Places To Go If You’re Exploring Poly in Portland and Other Places! With Stella Harris

by Reid on December 31, 2018

Places To Go If You’re Exploring Poly in Portland and Other Places! With Stella Harris



Reid: You live in Portland, Oregon?

Stella: That’s true.

Reid: Or maybe some place else? And you’re trying to get into the Polyamory thing, who do you call? This is Stella Harris from Who am I?

Stella: You’re Reid Mihalko from

Reid: See, we got rapport. So, questions about you living in Portland, Oregon. There is a hot bed of open relationship stuff going on. And as a community leader and educator, what are some of the places people can go who are interested in exploring poly here? And then, what’s like one mistake or challenge you’re seeing a lot of people here going through because this is probably similar to those who don’t live in Portland, you know, and other parts of the country?

Stella: Right. Well, there are some classes locally,, our local sex toy store teaches a variety of classes. I teach quite a few classes for them. They do have classes about ethical non-monogamy and open relationships — that’s a great place to start. They also sell various books on the topic. There are meet ups around town. A few different groups have poly meet ups. If you just want to go meet up folks who have been doing it for a while and ask them some questions, you can go see someone like me and ask questions and get some help. And I think the biggest problems that people have is they get really excited, they get the kid-in-the-candy-store thing, they are opening up a relationship, they want to do all the things with all the people and they go a little bit too fast. The couple that opened up, they stepped on each other’s boundaries or hurt feeling without meaning to because they just go real fast and they dive in and they maybe didn’t think about everything that that was going to come up and really negotiate clearly about whatever they’re most comfortable with.

Reid: So, slow it down, get more information and take baby steps as you dive in.

Stella: I think slow down and more talking is my advice for every kind of relationship and every kind of sex. This seems to be the things they say the most often. Yeah.

Reid: Awesome! And then, where people can find you again?


Reid: And then, Stella has a whole resource section. So, if you check out her website, click on resources and avail yourself of all the knowledge.

Stella: See you there!

Reid: Thanks to be on my YouTube channel.

Stella: Thank you for having me.

Reid: Hit subscribe! Leave a comment. You know what to do.

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