Reid Mihalko Has Been Nominated for 2 XBIZ awards!

by Reid on February 26, 2019

Reid Mihalko Has Been Nominated for 2 XBIZ awards!




Cathy: So Reid you’re here all dressed up from XBIZ, can you tell us about XBIZ?


Reid: So first everyone needs to know I’m Reid Mihalko from


Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from


Reid: And the Airlines lost my luggage so all I have right now is my tux so that’s why you’re getting the tux treatment but we’re going to shoot a bunch of videos in my tux coz I think this is fancy and this matches the orchid in the background quietness.


Cathy: It does. We should pluck one and put it on your lapel.


Reid: How nice.


Cathy: We could do it outside and we can put it on your lapel.


Reid: And we have a new microphone, the blue the raspberry blue mic, so let us know if you’re happy and enjoying the sounds quality of our melodious tone. It’s like a Vegas act.


Cathy: It is.


Reid: I like it.


Cathy: No I did try him to do one topless for you he did not but leave comments below if you want topless Reid in Vegas.


Reid: I think that takes this video to a whole different place so I don’t know if that’s going to work.


Cathy: No pantless is a different place.

Reid: No one, I can neither confirm nor deny it if I’m wearing pants right now but I can confirm that last night I was at XBIZ awards and XBIZ is kind of like the Hollywood reporter, magazine for the adult industry.


Cathy: Like E or something like that.


Reid: There’s E entertainment which should be more entertainment news for the rest of the world and then the Hollywood reporter is kind of like the wall street journal for Hollywood in the way that wall street journal is for finance and so the XBIZ magazine which covers the porn industry, the credit card processing and the tech side or the tech behind you know porn and internet porn usage and also the sex toy industry, manufactures. And some sex educators as well, there’s a sex educators category and I was nominated for one of the sexpert of the year. I did not win thank you, it was just an honor to be nominated but Jessica Drake who is amazing and super smart and super awesome as an educator, Jessica Drake won this year. Congratulations! Last was Dr.Eva and I don’t know who beyond that because I think the category is kinda new maybe but also Buck Angel won for his buck off for one of the sex toy categories this year so that was really exciting. Bijoux won and Blue won another sex toy category and then We-Vibe won as well and I cut out early from some of the awards but coz I was flying here super early and then but I’ve got to walk the red carpet with Nina Hartley, Ashley Manta, saw Jessica Drake, saw Aisha Asia, saw Earl Darling and bunch of other people Sunny Megatron wasn’t there she was one of the nominees, Hernando, Chavez, Dr.Hernando Chavez was there. It was good it was a lot of people.


Cathy: Sounds like fun people.


Reid: It was a good time and all I can say is I tried to live stream on Facebook real quick but it’s a great people watching event coz some of the dresses, I mean we get all excited about academy awards and what people are wearing and when you pornstars I’m just going to say can make bolder choices than the academy awards. Although there have been some bold choices at the academy awards but this, this XBIZ awards kind of like the academy awards for the porn industry. It was a lot of fun and thank you everyone who hang out with me and said hi and thank you XBIZ for bringing me in coz aside from the awards I’ve got to host the MC the executive awards dinner the night before which was fun which we also promote as being the fastest, bestest awards show ever. So we gave up all the award for the categories in the industry for the CEO and executives. And I think we brought it in under 40 minutes so it was fast and furious and that was really fun as a facilitator just being a nerd and being up on stage and having technical difficulties and having to entertain and educate folks as how the winners work. Always be educating as we came up with in the Sex Geek Summer Camp so Abe. And I had and I had my Abe Lincoln socks on that night. To remind myself who I am in my feet which is technically who I mean under my tux and under my tux coz my feet were supporting myself coz you don’t lay down on the job when you’re seeing award shows.

Cathy: And even at XBIZ?


Reid: Even at XBIZ, it’s impressive how many people who make a living on their backs where on their feet that night. And Ron Jeremy hosted the main awards so we all got to our feet again, it was good, it was a good time.


Cathy: So if you’re curios you can go online and take a look.


Reid: or you can do a search for XBIZ awards, you can check out my Facebook page and saw the little video I did and social media were on pretty much always there should be picture and things like that. Alright, more videos with tuxes coming up.


Cathy: And leave comments if you want him to start taken it off.


Reid: What do you want Cathy to will be wearing? Dolce. I don’t even know other, I don’t even know, Dolce might be a bag maker I don’t know, and I don’t know these things. Dolce and Gabbana. *funny sound*

Cathy: Do you think I should put a bag over my head? No I’m teasing.

Reid: No. The bag comment that was good.


Cathy: Leave comments below.

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