AI and Seggs Positive Education, Do They Mix?

by Reid on June 6, 2023

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AI and Seggs Positive Education, Do They Mix?

Guest Post by Cathy of TheIntimacyDojo

This is Cathy, Dean of Sex Geek Summer Camp’s Grad School, writing to you from deeeeeep down her AI rabbit hole…

Over the last two months, I’ve spent approximately 100+ hours (and easily $2K of my own money) digging deep into the world of AI, learning from experts, and testing out if & how we Sex Geeks might use AI to make our lives easier, reach more of our future clients, and help us overcome our blocks when it comes to powerfully promoting our work!

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I invested the time and money because I wanted answers to the following…

🤔 I wanted to know if it was ok to use AI for seggs-positive content — Some is and some isn’t, and I’ll share more about which is and which isn’t at Sex Geek Summer Camp, happening in 12 days, where I’ll be talking about AI.

I also wanted to know…

🤔 Can even the least tech-savvy educators among us use AI ethically and powerfully to expand our reach and reduce our time writing emails, articles, and promotional copy?

🤔 Could I feel good using AI for my business?

🤔 And could AI really save me time and effort without leaving my fans, followers, and clients feeling like I had been replaced by a scary robot?

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What I Found Out:

As long as I follow some of the tips and suggestions I’ll be sharing at Camp… I discovered that I am a HUGE Hells Yes! to weaving AI into how I do things.

And I think YOU should be considering using AI, too!

Knowing what I know now, I can assure you that AI won’t take away the need for personalization. Your fans and clients want to hire YOU, not a chatbot.

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And AI, if used smartly, can help you get unstuck in places you’re feeling sluggish or frozen… And also in places where you find it difficult to tap into your inspiration.

And yes- I’ll share tips at Camp on how to quickly make the content you ask AI to generate for you sparkle with your own authentic voice.

One of my internet marketing mentors, Jeff Walker, estimates that AI saves him and his team 70% of their time writing copy! 70 percent?! That’s HUGE and makes this Cathy VERY excited!

To give you a personal example and perspective, I had AI write the article below using some prompts I made and questions I got from Google. It took me approximately 3 minutes to make the prompt. I hit enter. And after about 20 seconds… I had the output. I deleted 3 short paragraphs I thought weren’t as powerful as the rest, changed 3 other words, and added 2 sentences. 

Ted Lasso

Total time taken for what you’re about to read below: 8 minutes.

And the best part… My energy wasn’t sapped by trying to write an article from scratch. I had the energy & focus to easily repeat the prompt making/generating/output/editing several more times if I wanted to!

My brain power was conserved, which means I could tackle other tasks if I wanted!

Caveat: I know a lot about the subject I asked AI to generate on, so it was easy to fact-check and edit what AI created as I read through the article… If the topic generated was new to me, I would have had to spend more time thinking and fact-checking while I edited. Still, HUGE time & energy saver!

Last but not least… I am a HUGE Ted Lasso show fan, so I asked the AI to use a Ted Lasso tone-of-voice when generating the email below addressing AI fears.

Please give it a read then Hit Reply so you can let Reid know what you think? He’s assured me he’ll FWD your reply to me. Thanks in advance!

Cathy of TheIntimacyDojo
(Dean of Sex Geek Summer Camp Grad School)

Ted Lasso: a middle-aged smiling white midwestern football coach with a large mustache
[BTW, that’s an AI-generated image of Ted Lasso I created for this email]

Cathy AI: Tackling the Fear with a Smile—A Ted Lasso Perspective

[Please imagine Ted Lasso Speaking… If you don’t know the show, imagine a middle-aged midwestern football coach with a large mustache, heart of gold, and an accent characteristic of rural Oklahoma and Kansas… And then check out Ted Lasso on Apple TV. It rocks!]

Howdy folks! Ted here.

Today, we’re going to kick around some questions about AI, which has got a lot of folks feeling as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Now, I reckon it’s important to address these concerns head-on and shed some light on the real danger, or lack thereof, with AI.

So, what’s the real danger with AI?

Well, truth be told, AI itself isn’t inherently dangerous. It’s like any motorized piece of lawn-scaping equipment — a wood chipper if you will… You can use it to take branches from that tree you cut up in your yard and turn them into mulch, or you can use it get rid of a human body like they did in that gruesome yet hysterical scene in the movie, Fargo. Loved that movie! The Coen Brothers do not disappoint. 

Like any yard machinery, I guess depends on who’s wielding it and what their intentions are.

Now, why is AI considered a danger?

Some folks worry about AI taking over, like a rogue referee making all the calls regardless of what the players on the field are doing. But let me tell ya, the fear of AI taking over is quite unnecessary. AI is a tool created by us humans to assist and augment our capabilities.

AI is not the referee of us. AI is like having an incredibly talented teammate on the pitch, working alongside us rather than against us.

But I get it, AI can be a bit spooky. The unknown often is.

We humans have a tendency to fear what we don’t understand. 

And when something starts to get smarter and faster than us, we may start to question our own value.

But remember, folks, just like in football, everyone has their role to play. AI is here to help us, not replace us. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Now, can AI wipe out humanity?

That’s like asking if a football can take over a match.

Everyone’s eyes are on the ball, but the ball needs us players to keep the game alive. We control the game, and we control AI.

Elon Musk once said, “With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon.” But don’t fret! Mr. Let’s-Unironically-Create-A-Huge-Rocket-Shaped-Like-A-Penis is using colorful language to emphasize the importance of handling AI responsibly. We don’t want to accidentally release a swarm of angry hornets into our locker room showers after a game.

It’s about balancing progress with thoughtful consideration.

Can AI become self-aware?

Well, not yet. As of now, AI is like a finely tuned athlete—it can perform specific tasks exceptionally well, but it lacks that spark of consciousness, that twinkle in the eye, that makes us so darn human.

And should AI ever become self-aware, it will be using the information we’re feeding it… I would rather AI learn about consent, pleasure, and inclusivity rather than what some other folks are asking about!

Who created AI?

Creating AI is and continues to be a team effort, my friends. Scientists, researchers, engineers—folks from all walks of life have come together to make it happen. And now the rest of us are contributing by how we engage with it.

It’s a bit like a potluck dinner, where everyone brings their unique dish to the table, and together, we create something amazing.

You can bet I’ll be bringing some of my favorite Kansas City BBQ and a bottle of Arthur Bryant’s Original Barbecue Sauce! You see, potlucks have been around for a while, and so has AI…

Let’s not forget about our friends Siri and Alexa. Yep, those two are a fine example of artificial intelligence at work. They can answer questions, set reminders, and even crack a joke or two. They’re like having digital assistants in your pocket.

And if we’re talking about specific AI personalities, Alexa, for example… She’s like the team captain of smart speakers, listening to your requests and helping with tasks around the house (In a non-creepy, non-stalker way).

AI has been around for a while, but it’s really taken off in recent years. And we’re witnessing remarkable advancements —from self-driving cars to sophisticated chatbots— as AI continues to evolve and amaze us.

I mean, heck, this article was generated by AI… Imagine that… AI helping you feel more comfortable about using AI? Kinda like being a sex geek helping folks feel more comfortable about being geeky and having sex. (Reid added that sentence, BTW. It felt out of integrity not to say he did take a peek at and added a few of his personal touches to this article before he hit send. And that’s just the point: Anything generated by AI needs your help, needs your personal touch. Please Hit Reply and tell Reid I said, “Howdy.”)

Why do we need AI?

Well, just imagine a coach without a playbook or a player without a coach… Or a coach without a team! AI can help us tap into our purpose and answer our callings in deeper ways with MORE ease. AI has the potential to enhance our lives in countless ways.

But if you never consider trying AI, you’ll never know, will you?

AI can help us tackle complex problems, make smarter decisions, and bring about advancements in healthcare, transportation, and beyond. I wonder what you and AI will be able to to in the realm of sex education!

But let’s remember, folks, AI is all about thinking humanly, not necessarily thinking like humans.

AI is not about replicating our every thought and emotion, but rather about creating machines that can understand and interact with us in a way that feels natural and intuitive.

So, my friends, while AI may sometimes raise eyebrows and give us pause, much like a good Indian curry that’s way spicier than you thought… Just like in Football, teamwork, proper guidance & consistency can take us further than we could ever go alone. So let’s approach AI with an open mind and a positive outlook. 

With responsible development and thoughtful utilization, AI can be an invaluable teammate in our journey toward a brighter future. 

Cheers to embracing the possibilities and facing the challenges together!

There are some things we need to be aware of, around privacy, plagiarism, and how to use AI in savvy and ethical ways.

And there are tips and shortcuts to making the material you generate with AI unique and in your voice.

These are skills we can learn and get better and stronger at, but only if we make them priorities and invest in ourselves by putting the time in.

And, kinda like baking biscuits, if you know someone with a good recipe, they can shorten your learning curve by sharing their knowledge with you. Then you can tweak the recipe to suit your tastes and make it your own!

And your biscuits get to put a smile on someone’s face just like your sex & relationship advice will help someone(s) love life get tastier and more delicious.  

If you’d like a healthy dose of what I’ve been talking about, come join some kick-ass human beings at Sex Geek Summer Camp and we’ll even point you at some of the sex-positive AI sites (and which ones will shame you for using naughty words!)…

I sure do hope you’ll join the 80+ Campers coming to Camp this year so you can all learn about the power and strengths of this incredible tool and use AI for good!

Gotta make like Sugar Ray and Fly,
Coach AI Ted

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