Reid Is Having Fun Using Facebook Live Filters For Halloween! | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on February 23, 2021

Reid Is Having Fun Using Facebook Live Filters For Halloween! | Facebook Walk With Reid





Reid: Hello sex geeks! It’s Reid Mihalko from and I am at the…the John Wayne Airport in Orange County behind the iron…. Orange Curtain but you can’t tell because I’m using this really silly Facebook filter today and now I’m a currently I’m  a jack-o’-lantern I am a jack-o’-lantern.

And join me tonight as long as my flights are not delayed, I will be home in time for tonight’s 8:30 p.m. Pacific scary sex Ed questions Facebook live and we’re gonna go as long as we can. I want to try to answer as many questions as I can and the reason I’m doing it at… at 8:30 p.m. Pacific is that it means that the Facebook live starts on the East Coast at 11:30 p.m. and we’ll go on past midnight. Wa-ha-ha-ha. So I’ll leave the link in the description but if you go to then it will bring you to the registration page for tonight’s call where you can submit, you can submit a question and it can be anything. We’ve done some really deep amazing relationship questions, dating questions, we’ve gotten some unbelievable sex and relationship questions which are really you know really deep…deep stuff and…and really speaks to how scared some people are about intimacy and connection and…and I’m gonna try to have a lot of fun tonight.

I don’t know that I’ll use this filter, I’m not sure if I wanna use this filter or not. However, if you like the Halloween filter let me know and I will…I will check out the other filters I think they have some zombie ones from The Walking Dead and I don’t know go check out the Facebook live filters and then tell me which ones I should use because I don’t know if I can change them in the middle…let me try maybe we can. Hang on. Let’s see…is it vampire? Hang on. Hang on. It’s gonna find my face. I don’t…what? Oh, that’s a mummy.  I am now…I’m a mummy but you can’t see my face moving and that looks that looks just weird. Let’s see what else we got um…we’ve got…here comes…here comes oh, now I’m….I’m a little jumping skeleton apparently and this is some sort of video game this is weird. Let me know if you can see these things. Let’s find out what this one is…I’m a bat? Am I a bat? Is that it? Maybe I’m a bat, I’m a cat? I don’t know. So let’s figure out what we’re gonna do. I’m going back let’s see what this one does oh, there we go. Oh, oh well that’s very nice. I like that. Yup so here we are at John Wayne Airport and apparently I’m the Bride of Frankenstein here on almost Halloween on Halloween eve, Hallow’s eve or I guess Hallow’s eve is tomorrow? Is tonight Hallow’s eve or is tomorrow Hallow’s Eve? Who knows? Somebody tell me that, somebody…somebody look that up while I sit here and play with filters.

So come and join me tonight for our Facebook live scary sex Ed questions. Wa-ha-ha-ha. Leave your comments; you can leave your questions here if you want but it will be easier for me to track the questions if you actually go to I’ll put the link in the description and happy almost Halloween everyone. Wa-ha-ha-ha!

How do I turn this off? Ah! Bye.

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