid Mihalko, WhiteBear, Shawn Roop, ABDY, Kamala Devi, and Scott Catamas to name a few. She has through workshops, courses, and client sessions, experienced how spirit/love moves through her using intuition, touch, play and emotional release in helping people embrace the truth of their divinity.

Her specialty is transmuting fear and repression into courage, love and freedom to express truth in ways that nourish all.

She is devoted to helping YOU uncover your magnificence!!! To empower YOU, who dream of something more, to awaken further and discover it is within you. You have all the answers, let her help you remember the questions.

Curious about booking Reid for a private class? Go HERE!

ABOUT REID: Reid Mihalko of helps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence and greater health in their relationships and sex lives, no matter what their self-expression of those happen to be.

From his rated-PG/PG-13 workshops (Cuddle Party, Speed-Flirting) to the rated-R (Iron Slut Sex Educator Showdown) to his explicit, NC-17 rated, Show-N-Tell sex education workshops (where audiences get to watch, take notes, and ask questions), Reid’s workshops have been attended by close to 30,000 individuals from myriad walks of life, orientations, relationship styles, countries and religions. Known for his charisma, wit and emphasis on integrity, Reid travels the country teaching, coaching, consulting and collaborating on fulfilling his mission: Create more self-esteem, self-confidence and health for adults in and out of the bedroom.

Reid has been a featured speaker at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality and is a sought-after presenter and teacher at colleges and sex positive stores across the country.

Reid has been a writer and producer on a number of films and television projects about sex and relationships, and appears regularly in the media. He has also appeared on the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Fox News, VH1’s Scott Baio is 45 and Single, Showtime’s Penn & Teller’s Bulls**t!, Canada’s The Sex Files and SexTV, and the short-lived Life & Style, on NPR, Sirius’ Maxim Radio and Cosmo Radio, and in Marie Claire, GQ, Details, People, Newsweek and The National Enquirer, as well as media across the globe in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.

Follow Reid twittering as @ReidAboutSex.

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