When You’re Doing Energetic Sex, Is It Going To Be Different Depending On Different People?

by Reid on November 25, 2018

When You’re Doing Energetic Sex, Is It Going To Be Different Depending On Different People?



Cathy: Have you ever wondered about energetic sex Part II. This is Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/

Reid: Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com/

Cathy: And someone purchased Reid’s program on energetic sex http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/energetic-sex/ which is very good and our VA Kate will hopefully put the link below. Kate takes care of us. The question is continuing the question part 2, when you’re doing energetic sex is it going to be different depending in different people for example if I was doing or having energetic sex with a 19 year old girl who never had this kind of experience will she notice something with her eyes close and without our bodies touching and I remember you’re doing the tuning fork like tapping them together. I’m wondering does that mean I can transfer negative thoughts and energy to my partner just like sexual energy. What are you playing together?

Reid: Hi Ron! We are now in the thick and the wool of this all.

Cathy: It’s a great question, though. We really appreciate.

Reid: Yeah. Thank you for the questions, it really depend, again, now we’re on the realm of we don’t know if there’s science for this. Now there are people will leave comments saying this is science. What I’m talking about is science like pure reviewed, replicated studies, similar or same results over and over again to where now we can say no this has been validated. Cathy is a scientist and her…

Cathy: But I do not study energetic sex as a scientist.

Reid: No you did not but you’ve worked with huge microscopic things and your patents in your name. So when I’m talking about science, I’m talking about things were Cathy’s peers be like oh yeah that’s science that’s “real”. And there’s a whole bunch of other stuffs we don’t have proof for yet that maybe very, very will. When it comes to energetic sex please understand that what I’m talking about is my experience and the way I’d like to teach it to help people have a feeling or grasp about something that’s very hard to understand and those not have a lot of science real science for. That being said I think your mood you could transfer things and now we’re on the wired philosophical discussion of like which ultimately comes down to good and evil. I think if you just take, if you think about energy from the terms of that music and notes a C note is not good nor evil it can be a part of a really bad performance and it can be a part of magnificent performance as you feel things you never felt before and expand your experience of the human what is means to be human and have feelings. That being said I think if you’re trying to get rid of crap and dump it to somebody else I think that’s shitty, don’t do that which means you need to be mindful of what you’re focusing on and concentrating on and on the off chance that maybe it’s possible to transmit good stuff into people then focus on the good stuff. Love, light, healing, compassion, generosity, pleasure think all the good stuff rather than playing with human beings and having beat your personal garbage disposals. Again, we have no proof about these stuff but I think who of yourself you bring to engaging with people, I think change is the experience. Certainly there is a place and a time for angry sex, the grudge fucking I think that is a shared [Inaudible 00:04:08] experience rather than I am bringing of my hatred, misogyny and trying to like give it to somebody else. What’s your thoughts?

Cathy: I believe energy follows attention a thought I learned from you and I thinks that certainly used sexual energy to burn off things that I was not wanting in my energy system or convert them coz energy can be converted from different forms that is actually science. But for me I am, my intention is to only share love and light again that phrase that you encourage me to use but that doesn’t mean I can’t burn off something energy converted to something else like if I have a really bad day and really frustrated, I can have sex and use that energy to help fuel stuff but not transferred that it make sense.

Reid: Like you’re being your own little…

Cathy: I’m using that to create because you can grill some pretty crappy stuff and create good energy that she use in other things including wonderful sex. And I think different people respond differently all the time so it doesn’t have someone who’s 19, it could be someone who there’s a lot of people and there are 60’s that never played with energy before or consciously played with it. And on different days I’m responsive in different ways, my energy might be in different place so Reid is really good in tuning towards his partner is other people may not be as good as tuning. I don’t always tune to other people or some people that I can connect really well and on other people I don’t feel the same quite of energy connections. So there’s nothing right or wrong we all get to be exactly who we are. We can learn to love with your skills and techniques that works for us but I think people do get more sensitive overtime we can tune into energy. So the first time I played with energy, I was like hesitant I wasn’t trusty in my responses or what I was feeling. It’s okay to step into it or even don’t expect the same response for someone who hasn’t played versus someone who played a lot with it.

Reid: What do you think? There’s a phone ringing somewhere, we better answer it. Another question. Leave your questions please at the bottom leave your comments were going to answer this phone. We’re coming right back.


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