How Can You Add Value For Yourself, Other Panelists, and Attendees At A Conference?

by Reid on August 24, 2019

How Can You Add Value For Yourself, Other Panelists, and Attendees At A Conference?



Reid: Hello everybody. It’s Reid Mihalko but I’m on I’m on your Facebook channel


Cathy: You are. Hi everyone. I’m Cathy Vartuli from and I’m here with Reid Mihalko and yesterday we did a video on how to submit proposals to a conference and today we’re going to talk a little bit about how….let’s say you got your proposal accepted, how can you add the most value for yourself, your other panelists and add value to the people who are attending? Are we back?


Reid: Yeah, we’re back.


Cathy: So if you’re there can you hit some emoticons whether you’re there or say where you’re…where you’re from ‘coz I loved that you do that just so we know you’re…those people are


Reid: Did you steal all my good stuff, don’t you?


Cathy: You told me I could.


Reid: Yeah, I’m just…I’m just you know you’re…you’re the one who drag me on to my backyard early in the morning. I’ve even had a full cup of coffee.


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: ‘coz Cathy must teach you.


Cathy: So one of the things Reid did was he steeve with tweet about other people or Facebook about other people excited to see so-and-so at the conference.


Reid: With kind of with their permission, their…I mean they’re…they’re presenting at the conference.


Cathy: Yeah, yeah they are to present at the conference and then I assume


Reid: They have a Twitter account, I’m…I’m assuming it’s okay for me to say “Oh my god, I can’t wait


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: to see you at the conference.”


Cathy: Yeah so, good point


Reid: It’s an assumption.


Cathy: So I started going through and getting a whole list going through all the people even people I didn’t know yet and tweeting at them just to start to build a relationship like looking forward to hearing at so-and-so to present if I you know genuinely liked that topic sounds really good and going through the entire list and starting to build a relationship with people that I haven’t met yet because when we meet someone cold they don’t really stick but if someone’s tweeted or Facebook about you a little bit, you’re going to you’re going to make


Reid: Make you remember them


Cathy: And you’re also


Reid: or sometimes you remember


Cathy: Yeah and you’re also promoting their stuff so it’s not it’s a win-win which I love and…and also tweeting about how excited that was like “Oh my god my presentation with Lola and Liz got accepted” you know tweeting, Facebooking and promoting it as it comes like kind of building up a little bit of buzz on it. It helps everyone feel really good about it and it…people go in maybe with some idea of what you’re going to talk about because sometimes the descriptions are not always super clear


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: what you’re going to get


Reid: or…or it gets people to….it gets people to check out if they’re following you on social media, if they’re not following you on social media then none of this none of this matters to that person.


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: But…but again like you’re following Cathy on Facebook so this pops up on your feed and


Cathy: Yup


Reid: and you watch it and I’ll share it on my feed


Cathy: And then you could live tweet


Reid: Oh, why you look at me? I’ve got time to sleep.


Cathy: Nobody sleeps at conferences. But one of the things I love to do is get together with my co-presenters, get on us I’d love to shoot YouTube videos about it just a short one to kind of you know get some information out there but I can also get some tag lines to tweet and Facebook from it and I also so besides the shooting a quick YouTube video, we get together on Skype and we chat for half an hour about what we most want to get out you know what’s our intention, what…when someone leaves the talk what should they have?


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: and it’s


Reid: It’s kind of touch base and go over the…the talk and get anybody on


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: the same page


Cathy: And I try to do that a couple months ahead so that we have time to do that and I get it transcribed and I pull out the key points because I’m like I type I’ve typed pretty fast


Reid: That’s good, yeah


Cathy: but I can edit a lot faster and I start a rough outline of a handout from that because a lot of times people leave and you see them in the hall and they’re like “Oh, that talk was so good” and you’re like “What did you learn?” And they’re like “Uh” they don’t remember because there’s so much information coming so I love making handouts with a link that someone could say “Hey, just go to this link and you can get the handout too” because no one can go to all the talks and it’s really sad.


Reid: Yeah


Cathy: Plus someone said “Oh yeah this point, that’s what this…” and they start sharing it, it anchors for them so you’re actually serving the people that far… that are there and your fellow panelists usually feel like rock stars because there’s a handout and when I have enough time I also make a link where anyone can download it and afterwards and we can promote the video if they let us videotape it or audio if they let us audio


Reid: U-huh


Cathy: and the handouts so we can get it out you know you might have 30, 50 people in a conference room but there’s probably thousands of people that could really use the information.


Reid: Now, none of this none of this is of any use if you’re not getting a talk accepted to a conference


Cathy: Yes


Reid: which means you have to be submitting a talk to the conference and we did a video on that yesterday, so you’ll put in the description the link to that video


Cathy: Yes


Reid: So check out that video as well and again we’re talking to sex educators and workshop facilitators but I hear that that other vocations have conferences sometimes


Cathy: Yeah


Reid: So if you’re a yoga instructor or an….an engineer or things like that, these might be useful nerdy uses of social media to…to help get people information to make their lives better.


Cathy: Yeah, usually I think people have to see things 5 to 7 times to have it anchored so if you can before, during and after do social media, give them a handout, you’re co-panelists usually feel really happy because they feel like we’re really professional, we all know I always have a handout that we…for each of the panelists with the…the key points we agreed to hit so it’s just like there for them and we can just sit down and rock out and not worry about “Oh, what we’ re going to say now?”


Reid: There you go, alright well we’re going to start this is the third day of sex geek mastermind here in Portland so we’re going to start that today, five to seven times people have to see things


Cathy: to remember them


Reid: Yeah, so you don’t have to watch this video seven times but you may want to post it or share it with somebody on Facebook or in a group where you think this might be useful. Anything else?


Cathy: No, thanks for showing up, thanks for thanks for being part of this.


Reid: You’re welcome and…and people get to see another angle of


Cathy: Yeah, of the beautiful backyard


Reid: of the backyard and whatever is happening to my hair, holy crap. Alright, bye everyone.

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