Not having orgasm with a condom on?!

by Reid on October 8, 2018

Not having orgasm with a condom on?!




Cathy: Someone wrote in and said I’m really, I’ve never been able to cum while wearing a condom during sex. I’m trying to be safer but I feel like it’s almost like a waste of time. I’ve tried masturbating with a condom too, nothing works. I don’t orgasm with a condom on. This is Reid Mihalko from

Reid: Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: I’m really glad you’ve asked the question.

Reid: Oh my god great question. Congratulations for trying masturbation with a condom. Because that’s a big useful tip, no pun intended, for all of us penis owners who are trying to figure out how to get or develop that association that condom is a good thing. One of those things for this gentleman, thank you for this but like for everybody else. Practice when you’re masturbating putting a condom on and jerking off with a condom.

Cathy: It can help to put a little bit of lube inside the condom, a couple of drops.

Reid: Yup, a couple of drops inside the condom or lube up your dick before you put the condom on. It’s a little trickier because now you’ve touched the dick and now you’re rolling the condom on so you’ve got what you’ve touched.

Cathy: That’s why just put drops on the condom and toll it off.

Reid: So these are things where or if you’re playing with somebody and they giving you a blowjob and your dick is nice and slobbery, put the condom on then because you’ve got lube inside the condom. The masturbation part practice that like that is something you have to develop and get remap because so many of us penis owners have been masturbating since whenever never having a condom on so you’re just used to a certain kind of feel that you can do with your hand that isn’t the same feel as people’s orifices.

Cathy: Right and I have a couple of friends that have found that different types of condoms work well for some of them are like-

Reid: Some of them are too tight, some of them are too loose.

Cathy: Or too bulky or whatever.

Reid: Some of them are too thick or too thin. I like thick condoms because it helps me not cum so quickly. Other things about orgasm and using condoms or not using condoms is sometimes different positions for our bodies is what we need. For me, when I’m lying down my back and somebody’s riding me while that feels great often it’s harder position for me to cum in. I’m much better when I’m on my own knees or when I’m standing so having somebody on their knees or in doggy style or on their back when I’m standing on the edge of the bed like at the edge of the bed. Those things are help me so those positions you might want to practice and some of those positions are hard to masturbate practice with because somebody’s on there on the edge of the body on their back. I’m holding their thighs and using the thighs and using my lax and my body which gets me more into my body which helps me cum. So if you’re going to do that position while you’re trying to jerk off, I don’t know how you going to do that. Call a body, call a friend.

Cathy: Another thing could be if you can take a penetrative sex with a condom may not make you cum but can you enjoy it and then orgasm afterwards. Cum afterwards in different with a blowjob or a hand job or masturbate onto the person.

Reid: Yeah, take the condom off and then where it’s appropriate jerk off and cum that way. Get a hand job. Again like this is where if you’re not super comfortable talking about this, how do you brainstorm with your lover ways for you to figure this out. One thing that can happen that can help is create like research and development date night where hey honey we’re going to tackle this conundrum yet again and can we practice some fun things with condoms and just kind of see where we get. Another thing you could do, you could get a male masturbator that doesn’t require your grip. I like flesh light, it’s one of my favorite male masturbators because it’s got a hard case. Some masturbation sleeves can grip and squeeze so you can increase the pressure and what not. I like flesh light because you can’t do that with flesh light so you really have to get into the sensation piece and you can fuck your flash light with a condom on and try that as well.

Cathy: Or try a female condom that might be different for-

Reid: Female condom might be another option for you and servile condom. That’s a good one and then also understand when insertable condoms when you insert them, they feel better once they‘ve got into body temperature with people so how it feels when you immediately inserted it for you and the person that you’re fucking will be different that then how it feels in 5 minutes a little bit. So you might want to insert and then make out for a while and get all grabby feeling that good way as everyone’s body kind of get calibrated.

Cathy: I really appreciate you asking the question. We hope some of this helps. Please leave comments below and let us know.

Reid: What’s your advice, internet?

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