Indie Author Road Trip (Day 10, Pt 2): Mysterious Galaxy bookstore with Allison Moon

by Reid on May 16, 2018

Indie Author Road Trip (Day 10, Pt 2): Mysterious Galaxy bookstore with Allison Moon


Allison Moon of visits world-famous, independent Southern California bookstore Mysterious Galaxy( on the drive from San Diego to Los Angeles… Grrrrrg! Arrrrrgh!

Reid: Here you go. Where are we?

Allison: We’re at Mysterious Galaxy books in San Diego, California and we’re in the paranormal romance section because this is a fabulous genre bookstore that has many cool genres including a very hot paranormal which includes Lunatic Fridge, my book. Yay! And there are two copies, signed of course. You’ll never know what you’re going to find in Mysterious Galaxy bookstore.

Reid: Have you feel weird like you don’t fit into the society? This is where you feel like you’re fit in.

Allison: Probably the place to come, they’ve got horror, they’ve got science fiction and fantasy. They host readings all the time, they’re really friendly people. They also have hilarious books that we were just reading some humor stuff, mystery, also some really cool things. I really like this people. It’s a huge bookstore like Charis was in Atlanta, it was a huge store dedicated specifically to feminist books. This is huge store dedicated to genre fiction and it’s really awesome. You will also find something new and interesting here. So definitely, if you’re in San Diego area, I’d highly recommend you check it out there. Really fun and well-read interesting folks and they’ve got great recommendations also of some things.

Man: Thank you.

Allison: You’re welcome. Go, so that’s it.

Reid: Yay! What’s the URL?

Allison: is that you guys?




Allison: Got it.

Reid: Alright here let’s find out. We’re following. Well, it’s kind of really hard to read. There you go. It’s better. Bye.

Allison: Bye.

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