Do You Need To Pinch The Tip Of Your Condom?

by Reid on November 24, 2016

Attractive young guy is gesturing positively and nicelyHow do you put a condom on without letting air bubbles in?

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Reid:    This one goes [pshew] this one goes [pshem] because it’s muffled, because it’s got a condom on it. Okay, last condom video, we didn’t talk about pinching the tip to roll it out. Pinch the tip, because you don’t want air in the tip. I don’t pinch the tip, I haven’t had a condom break in more than a decade. What I don’t think you should be doing is blowing it up and having a huge air bubble on the top.

Cathy: Right, because then ejaculate gets in there and there’s more pressure and it could blow up.

Reid:    Well, you’re the engineer, okay. What I will recommend though, because I want to show you another hack, you can bend some of these rules a little bit, okay. Hold the banana.

Cathy: Okay.

Reid:    Now understand that most penises will have a bigger head than the shaft, so I have to get this over the head, so one of the reasons, I think, maybe haven’t had a condom break in a long time is, what I do is I kind of stretch, I hold the condom like this as I’m putting it on. I’m pulling it open a little bit so I can get it over the head. Pulling it like this, not a lot, but it is bendy, okay and then putting it over. What ends up happening is, inadvertently I pull the top onto the head of my penis.

Cathy: So there’s not air.

Reid:    So there’s not air. Okay. Whereas somebody else might be like, they’re kind of putting it on this way and then there’s all this air in there.

Cathy: Can you put it in front of my shirt where it’s black?

Reid:    What you want to do is pull it down on top of the cock, like a little hat, like a little beanie hat and then start to roll it, or if you need to stretch it a little bit over the head, stretch but pull it down snug as you roll it over the tip. Then that will take care of there being no air. What’s really problematic with the pinch and roll, especially when you’re, and when you pinch you want to make sure you’ve got the side that rolls down. When you pinch and practice on a banana or a carrot, it just goes right on.

Cathy: Which is not the same as…

Reid:    Which is not the same when you’re dealing with a hard cock. The other work around is do it on a soft penis and roll it down. You’ll need to grab the penis like this and then roll it down, okay, but then play with the penis with the condom.

Cathy: Then it gets hard then.

Reid:    It will usually get hard and if you’re with somebody who’s like I still can’t get hard, try this. Grab their flaccid penis and rub it with lube all over your genitalia while they watch. It works for me and this is also for my penis owners who are having hydraulic issues, when you have a hard time getting it up, keep the condom on, make sure everything’s lubed up and use your penis, your flaccid penis to caress all those nooks and crannies, because that feels good too. Then the thing you just need to wrestle with is this idea that, like I’m worrying now if I’m going to get hard or not. That’s a whole other conversation, but understand that you touching somebody with your flaccid penis on their willing genitalia still feels great too.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid:    Then for those of you who don’t mind giving oral sex to a penis wearing a condom, if it’s flaccid and you don’t mind…

Cathy: It’s great.

Reid:    Then roll it around in your mouth, let it soak awhile and then a lot of times, what ends up happening is we end up getting in our body, in our parasympathetic nervous systems, and we end up starting to have the erection with the condom already on, when the cock’s nice and hard or hard enough for you to get it in, get it in and then usually if I can’t get it up and I’m hard enough to get it in, when somebody’s riding me…

Cathy: It starts to get…

Reid:    Everything starts to be like whoa, time for action and everything’s fine like that.

Cathy: Just so you know, putting a flaccid penis in your mouth, you get to put the whole thing in there and it can be really fun.

Reid:    It can be very exciting just like taking a, we’re just going to end on this. Leave your comments while I try to figure out if you can actually peel a banana with a condom on it. Let’s find out together.

Cathy: Okay, wow. This banana is not peeling.

Reid:    Mine works. Look you can actually take a condom off, I don’t recommend you do this with the actual penis.

Cathy: Oh my God.

Reid:    End of video, leave your comments. Bye.

Cathy: I didn’t stop it.


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