Relationship10x Invitation 2012 To 6-Week

by Reid on July 9, 2018

Relationship10x Invitation 2012 To 6-Week







Reid Mihalko from and presents Relationship10x.

Reid: Hello everybody. It’s Reid Mihalko from for where we teach you how to transform your relationships 10 fold in as little as 10 minutes a day.

First, I just want to say thank you for everybody who’s taking a part and sharing these videos, commenting, the momentum and the buzz is exciting and I hope that you’re excited to go home for the holidays and tryout your new relationship kung fu in life. Field test it with the people that you love and probably odds are some of the people that have been driving you crazy for most of your life. So good luck with that and I hope it is super valuable and super helpful and has you pull off one of the most fun and at ease holidays that you ever could. We live in a world now where relationship satisfaction is on the decline and that relationships are failing and falling apart faster than ever before for a lot of people and people out there they want to feel like their relationships are built to last and they just aren’t these days. So there’s a lot of worry and angst and just people fretting and feeling like something shifted in relationships and that worry is driving people out there looking for resources that just don’t seem to be there. It seems that products and books and whatnot are written and designed in ways where it’s hard for us to integrate those big chunks of wisdom and knowledge especially for those of us who have busy lives and a lot of people can’t take a month off to really focus at their relationships and blackout all of the distractions so that they can start breaking down the bad habits that they have and integrating those new habits that they desperately need plus the relationship landscape has changed in the last 3 generations.

The reasons that our great grandparents stayed together and chose not to rock the boat in their relationships completely different and the reasons that we stay together now in modern relationships and certainly the amount of integrity and honesty and transparency that we’re demanding now from our relationships that’s completely different than the way it used to be and those old tools and paradigms that we use to make our relationships work, a lot of those old tools and paradigms don’t work anymore and just rather than working harder with those same tools and those same paradigms, that’s not what we need in our relationships these days and that was certainly something for me to try to figure out when I was growing up in my family, with my mom and dad – two people who loved each other very, very, very much but didn’t know how to communicate, didn’t know the cost that it would be to themselves to keep things in and to not share things that might not worry each other in the relationship. My brothers and I got to see and experience what happens to a family when 2 people who loved each other very, very much can’t communicate and work through their upsets and put their relationship on the line because they need it to be honest and that didn’t happened with my family and then things just got really weird and really screwy and maybe you know somebody who’s like that or maybe that was your experience going up.

For me, my journey was to figure out how to not be like my parents and to re-propagate those old bad habits that were role modeled to me. I set off on this journey and figuring out what is it that actually makes a relationship work, what are those key elements and what are those lowest common denominators regardless of the kinds of relationships that you’re having like what are those things that are essential to relationships to make them work better and for me those 3 things really break down to communication skill sets, your ability and your hutzpah to actually talk frankly and honestly with self-awareness. Then of course there’s your abilities to create pleasure and connectedness and bonding in your relationships, your sex and affection skill sets and then last but not least is your own self-awareness in relationships or what I like to call as relationship IQs. How high is your relationship IQ? Are you a “genius” at knowing how relationships work and how they work for yourself? And those 3 areas are the areas that I think are sorely lacking in recalibrating and upgrading how we deal with and how we approaching teaching and learning relationships in our culture and so my particular journey of sex and relationship geekery has brought me into this place where now I’m geeking out on how long does it take to break down a bad habit, how long does it take to reinstall a new habit and anchor that, what are those things that we need to learn as adults and how can we put that new information into formats so that’s easily digestible for adults regardless of their learning styles because sometimes you got great information but it’s only package in one particular way and that’s not the way that your learned or that’s not the way that your partner learns. Great example of this is you love book learning and oh my God you find this great relationship book and you’re just like, “Oh my God, honey, read this” but your partner is not a reader. They’re not somebody who learns through words going through their eyeballs. Maybe they’re somebody who’s visual but they need video or maybe they need experiential learning to get things anchored into them or maybe they learn through their ears.

Sometimes we have this great programs out there but they’re only in one format and so you or your partner is not in the best format for them to digest and ingest that information and that can create a roadblock at a time when you really need that information to be integrated. You really need your partner to be getting it and put it into the rubber to the road, so to speak. And for any of you whoever had a relationship crash and burn when you starting to lose steam and starting to nosedive, it’s even harder to take on a new skills and to learn more and like I said a minute ago, a lot of us don’t have the time or the money or the ability in our day-to-day lives to take a huge chunk of time off to devote it solely to the relationship. So for me, as an education dork, I got really excited about like if you were going to design a program, how would you design it? How would you frontload it? How would you stack the deck in everybody’s favor regardless of learning style? And taking into account, how busy are day-to-day lives are in our commitments if we have kids or mortgage or job. What would that program be? I’m very proud to announce that that’s what Relationship 10x is all about. I think 10 minutes a day most people can spare that amount of time but more importantly, if you’re not overwhelmed with information and it’s put into mediums that are useful for you and how you learn, you can make huge growth and huge transformation in your new habits and how you integrated new knowledge in as little as 10 minutes a day. The whole program that I created is every day for the next 6 weeks you’ll get a video, 10 minute video, 5 days a week. You get the weekends off and I’ll tell what those for in a minute. Those 5 videos a week are going to be 10 minutes long and they’re each going to focus on a little nugget, a gold nugget of relationship information and it’s going to fall under communications, it’s going to fall under sex and affection or relationship IQ. And that each day I’m going to switch up which categories those are so you don’t get bored because another thing that take into a fact for humans on how we learn is variety keeps us engaged. If I can send you something new every day and kind of hit it from a different perspective, I think I can keep your attention and help you keep your intention.

Along with those 5 videos each week you going to get 2 audio downloads, 2 longer format audio downloads where I’m going to talk about the information contained in the videos that week so that for those of you who are listeners like to learn through words in your ears, you can then be pulling in that information in a way that is landing on you more strongly, more solidly. For those of you who have really long business commutes, I think the average commute nowadays in America is an hour to an hour and a half one way to work. You’ll have plenty of time to listen to my voice in the car or listen to it on your phone or on your computer because I want to not just get into your eyeballs with the video, I also want to get into your head through your ears and then that’s going to help reinforce that information and you’ll have 2 audio downloads that you can listen to each week and you can re-listen to them over and over again, re-watch the videos over and over again.

Now some of you are already had a mean and you’re being like, “But Reid, I’m the book person you were talking about. I love reading. I want words in my eyes. That works for me” I’ve got you covered. Each week you’re also getting a set of PDF downloads so that you can either print them out or look at them on your screen and for those of you who like to write in the margins and highlight and scribble notes to yourself and that helps you anchor information, those PDF downloads are going to be there for you as well. Some of those they’ll be designed so that you can print them up, stick them on your fridge, tape into your mirror, have them lying around the house or in your office so that you’re constantly being reminded in a non-invasive way because the whole intention here is to give you the information in bite-size pieces so that you don’t get overwhelmed then shut down which is what happens to a lot of people when they try to take on upgrading their relationships. We start off on a strong foot but we then get overwhelmed then we shut down and Relationship 10x is designed specifically not to do that for you, not to shut you down, to “unshut” you down.

And then lastly, for those of you are more kinesthetic or experience learners, the weekly assignments, the videos and the PDFs and the audios are all going to be driving you towards creating your weekend homework assignment which is your experiential field testing of the information that we’re talking about and you can do that with a friend, you can do that with a partner or a lover, you can do that with a family members because remember Relationship 10x isn’t just about romantic relationships, although we’re going to focus on that, but any of the skills sets that we’re learning are applicable to how you relate with the rest of the world. So this is also an opportunity for you to start to see that being a better communicator having a higher relationship IQ. Being able to create bonding and connectedness with the people around you. Those are skills sets, they’re just as valuable in the bedroom as they are in the boardroom. Those are skills that are just as valuable with your mom and dad as they are with your kids. For some of you who are like especially who are like, “Oh my God, Reid I’m single. Why should I do this course?” we’re talking about skill sets that are applicable to you entire life and for those of you who were like, “Is Relationship 10x going to… it’s sure it’s going to transform my relationships 10 fold but I have no relationship so zero times ten is still zero.” Bear with me on this one while this is not a pickup course. What you will get out of learning how to be a better communicator, having more self-awareness around how relationships work for you and being able to put those needs and desires into words. For you having more knowledge around how bodies and pleasure and affection work in your sexual self-confidence, having that bumped up a couple of notches.

Being able to talk openly and walk to the world with that kind of sense of confidence and esteem, those are the kinds of things that make you more attractive person. So you’ll probably end up having more interesting conversations and being more self-expressed in that ease in ways that will probably have people come to you and possible ask you out on a date or give you a little bit more confidence to ask somebody else out on a date. And for those of you who were like, “Dude, I’ve been married 40 years and I’m just barely scraping by.” All this stuff applies to you as well no matter how bad your relationship might be or how good it might be and you’re trying to get it to great. These skill sets are transferable no matter where you are. From beginner to black belt, we can always be better communicators. We can always learn how to listen to people’s bodies better. We can always learn how to be more self-aware and how to apply that self-awareness to the rest of our lives.

Pretty sure I got you guys covered too. I’m not going to promise that Relationship 10x is going to make your relationships last forever but what I can tell you is that Relationship 10x is going to help you transform and upgrade your relationships. So that means creating more depth and intimacy, I think we got you covered there. If that means creating more self-awareness and self-confidence, I think we got you covered there. So I’m very excited about inviting you guys to take on into 2013. Starting January 1st and going all the way to February 14th for you to take on transforming your relationships, transforming your skill sets by a factor of 10.

Now for those of you who were like, “Dude, how much is this going to cost me?” it’s actually quite affordable, I think. Normally this would be $497 for the 6-week course but because we’re launching it right now for the first time ever, I want to offer it to everybody at $297. And the thing for you to think about is like, what’s the cost for you of not doing a class like this? For those of you out there like, what’s the cost in you being in your relationships and feeling angry and upset a lot of the time? For those of you it’s like, what’s the monetary cost for you when you’re worried about the security of your relationships? You’re worried about, “What are we withholding with each other?” and you just have the sense of angst and maybe impending doom. For those of you who are a little bit more on the “give me the hard notice facts, give me something solid” like if you’re in a relationship and you’re married and you’re going to get divorced, how much is that going to cost you? If you could have less anger and upset in your relationships, less worry, if you felt more secure and that your committed relationships didn’t end and you didn’t have to go through the emotional and financial stress of a divorce and what that might do to your family and your kids and all the other people involved, how much would that stuff would cost you? And then of course there’s also just thinking about the cost of a missed opportunity.

A lot of the things that I’m going to be sharing to you over the next 6 weeks are the things that I wish I had down pat when I was in college. That I wish I had down pat when I was in my early 20s living in New York. Not only when I’ve had better relationships but I would have saved some people that I cared a lot about a lot of anger and upset and worry and missed opportunities too. And so for some of you that resonates with you, I would like you to consider that as well. And for me, I’m at a place now in my career where it’s really hard to even hire me for coaching anymore so this is a way for me to get my information out there to more of you in a way that’s integrated and also in bite-size pieces so that you can actually take these things on and in 45 days. We have enough time, we have the 3 weeks it takes to break down a bad habit and we have another 21 days that 3 weeks it takes to start anchoring a good habit. If I’ve done my job right and I think I have created a program where regardless of where you are in your life, you should be able to start taking this information and implementing it.

If you want to try to hire me, you can. It’s 5 grand to hire me for a weekend and I’m not always available and while you can still every once in a while hire me for one coaching session, I don’t like giving people a bunch of information all at once and then leaving them because I’m afraid that you can’t implement it. Also, Relationship 10x is not just an opportunity for you but it’s a solution for me to be able to give all of you my best wisdom, my tools, my tips and tricks so that you can run out and start being a billionaire in the bedroom and creating the joy and the freedom the self-esteem that you want to have in your relationships and how much is that worth to you to be able to leave your partners feeling loved, honored and cherished for you to feel more connected to them and more generous because you have more resources at your disposal. Now you have less stress in your life around relationships so you have more bandwidth to give to your partners. How much is it worth to you to wake up and actually feeling pleasant and excited about the relationships you’re in. these are the things that I want you to have access to and I want you to be able to spread this not just in your romantic lives but hopefully to your family’s lives and you community’s lives and even the people at work.

This is how the program works and we’ve also got bonuses for you because I know that some of you love bonuses and I want to make this easy for you to say yes to. So the first thing is for $297 you get an extra ticket. So you and a friend or a lover or family member, you guys can take the course together because I know that some of you out there is like, “Reid, I don’t want to do it alone.” Well, you going to have me. I’m along for the ride but I also want you to have a backup. Bring a wingman or a wing woman. Somebody that you care about, invite them to take the course with you so that you guys have people that you can bounce the information off of. Also, for those of you who register today and immediately upon the registration, you’re going to get a romance quick start guide and a small radio course. If you register now, some of you are going to have to wait until January 1st for the course to begin and I want to give you some really juicy information that you can start chewing on now and start implementing tonight in your own relationships and this is also going to be really great opportunity for you to walk yourself through what would be a dream date, a dream vacation for your experience and also walk your partners to through that. Maybe, not saying you have to but maybe this is something you want to implement on January 1st so that you’re not only kicking off 2013 with a really great romantic experience for yourself and for somebody that you care about but you’re also starting the year off with a bang as we dive in to Relationship 10x.

After the 30 days and I have a guarantee on all my products. So the 30-day guarantee, within 30 days if you need to return the program, if you’re like, “Reid, I love you. I just don’t have the time right now. I can’t even spare a 10 minutes a day…” or “You know what, I’ve done some of your course and it’s just not grabbing me. It’s not quite what I need for my growth.” I want you to say, “Reid, I need my money back.” If you do that within the first 30 days, not a problem, full refund. But after the 30 days, if you know that you’re going to stick with us for the program, I’m going to throw this other bonuses at you so that you can deepen your experience and your level of geekery even more.

And that first bonus is going to be the Energetic Sex video. We just webcast this live 2 weeks ago in New York City and I’m really excited about this because I’d never videoed this workshop before in a way where I could offer it to anybody. So if you weren’t on the webcast, you guys are going to be the first people to actually get a shot at watching the Energetic Sex video and I’m really excited to be sharing that with those of you who couldn’t be on the webcast.

The second bonus video is going to be Exclusive Oral Sex Training video and this doesn’t even exist yet so it’s super exclusive because I need to make it for you but really what I wanted to do is I want to put down the first time ever on video in a PG-13 way, there’s not going to be any nudity and same thing with the Energetic Sex video. If you’re interested in like Tantra and Kundalini but you kind of turned off by all the woo-woo language, this is PG-13 and it’s actually designed for people who are not really into “woo-woo” and people who are more like pragmatist to start to understand the energetic sex. But the Exclusive Oral Sex Training video is going to be my best tips and tricks in demonstrating on clothed models how to create more pleasure and listen to a partner’s body. While I teach these workshops all over the country, I’ve never actually videotaped this and be able to share it over the web so you guys are going to get a crack at that for the first time too which I’m super geekily excited about because you’ll be able to listen to your own body and listen to your partner’s body in a way that probably for some of you never been able to do that before.

So if this stuff is interesting for you, my little surprise extra bonus for you all is this piece. For those of you who sign up, the first 50 people that sign up for our Relationship 10x course, you’re going to get a free ticket to Relationship 10x live which the dates and location of that are to be announced but it’s going to be sometime in the fall and we’re very excited about that so for those of you who were kinesthetic learners who want more experience and want community to be around people who are also excited by this, we invite you to come and join us live for a 3-day event where we’re just going to be… I’m going to give you more information and we’re going to be doing all kinds of fun learning exercises and just geek out for the whole weekend in person and I like to meet a lot of you in person hopefully at Relationship 10x live.

So for the first 50 people you have one ticket extra bonus that comes to you and that’s a $9.95 value and then for those of you who are looking at the buy buttons below now, you’ll notice that we have a VIP program. So there’s only 50 spots of this left or it’s not even left, it’s only 50 spots. It’s not just the first 50, it’s the only 50 that sign up are going to get 2 tickets to Relationship 10x live so that $9.95 times 2 and you get to bring whoever you want to that. And the VIP program just to mention that, that’s $897 for that program and what that is, is that include after your first 30 days and you’re share that you want to stay with the rest of the program, I’m going to send you once a month, I’m going to be your sex toy sex geek concierge or personal shopper and I’m going to send those lucky 50 people a sex toy a month for the next 6 months and that package is going to be valued at over a hundred dollars and maybe a little bit more with some of the exciting toys I think I can get my hands on for you all because again I’m at a point in my career now where I know a lot of people in the industry of sex education and sexual empowerment and pleasure and now I can call on some favors and get some of the product that I’m really excited about that exist out there into your hands and then you can use all these amazing     sexual confidence skills sets to create more fun and ease enjoying your life.

That’s what we got. $297, first 50 people who sign up get a ticket to Relationship 10x live plus all these bonuses in my 30-day money back guarantee and then for the VIP people, we’ve got 50 slots at $897. Please, I’m super excited and honored to be able to have this opportunity to launch this program, the 6-week program with all of you for the first time ever. This is the first time it’s happening, I’m geekily excited and I’m hoping that all of you will join me so I’ll see you on the other side. Pick your buttons below. Thank you so much and let’s make 2013, no matter what you do this year, the year where you take your transformation into your relationships and transform it 10 fold. Thank you.

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