Sex Educator on Novocain (Lots!) thanks Mexican dentist –

by Reid on June 21, 2018

Sex Educator on Novocain (Lots!) thanks, Mexican dentist –




Just shot full of Novocain, sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of tries to thank the dentists and staff of Merida, Yucatan’s Quality Dentist with humorous results…

Reid: Hello. Reid Mihalko here. I’m at dentist in Merida, Mexico, The Yucatan. I just got my lower jaw shot of Novocain. It’s starting to set in and so I just thought it would be fun and the geeky kind of way to record a little video while I wait for them and I begin to lose all sensation of my lower jaw and I don’t know what I’ve talking to because I think I might just bite my cheek and now I’m starting to feel like I’m going to [inaudible 00:00:37].

So now, they’ve put Novocain on the upside too, I’m getting 2 crowns. Hi, this is Reid Mihalko from if you don’t know who I am and I’m at the dental office in Quality Dentist in Merida which is in The Yucatan in Mexico. And apparently in Mexico, the people in Yucatan, think that Yucatan is not really a part of Mexico, it’s kind of Texas, this is not really part of United States. So technically, I’m in Mexico. Technically, technically I’m in a, I mean in Yucatan and my face is going to completely numb but I just want to let you guys know that because it’s kind of fun and I just want to say if you’re a sex geek or sex educator, a lot of us don’t make a ton of money and so a lot of us don’t have health or dental. It’s really hard to swallow and I do but if you can make it down to Mexico in Yucatan, I really do and now I know I kept on saying this, I just, I’m so thankful for these guys because I have probably saved at the end of all of this about 8 grand or 10 grand, coming down here and that’s worth plane tickets and stuff around just getting my dental worked on so for less worth and for those who feel weird or scared about this, you can send me an email and I’ll give you all the info because I really think it’s important to not have your mouth, having issues with your mouth if you teach for a living or just a good kisser.

So it’s and again, it’s Quality Dentist, Doctor Javier and I put the links on YouTube video so I wish you enjoyed this and now I’ll try to rinse one more time. I can’t but if I try to rinse into it will spew everywhere. So the Novocain down here is quality. Quality Novocain really good and now I will try to whistle …. Bye guys. Ciao or adios!

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