Mistakes that Lovers’ Commit When They Travel Together | Facebook Walk With Reid

by Reid on December 28, 2019

Mistakes that Lovers’ Commit When They Travel Together | Facebook Walk With Reid



Reid: Hello Facebook! It’s Reid Mihalko from https://reidaboutsex.com/ and where are my glasses? Oh yeah! And I am with the…the amazing Allison Moon of http://GirlSex101.com/


Allison: That’s my petition name, the Amazing Allison!


Reid: Amazing Allison and we are in Burbank Airport the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank California and the music is playing and there’s all kinds of noise happening. So leave us let us know like do you hear us okay? Like


Allison: Oh, there’s Lacy!


Reid: Oh, Lacy.


Allison: Hi Lacy.


Reid: Hi Lacy.


Allison: We just saw you.


Reid: We just down the street from you. So, leave a comment let us know you can hear us okay because we know it’s so noisy. Okay, we will [Inaudible 00:00:40] it’s like we’re getting the band back together everybody.


So we’re talking today about mistakes that lovers make when they’re traveling together and Allison and I do a fair bit of traveling and travel together and I think we do it pretty well.


Allison: We do. Yeah


Reid: So what did we…. what did we not do well when we were first starting out, what mistakes did we make?


Allison: I think often not budged thing a little bit down time for like actual connection because again like any relationship you need to have little bit of alone time together and when we travel, we’re usually working


Reid: Hi Sean!


Allison: So when we’re working it tends to create this like “okay, now I’ve got to go this gig, in this gig and you’re going to sleep over your lover’s place and I’m going to sleep with my lover’s place and then we are as a channel to work together but we’re not together


Reid: Yeah

Allison:  Which then makes it feel like we might as well not to make open together at all. So, I think adding a…. budgeting a little bit extra time a little bit of extra time maybe like want to eat or you have anything plan and you’re going to go have dinner or see movie and just relax and connect together


Reid: Have it on the road date night.


Allison: On the road date night. Yup.


Reid: Yup


Allison: That works


Reid: And then if…. for those of you who are monogamous and never leave each other, maybe you need some time away from each other.


Allison: That’s also a good point.


Reid: Because that kind of happens when we go home for the holidays and then we’re around your folks


Allison: Yeah, we’re just staring at each other for five days.


Reid: Yeah. But that could also be your focus just to drive me crazy and Betty I’ve never been doing crazy by the Moon’s. It’s always a delight to stay at the Moon residencies


Allison: Yeah. You just want to drink a wine.


Reid: Well, yes and play a backgammon


Allison: Oh, yeah.


Reid: It’s dominoes…dominoes not backgammon


Allison: Not backgammon


Reid: So, hey Debbie!


Allison: It’s very noisy. Yeah. Sorry


Reid: Okay last….. I know I know we talked about that we apologize we’re on the airport. But we can come in close. Is this better everyone? Okay look at my nose so shorn. Okay, so


Allison: But there’s another one. I have


Reid: Yup.


Allison: another tip


Reid: What’s…what’s another tip?



Allison:  So I think this is…. for traveling with people in general is budgeting extra time not only for like down time but also to get places because obviously travel is incredibly stressful. I can be very surly person and genuine generally hate people but I tend to be extra nice and extra patient when I’m traveling ‘coz I know how stressful it is for everybody at the airport and to everybody on the train and so I’d like to be extra nice and give people extra space and  moms with kids help them with their luggage and stuff it makes me feel like I’m doing good things and it also makes me feel I’m not stressed out if I was like late to the airport and not like dragging you around and I don’t want to be go to the bathroom because I’m a freaking out too much.


Reid: Yeah.


Allison: So like being… just budgeting such time at it…it makes compassion and calm easier will help you


Reid: Random access of kindness on the road and Cathy Vartuli has joined us. And Cathy, are you in prog right now? Or did you get back home yet? Leave a comment. We want to know. Yeah. So, I mean we’ve got a good fit travelling wise so you know another tip is if…if you have a…a lover or partner and you guys have very different travel styles you know like kind of like dating your species or on the road with your species then have a conversation about what your needs are….traveling


Allison: Yeah


Reid: and….and figure out where that…that third option is you know it’s kind of like the comedy the in puff comedy, rule of yes and


Allison: Yeah


Reid: You know you’re like this, I’m like this and what can we create where there’s overlap or find the win win.


Allison: Yeah, we also have the conversations which we ourselves fly Southwest line which where you choose your own seat and Reid all… always has more miles than me so he always gets on the plane first. So we have to have a dialogue ‘coz I’m very picky about where to seat on the plane and so I’m like


Reid: I needed training


Allison: and so I had to give him like a lesson. Okay, if you can’t get this exit road and you get to next exit road then you have the next exit road then you have to get in eye with the window but not too far but like I’ve


Reid: Yeah


Allison: I got really picky


Reid: Well, I just go to…to the back because I’m…. you know if plane’s going to hit something the front’s going to hit it first then maybe I’ll survive.


Allison: That’s so weird. Anyway, yeah. So, we’ve had to have conversations about those things


Reid: Yeah.



Allison: about pickiness and where… where…we’re relaxing where we’re picky that’s a really helpful thing like certain things where you just know like listen, “I might be crazy about this but just trust me when I say like I like to the airport two hours early or whatever that is for you.” It’s helpful to have those conversations at that time.


Reid: Yeah. So, we hope this helps. Our flights going to start boarding soon.


Allison: Yeah.


Reid: And I have to pee but you don’t need to know that.


Allison: But now you knew.


Reid: So, I think I think we’re going to end this. Do you want….where do people find you? We’ll guess


Allison:  http://GirlSex101.com/


Reid: Girl Sex101.com. If you have bought girl sex 101 and read it


Allison: Bob likes to sit towards the back of the plane


Reid: There you go, there you go see Bob but that’s cause you can also [Inaudible 00:05:20-21] the oh! If you if


Allison: Oh thanks Sean! I just did. I was a…I did a recording today for Fusion so I have that extra makeup today for the TV.


Reid: Yes, nobody compliments how I look


Allison: You always look beautiful


Reid: Ohhh, you’re so good. So if you’ve if you’ve read Girl sex 101 leave a review on Amazon


Allison: Oh yeah! That’ll be amazing.


Reid: For Allison do it you know as a gift as a gift for…for Allison


Allison: Yes, please.


Reid: Who’s worn from…from days and from hard work on the road. We have to get to back home soon.


Allison: Yeah.


Reid: So, make it rain. Watch this part this is fun. Make it rain emoticons for us like hit those more emoticons and watch it rain. This is what I live for.


Allison: Do you think people find you attractive?


Reid: It’s about to happen. Yeah, there’s just second up now. Here come…here comes [Inaudible 00:06:06] look, look it’s all the way across the screen.



Allison: Oh. That’s so nice.


Reid: Oh, look. Poop. Poop. Poop.


Allison: I feel the love


Reid: It’s like make it rain. Make it rain. Alright. Bob have…how did you get to a raiders one to go?


Allison: oh, that’s his logo. It’s his logo [Inaudible 00:06:19]


Reid: Oh, that’s his logo. Oh, oh that’s kind a cool.


Allison: Okay


Reid: It’s wow.


Allison: Stop [Inaudible 00:06:22]


Reid: Okay bye! Mwah!


Allison: We love you


Reid: We love you. Bye!


Allison: Bye!


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