Sexploration with Monika and Girl-Sex 101

by Reid on March 3, 2018

Sexploration with Monika and Girl-Sex 101







Radio host Monika Thomas describes to her listeners (and sex educator Reid Mihalko’s Flip camera) what she learned during Allie Moon’s Girl-Sex 101 workshop. Listen to the entire podcast at

Monika: This is Sexploration with Monika and right now I’m sitting here with sex educator Reid Mihalko. You can see his work and his fun videos and pictures and clips and different workshops at

The vulva, like this, like around the vulva stroking down because you have like little branches of the clitoris they go up to the sides of the vulva…

Reid: The clitoral legs.

Monika: The clitoral legs and they kind of go around…

Reid: And for those of you who obviously just listening and can’t see what I’m saying, it looks like she’s doing a downward motion like a Vulcan gang sign.

Monika: That’s right like down with the Vulcan hands. You stroke around the sides of the pussy along the labia majora and it look like it felt really good especially if you know now that you know that the clitoris actually has legs that go there… neat. And then she did this like hand motion…

Reid: Kung Fu thing. It’s crazy, wouldn’t it? Oh my goodness.

Monika: Yeah, it was great. And there were ninja tricks and like you actually like saw how it worked and then you saw the smile on the face of the demo model, it was great.

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