Can G-Spot Stimulation Bruise The Urethra Or Cause UTIs?

by Reid on April 14, 2017

Loving Couple In Bed.G-spot play can be really fun. Can it cause problems?

With Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: One of our viewers in Germany wrote in and said “Hey there guys.” 

Reid: Germany? 

Cathy: Yes. 

Reid: Hello Germany. 

Cathy: It’s great to see you. “Hey there guys. I hope it’s okay to ask you this. Can g-spot stimulation bruise the urethra and can it cause cystitis or UTI’s?” I’m not talking well today. “Do I have to be careful putting pressure when I’m stimulating a g-spot. I really appreciate your comments and feedback based on your experience.” 

Reid: That’s a great question. 

Cathy: It is. 

Reid: Hello Germany you smarty pants. Yes. 

Cathy: This is Reid Mihalko from 

Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from Well it’s a great question and a great observation. Pretty much doing anything too hard, too soon, too fast you risk injuring stuff. Especially around genitalia. The way the question is very educated in that it does talk about the urethral sponge. It is called the urethral sponge because there is a urethra inside of it. When the urethral sponge, to my knowledge, I do not have a urethral sponge in the way that a vulva owner does. I do not have a g-spot in the way that a vulva owner does. If you were to rub and vigorously try to do g-spot massage, on a g-spot where the urethral sponge isn’t fully engorged and a lot of the other erectile tissue isn’t fully engorged, yeah. You could do some damage.

At the same time, when everything’s engorged and you’re playing with somebody who actually can tell the difference between erotic intense stimulation, that’s like “Owie” but the good kind of “Owie.” Versus the bad kind of “Owie.” You’re being in communication with people, then you can be very rough with urethra’s and g-spots, but I haven’t, none of my lovers that I’ve played with have ever talked to me about stuff post play resulting in any kind of injury. 

Cathy: Right. I think the biggest thing is to always use lots of lube and be in communication. I’ve had really vigorous play and I’ve sometimes been a little sore the next day, but not in a bad way. Not like there’s anything wrong. Yeah, it’s possible to be a little sore and if your partner may not be in the best physical shape or may have an illness, it’d be good to be a little more gentle or check in more frequently as you work into something like that. 

Reid: Other things that are really useful, washing your hands. 

Cathy: Using gloves. 

Reid: Or using gloves. Using gloves that are clean. Using gloves and lube especially lube that’s meant for playing with bodies, not a lube that you concocted out of honey and- 

Cathy: Pam. 

Reid: Yeah. Pam spray or something like that. 

Cathy: Sugar is bad down there. 

Reid: When you’re introducing things into the ecosystem of the vagina and the urinary tract, the urethra, that’s where things become dicey because if you didn’t introduce those things, things would be better for the ecosystem in general. Somebody who’s … Again, I am not a urologist, nor am I a doctor, or do I play one on television. These are just things as a geek that I learned from talking to doctor’s and urologists and people who play them on television. Interesting. You can learn all this stuff and then take precautions and especially for the g-spot owners themselves, find out how your body works and when you’re bodies ready for that kind of vigorous stimulation. 

Cathy: It’s really okay to take things slow and pay attention to the body you’re playing with whether it’s yours or someone else’s and see if you can visually and tactility feel when the body’s engorged, those parts of the body are engorged. A lot of times when we’re nervous about something we don’t, we’re going on auto-pilot and we’re not looking for the signs of everything’s nice and puffy and there’s lots of hip motion and there’s a lot of things that can give you signs that the body’s ready for more stimulation. Them saying “More, more,” definitely helps too. 

Reid: Things like gloves and just trimming your nails and making sure that you’re using toys and playing with your hands in ways that aren’t scratching things on the inside that helps a lot. Not a lot of forceful stimulation right on the opening of the urethra and the urethral sponge. 

Cathy: Though some gentle- 

Reid: Gentle stimulation and even firm pressure can be fine but you’re not trying to get the edge of a sticker off of what it’s stuck on. 

Cathy: Ow. 

Reid: Yeah exactly. That’s what people if you haven’t been communicating with each other or really kind of practicing and listening to videos or instructional videos and things like that with my online course Sex10x. 

Cathy: It’s a great program.

Reid: You can get that stuff at learning these things and actually having somebody teach you is a lot more powerful than trying to watch a video, maybe a homemade video or maybe a pornography, a porn video where you can’t really tell what they’re doing because of the camera angle. It might look like they’re doing this, but really what they’re doing is they’re using the pad of their finger to rub and push. They’re not using their nail. Those little adjustments make huge differences in the long run when you’re playing with people’s bodies. 

Cathy: You can have a really fun date night if you like to if your partner’s in agreement where you just spend some time saying after some foreplay go down there and start saying “Do you like this now? How about this now?” Trying, just playing. 

Reid: More pressure, less pressure, more speed, less speed. Faster, slower all that stuff. 

Cathy: Then as they get more excited, you can try a little more vigorous stuff if that feels good. That can be a really hot date night where you get to learn. They might really be discovering things they like that they didn’t know. It could be a gift to both of you. 

Reid: You get to play doctor. Yeah? Thank you Germany. That was from Germany right? 

Cathy: Yes. 

Reid: Thank you Germany for your video question. 

Cathy: Please leave comments below. What do you think and what do you think of Reid’s accent. 

Reid: Yeah. Yeah. Good. Good. More comments. Share.

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