How Do I Start Teaching Teenager About Sex And Healthy Relationship?

by Reid on May 12, 2019

How Do I Start Teaching Teenager About Sex And Healthy Relationship?



Cathy: If I want to talk to teenagers teaching sex and healthy relationships, where do I even start? This is Reid Mihalko from

Reid: Cathy Vartuli from the and when I’m wearing the Sex Geek Summer Camp Green t-shirt, this is business advice for sex educators, workshop facilitators and the like.

Cathy: Yeah, and it’s a great topic and teenagers really need help with understanding them so their bodies and their sexuality in a clean and powerful way, there’s a lot of misinformation out there so so I’m so glad you’re interested in teaching that and it is somewhat a delicate topic because teaching teenagers, I mean you have to deal with parents and all kinds of what’s okay to tell them.

Reid: The easiest thing is I would write a book so that you have something to establish yourself as a means of an expert or somebody who has good advice for teenagers, your job as an educator I believe then becomes about will and am I teaching parents how to talk to their kids or am I teaching kids how to figure out the world for themselves, if you’re an over achiever then write both books and have them complementary, one for the parent’s guide and one for the teen and now what you’ve started to do is you’re starting to establish your positioning as somebody who works with teens and you can build out your course offerings and your services from there, that’s probably going to be one of the easiest ways to start establishing yourself is creating and this only works by the way if the book is any good. You could do this as a different version where you do or an online course or something like that but again, now with an online course for teens now you’re marketing to the teenagers who really don’t have the buying power specifically.

Cathy: Sometimes, depends on what your price range is.

Reid: Depends on the price range, or will be embarrassed to buy the course for themselves.

Cathy: Their parents might see it.

Reid: Phones have helped that because most parents don’t check their kid’s phone’s browsers, depends, but again back in the old days, me being old, you know kids were scared or nervous about using the family computer because of the browser history so depending on how you want to build your business to make a living working with teens, you’ve got the, that’s actually three tiers which is kids directly, parents of the kids and then whatever organization works with with kids and or parents so you know if you were teaching some sort of healthy relationship workshop and you got in good with the you know YMCA all of a sudden you might have access to to teens or an after-school program or something like that so again you have to figure out where who you want to work with and who’s writing the checks or what non-profit you’re trying to partner with.

Cathy: If yours, if you haven’t done a lot of this work coming to Sex Geek Summer Camp is a great way. Reid walks you through how to find your ideal demographic, how you express yourself naturally, lot of things that would help you skip all the noise and get right to the juicy stuff.

Reid: Yeah.

Cathy: That makes you happy.

Reid: Coz there’s a lot of confusion out there around business and how to approach making a living as an educator and so one of the things we try to do at camp is make that make a lot more sense so there’s less confusion and frustration, you still got to put in all the work but anything worth building often takes you know some effort and some sweat and some focus but you also don’t have to do it alone because the other thing that we happen to have at camp is you get to make all your friends.

Cathy: On the community.

Reid: At summer camp and not feel so alone.

Cathy: Yes. Hope this helped. We’d love to know what you think, leave comments below.

Reid: Yup and go to and sign up for some free videos.

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